Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 115
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 96 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Adopteq eLearning Plus by ClipTraining.png

Adopteq eLearning Plus by ClipTraining: Running in Microsoft Teams, Adopteq provides an online library of over 5,000 training videos and gamification awards to promote Microsoft 365 adoption. The app enables administrators to tailor learning paths to different job roles.

Alloc8 - Workforce Management & Scheduling.png

Alloc8 - Workforce Management & Scheduling: Providing intelligent workforce and asset allocation at scale, Alloc8 is designed to meet the challenges of resourcing people and equipment in multi-job locations with flexible job structures.

Appsurify Professional.png

Appsurify TestBrain: Providing up to a 95 percent reduction in automated test completion times, TestBrain uses machine learning to determine the areas of an application that have changed after each developer commit, and only runs the subset of tests associated with those changes.

Automatic Document Mining System.png

Automatic Document Mining System: Automate the process of scanning, marking, and archiving documents. ALTAIR SOFTWARE's app has a 99.1 percent success rate in data extraction and saving documents with attached metadata. This application is available in English and Czech.

Azure IoT Platform in a Box.png

Azure IoT Platform in a Box: Sopra Steria developed this acceleration pack for establishing an Azure IoT Platform and migrating data to Azure. Available in English and Norwegian, the solution is ready to deploy as a dev/test/prod environment in any tenant. 

CCH Tagetik.png

CCH Tagetik: Speed up your financial close and keep pace with evolving accounting standards with this unified platform by Wolters Kluwer. CCH Tagetik supports financial consolidations, planning, reporting, and analytics.

Cloudgoda - Azure Resource Config.png

Cloudgoda - Azure Resource Config: Cloudgoda allows you to set and view resource configurations, regions, and usage status in multiple Microsoft Azure subscription accounts at once.

CloudReady Monitoring for Microsoft 365.png

CloudReady Monitoring for Microsoft 365: Monitor, manage, and optimize end-user experiences for your entire Microsoft 365 deployment with CloudReady. Ensure uptime and availability for all your mission-critical applications whether users are in the office or working from home.

Cold Chain Monitoring.png

Cold Chain Monitoring: Comprising custom sensors, an IoT platform and blockchain, this solution from Wipro helps transform supply chain security in the pharmaceutical industry and reduce cold chain waste by generating geospatial alerts and breach notifications.

Consulting Manager 365.png

Consulting Manager 365: This solution was developed by the ALW Group for large international consulting firms. It provides relationship tools, automated report collection, reconciliation, archive support, and mobile access. 

Controller Consultant.png

Controller Consultant: This solution from Intelligent Plant helps you manage your controllers. Find controllers automatically without an expensive configuration report, and identify controllers left in manual mode.

Court and Justice Case Management for Azure.png

Court and Justice Case Management for Azure: This advanced case management software from GoPro gives court associates controlled access to their case data and supports their proactive collaboration in real time.


DBm-Health: Sensyne Health Group offers remote monitoring in the United Kingdom for patients with diabetes, or at risk of diabetes, who need additional support to maintain safe blood glucose levels. This free smartphone application connects to a blood glucose monitor via Bluetooth.

DNN intranet website with Azure AD.png

DNN intranet website with Azure AD: If you need to spin up an intranet site for your staff or school, WebAdvantage provides an instant intranet portal using the DNN website content management system with Azure Active Directory.

Docker Compose Server.png

Docker Compose Server: Cloud Infrastructure Services provides this pre-configured image of Docker Compose server on Ubuntu Server 20.04. Docker Compose is a simple yet powerful tool used to run multiple containers as a single service.


eLogistics: Reduce operating costs and simplify e-commerce warehousing and logistics management with eLogistics. Available only in Traditional Chinese, this solution provides multi-path order integration, real-time cargo tracking, and diversified access.

emfluence Marketing Platform.png

emfluence Marketing Platform: The emfluence Marketing Platform helps marketers execute successful digital marketing campaigns. Using your Microsoft Dynamics 365 data, it provides marketing automation, email marketing, landing pages, social media, surveys, and contact scoring.

E-Visor Teams App.png

E-Visor Teams App: E-Visor Entry is a reporting app that shows customers their Microsoft 365 profile, configuration, and usage in Microsoft Teams. The app collects data from different Microsoft portals to present to users in a single location.


Fast+: FHIR is a Health Level Seven International standard for exchanging healthcare information electronically. FAST+ is an end-to-end FHIR implementation suite that complies with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Interoperability and Patient Access Rule.


Fleetman: Konica Minolta IT Solutions developed this cloud app for smarter management of your car fleet. It reminds you about all the important actions that need your attention, allowing you to share the tasks with your team. This application is available in English and Czech.

Hamilton Core.png Hamilton Core: A software as a service (SaaS) financial data quality and publication management tool, Hamilton Core uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to facilitate the mapping of financial and performance data between systems and locations.
ICONICS Suite 10.96.2.png

ICONICS Suite 10.96.2: ICONICS provides automation software solutions that visualize, historize, analyze, and mobilize real-time information for any application on any device.

IDLive Voice.png

IDLive Voice: Speech conversion, replay attacks, and text-to-speech (TTS) can create signal artifacts indistinguishable by a human ear. IDLive Voice by ID R&D distinguishes live voices from recordings and synthesized or altered voices.


IDVoice: IDVoice is an AI-driven voice biometric engine that provides voice verification for standalone devices and mobile, web, and telephone channels. It is language-independent and works with ultra-short utterances.

IT Service Management on Azure.png

IT Service Management on Azure: ServiceNow provides a modern, cloud-based, silo-busting service management solution. Consolidate your IT tools into a single data model to transform the service experience, automate workflows, gain real-time visibility, and improve IT productivity.


Jetdocs: Getting the information you need outside your immediate team might require multiple follow-up emails. Jetdocs for Microsoft Teams allows you to request, track, and gather information from anyone inside and outside your company.

LeadBoxer for Outlook.png

LeadBoxer for Outlook: Activate your LeadBoxer for Outlook license to enable centralized email tracking for your organization. LeadBoxer can track all emails sent to individuals through Outlook, which is especially useful for people in sales, marketing, and business development.

Magnitude Every Angle.png

Magnitude Every Angle: Providing operational reporting and process analytics for SAP, Every Angle transforms and enhances your organization’s SAP data into simple-to-use and actionable insights. It puts the power of prescriptive analytics into the hands of the people who need it most – your business users.


MAINT - MIS FACTURAS: In Ecuador, the Internal Revenue Service requests that all tax documents be declared electronically. MIS FACTURAS is a simple and agile implementation solution on Microsoft Azure for electronic document management. This application is available only in Spanish.

Peg@sus 305 Certified E-Mail.png

Peg@sus 305 Certified E-Mail: A collaboration solution for electronic signatures, Peg@sus 305 Certified E-Mail is certified under the Mexican standard NMX-I-305-NYCE-2016, which requires electronic time stamping and electronic surveillance. This application is available only in Spanish.

Photon Commerce PDF Extraction AI.png

Photon Commerce PDF Extraction AI: Photon's document-understanding AI unlocks data in any PDF and turns it into an API, catching errors before they become costs. It captures line items from invoices and converts them into detailed line-item data with one click.

PlayBooks Meeting App.png

PlayBooks Meeting App: PlayBooks uses libraries of expertise to help business advisors create game plans with their clients. Easily organize your meetings with agendas, discussion items, and action points for your client along with private notes for yourself.

Privacera Platform.png

Privacera Platform: Privacera provides a centralized data governance and compliance platform for secure data sharing in the cloud. The data discovery, access management, and encryption/anonymization modules can automate your enterprise data governance lifecycles and meet regulatory standards.

Process management app for plant construction business.png

Process Management App for Plant Construction Businesses: A-ZiP's sales inventory management system helps construction businesses increase the visibility of project plans and progress across departments, personnel, and partner companies. This application is available only in Japanese.

Production management system for sock manufacturing industry.png

Production Management System for Sock Manufacturing Industry: Available only in Japanese and powered by Microsoft Azure, AZiP's production management system for the sock manufacturing industry securely connects manufacturers in Japan and Vietnam to improve production control and boost competitiveness.

Restaurant Online Ordering System using QR Code.png

Restaurant Online Ordering System using QR Code: Tunnelbiz makes restaurant ordering more systematic with its SaaS ordering solution. Restaurants can create menus with a self-designed QR code, enabling customers to place their order by simply scanning the code using a web admin panel.

Sales inventory management system.png

Sales Inventory Management System: Developed by A-ZiP and available only in Japanese, this sales inventory management system enables users to check real-time inventory status and share data between the head office and distribution centers.

Secure File Upload & Transfer Tool for SharePoint.png

Secure File Upload & Transfer Tool for SharePoint: Microsoft SharePoint offers best-in-class document storage and sharing capabilities. This add-on from Brimit enhances the upload functionality of SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business, enabling you to collect files securely without logging in.

Senior Living Accounting on Azure.png

Senior Living Accounting on Azure: Hosted on Microsoft Azure, Intellitec’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution designed for senior living helps users capitalize on their financial and operational data, delivered in powerful dashboards and reports.

ServiceNow DevOps with Azure (in a ServiceNow DC).png

ServiceNow DevOps with Azure (in a ServiceNow DC): Accelerate change and minimize friction between IT operations and development by connecting ServiceNow DevOps with Microsoft Azure DevOps. Enable developers to keep working in Azure DevOps while sharing data for use in ServiceNow workflows.

ServiceNow IT Operations Management on Azure.png

ServiceNow IT Operations Management on Azure: Move IT operations from a reactive response team to a proactive business partner with ServiceNow IT Operations Management. The Now Platform and SaaS solutions on Microsoft Azure are available in Azure regions in France and Singapore for highly regulated industries.

Site construction schedule management system for temporary construction.png

Site Construction Schedule Management System for Temporary Construction: Use your smartphone or tablet to respond to customers quickly and check on-site schedules and work instructions with A-Zip's schedule management system for temporary construction. This application is available only in Japanese.

Smart Asset Track and Trace.png

Smart Asset Track and Trace: Wipro's Track and Trace Solution platform enables seamless indoor and outdoor asset tracking and tracing. Powered by IoT technologies, it offers sensor tags, an IoT gateway, connectivity, and a secure platform and application.

Soft Flow - Smart Desk.png

Soft Flow - Smart Desk: Smart Deck helps IT staff manage cases and change requests, categorize vendors and contacts, manage hardware and software assets, and organize service level agreements. It also allows business users to create customized automated processes for approvals.

soviaRetail - Digital Signage.png

soviaRetail - Digital Signage: Bütema takes the digital signage experience in brick-and-mortar retail to a new level with soviaRetail. Integrate real-time social media content, ensure advertised products are in stock, and centrally manage your displays in one location. This application is available only in German.

Squid Protected Proxy Server on Ubuntu Minimal.png

Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal: Pre-configured by Tidal Media, this image of Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal provides you with a ready-to-run, hardened, and secured Squid Proxy solution. Squid is a caching proxy for the web that improves response times by caching and reusing frequently requested pages.

Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu 18.04 Minimal.png

Squid: Protected Proxy Server on Ubuntu Minimal: Tidal Media offers this pre-configured image of Squid Proxy Server on Ubuntu Minimal. Squid is a caching and forwarding HTTP web proxy with variety of uses, including speeding up web servers by caching repeated requests and filtering web traffic.

Subscriptions and Pay-per-Use for Dynamics 365.png

Subscriptions and Pay-per-Use for Dynamics 365: Available as SaaS on Microsoft Azure, Good Sign is a subscription and pay-per-use solution that complements Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help you automate your recurring revenue pricing and billing, save time, and reduce billing errors.

SurePact Project & Contract Risk Management SaaS.png

SurePact Project & Contract Risk Management SaaS: Used by government and corporate organizations for mitigating contract and project risks, SurePact’s end-to-end cloud-based solution serves as the hub for business efficiencies related to your projects, contracts, and grant delivery workflows and lifecycles.

Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale.png

Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Spectrum Scale: This offering deploys IBM Spectrum Scale storage clusters with RHEL 7.8 for clients seeking a performance-oriented storage platform, including current Microsoft Azure high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning clients.

Tangles - Web Investigation Platform.png

Tangles - Web Investigation Platform: Cobweb Technologies' powerful web intelligence solution monitors online activity, collecting and analyzing data from digital channels from the open, deep, and dark web to mobile and social. Gain increased situational awareness with real-time insights generated via online content monitoring.

TheHive v3 Official.png

TheHive v3 Official: StrangeBee offers this image of TheHive, a scalable and open-source security incident response platform designed to make life easier for SOCs, CSIRTs, CERTs, and other information security practitioners dealing with security incidents that need to be investigated and resolved swiftly.


ThoughtSpot: ThoughtSpot uses search and AI to makes analytics accessible for every business user. Its BI architecture and in-memory calculation engine were built for speed at scale on billions of rows of data across multiple sources—all while delivering speedy performance and enterprise-wide governance.


TIM-TALK ITSM BOT: Powered by Microsoft Azure, TIM-TALK is a cognitive IT service management (ITSM) bot for Microsoft Teams. TIM-TALK integrates seamlessly with existing ITSM tools and works proactively to help users create, manage, and support requests intelligently.

Total Reward Platform.png

Total Reward Platform: With real-time digital reward data and reward policy documentation at its core, uFlexReward's Total Reward Platform helps you generate administrative cost savings and create personalized, targeted rewards.

ViraHawk Automated Fever Screening.png

ViraHawk Automated Fever Screening: ViraHawk is an automated fever-screening solution that helps prevent the spread of infectious diseases, such as COVID-19. It reads variations in facial skin temperature to identify potential threats, help you prevent contagion, and reduce impact in the event of an outbreak.

Web Order and Sales Management System.png

Web Order and Sales Management System: Available only in Japanese, A-ZiP's web order and sales management system delivers real-time order information to help your organization increase sales, improve customer experience, prevent mistakes, and more.

Well Intelligence.png

Well Intelligence: Well Intelligence enables you to optimize your production and gas lift choke positions to facilitate increased production without changing anything else. Optimize your entire system, including all reservoirs, wells, riser separators, and more.

WorkSchool 365 for CRM + LMS (customer-student).png

WorkSchool 365 for CRM + LMS (customer/student): WorkSchool 365 integrates your business's or university's customer relationship management (CRM) and learning management system (LMS).

Workspace Booking Manager 365.png

Workspace Booking Manager 365: Workspace Booking Manager 365 lets employees reserve a specific desk or conference room for a given date and time (within one hour) using a floor plan of the office. The system monitors previous bookings and will return a warning if a user tries to book an already booked desk or room.

Consulting services

AI Masterclass 10-Hour Workshop.png

AI Masterclass: 10-Hour Workshop: Heroes' AI Masterclass workshop will teach you how to start using artificial intelligence in your organization. Gain theoretical knowledge about AI, practical knowledge about how AI projects become successful, and hands-on experience with a typical AI project cycle.

Azure Arc Fast Start 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Arc Fast Start: 6-Week Implementation: Insight's Fast Start implementation for Microsoft Azure Arc helps organizations adopt Microsoft's Azure Arc to the simplify management and operation of hybrid cloud environments. 

Azure Architecture Review 2-Week Assessment.png

Azure Architecture Review: 2-Week Assessment: Gain an understanding of the infrastructure and architecture of your Microsoft Azure cloud environment in Nortal's two-week assessment. The assessment covers security and networks, storage and databases, infrastructure automation, and more.

Azure Multi-Factor AuthN 10-Week Deployment.png

Azure Multi-Factor AuthN: 10-Week Deployment: In this 10-week engagement, PwC will design, build, and deploy a multi-factor authentication toolkit using Microsoft technologies, run a workforce enrollment strategy for expedited adoption, and enable ongoing assessments of critical applications for onboarding and readiness.

Azure Sentinel 10-Week Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel 10-Week Implementation: Whether you are looking to replace your existing SIEM or implement new cyber operations capabilities from the ground up, PwC's 10-week implementation will rapidly integrate Azure Sentinel-driven threat detection and response (TDR) capabilities into your IT estate.

CI-CD practice implementation 4-6 weeks.png

CI/CD Practice Implementation: 4-6 weeks: BTT Cloud's team of certified Microsoft Azure experts will implement a continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipeline that embodies Azure DevOps tools and operating principles. Plan smarter, improve collaboration, and ship faster with modern dev services.

Cloud Adoption Accelerator 1-Day Workshop.png

Cloud Adoption Accelerator: 1-Day Workshop: Create an action plan based on the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework to guide the adoption of cloud technologies across your organization in Fujitsu's Cloud Adoption Accelerator workshop.

Cloud Economics Accelerator Six-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Economics Accelerator: 6-Week Assessment: Fujitsu's Cloud Economics Accelerator assessment helps your organization build a financial model for transitioning to Microsoft Azure. The financial model is based on data compared with industry standards and realistic assumptions to support your business case.

Cloud Files [Azure Files] 2-Day Implementation.png

Cloud Files [Azure Files]: 2-Day Implementation: In this two-day implementation, Nexio, formerly Storage Technology Services, will implement Azure Files and migrate your file share content to the cloud. Azure Files offers fully managed file shares that you can access from anywhere via the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol.

Cloud Optimisation 3-Week Assessment.png

Cloud Optimization: 3-Week Assessment: Gain insight into your Microsoft Azure environment, including how to improve overall performance, cost, security, and architecture, in this three-week assessment from Fujitsu.

Cloud Readiness Assessment 3 Weeks.png

Cloud Readiness Assessment: 3 Weeks: This assessment from Proximus will provide you with insights into your organization's cloud journey, including strengths and weaknesses, workload migration feasibility, and closing identified gaps to maximize the benefits of Microsoft Azure.

CloudTeaming - Azure Managed Services.png CloudTeaming: Azure Managed Services: Trustmarque's CloudTeaming offer provides a range of managed services for Microsoft Azure built on the open-source Cloudmarque architecture to enable customers to build and run their cloud estates to best practice.
Data Platform in a Box 5-Day Implementation.png

Data Platform in a Box: 5-Day Implementation: Data Platform in a Box is Elastacloud's single deployment methodology based on Microsoft's modern data warehouse architecture. In this implementation, Elastacloud will set up a CI/CD pipeline for your team to rapidly accelerate data platform development and drive business value from your data.

DFARS NIST CMMC 1-2 Week Compliance Assessment.png

DFARS NIST CMMC 1-2 Week Compliance Assessment: This one-week to two-week engagement from Ardalyst will deliver a clear understanding of current DFARS, CMMC, and NIST compliance requirements and provide configuration options for your Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, or GCC High tenant to meet evolving DoD requirements.

DFARS NIST CMMC 4-Week Compliance Assessment.png

DFARS NIST CMMC 4-Week Compliance Assessment: Featuring an executive workshop and help drafting your system security plan, Ardalyst's four-week assessment will deliver a clear understanding of current DFARS, CMMC, and NIST compliance requirements and provide configuration options to meet evolving DoD requirements.

DFARS NIST CMMC 6-8 Week Cybersecurity Pilot.png

DFARS NIST CMMC 6-8 Week Cybersecurity Pilot: In this pilot, Ardalyst will review DFARS, CMMC, and NIST compliance requirements and provide full software licenses for five users, proof of its solution and environment, and an outline of roles and responsibilities to help you meet evolving DoD requirements.

DFARS NIST CMMC FREE 4-Hour Compliance Assessment.png

DFARS NIST CMMC Free 4-Hour Compliance Assessment: Ardalyst's free four-hour compliance assessment will help you understand the current DFARS, CMMC, and NIST compliance requirements and discuss configuration options for your Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, or GCC High tenant to meet evolving DoD requirements.

Experience Design 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Experience Design: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Using a technology-agnostic, user-centered approach, Tigerspike’s Experience Design proof of concept helps organizations solve problems, align goals, and visualize solutions and cloud services to help transform their business.

FinOps Optimization Costs 8-Week Implementation.png

FinOps Optimization Costs: 8-Week Implementation: Tivit's consumer analytics and optimization service helps organizations manage Microsoft Azure costs without degrading performance. This service is available in Portuguese.

Heroes IoT Insights 4-Week Implementation.png

Heroes IoT Insights: 4-Week Implementation: Quickly transform your factory's IoT data into actionable insights with Heroes' IoT Insights implementation. Improve uptime of operating lines, increase product quality output, and predict maintenance activities to prevent unplanned downtime.

LTI Canvas Insights 5-Week Implementation.png

LTI Canvas Insights: 5-Week Implementation: Generate insights and facilitate data-driven decision-making with the implementation of LTI Canvas Insights, an AI-powered Agile and DevOps platform that incorporates an end-to-end correlation engine, predictive insights engine, impact analysis, and knowledge management.

Mphasis DeepInsights 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Mphasis DeepInsights: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Mphasis DeepInsights is a cognitive intelligence platform delivering faster access to data insights. Mphasis' DeepInsights proof of concept includes a working feature concept designed to determine the feasibility of the solution along with a business case for the solution.

Mphasis DeepInsights 5 Day Assessment.png

Mphasis DeepInsights: 5-Day Assessment: Mphasis DeepInsights is a cognitive intelligence platform delivering faster access to data insights. Mphasis' DeepInsights assessment provides analysis of your processes, systems, and data to identify potential use cases for cognitive and predictive analytics solutions.

Mphasis DeepInsights 5-Day Workshop.png

Mphasis DeepInsights: 5-Day Workshop: Mphasis DeepInsights is a cognitive intelligence platform delivering faster access to data insights. Mphasis' DeepInsights workshop leverages design thinking and user journey analysis to identify key use cases and create a roadmap for implementing cognitive solutions for your business.

Mphasis PACE-ML 5- Day Assessment.png

Mphasis PACE-ML: 5- Day Assessment: Mphasis PACE-ML is a framework and methodology for automating machine learning pipelines. Mphasis' five-day PACE-ML assessment is designed to help enterprises perform structured analysis of their data science practice to identify use-cases and toolchains for MLOps deployment.

Mphasis PACE-ML 5-Day Workshop.png

Mphasis PACE-ML: 5-Day Workshop: Mphasis PACE-ML is a framework and methodology for automating machine learning pipelines. Mphasis' PACE-ML workshop leverages design thinking and user journey analysis to create a strategic roadmap for implementing MLOps in your organization's data science practice.

Mphasis PACE-ML 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Mphasis PACE-ML: 6-Week Proof of Concept: Mphasis PACE-ML is a framework and methodology for automating machine learning pipelines. Mphasis' PACE-ML proof of concept will establish an MLOps framework and toolchain, facilitating improved management of machine learning application and service production pipelines.

Rackspace SAP on Azure.png

Rackspace SAP on Azure: Let Rackspace bring the intelligence, security, and reliability of Microsoft Azure to your SAP applications. Rackspace has experience managing SAP environments and providing SAP support services to meet specific business needs, from application monitoring to fully vetted architectures.

Rackspace Sitecore on Azure.png

Rackspace Sitecore on Azure: Let Rackspace optimize your Sitecore environment. Rackspace can remove the complexity of architecting, hosting, and maintaining Sitecore with an optimized platform and specialized support.

SAP on Azure 4-Hour Assessment.png

SAP on Azure: 4-Hour Assessment: In this free assessment, akquinet will work with your stakeholders to review your SAP architecture (on-premises or on Microsoft Azure), then provide recommendations for a managed SAP Basis service on Azure tailored to your business needs.

SAP S-4HANA Azure (Green-Bluefield) 7-Day Workshop.png

SAP S/4HANA Azure (Green/Bluefield): 7-Day Workshop: BRAMS' SAP S/4HANA on Azure workshop includes a review of your current environment and business needs as well as recommendations and preparation for a greenfield or bluefield implementation in your organization.

Windows Hello for Business 10-Week Implementation.png

Windows Hello for Business: 10-Week Implementation: Offer a secure, passwordless journey for your enterprise users with PwC's implementation of Microsoft's Windows Hello for Business. Enable users to securely access their workstation devices, apps, online services, and networks.

Windows Server-SQL - Migration 6-Week Implementation.png

Windows Server/SQL - Migration: 6-Week Implementation: Using best-practice methodologies, Trustmarque Solutions will assess your infrastructure and applications; plan and design your Microsoft Azure migration; and implement a consolidated, flexible, and resilient server environment for your organization.

Windows Virtual Desktop - WVD 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - WVD: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Trustmarque Solutions' proof of concept enables you to rapidly test Windows Virtual Desktop capabilities in your organization. Deliverables include discovery workshops, a WVD PoC environment, full design documentation, and testing.

WVD 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

WVD: 3-Week Proof of Concept: ProActive’s Windows Virtual Desktop proof of concept serves as the first step in your transformation strategy. See how your organization can easily save money, quickly adapt external desktops to Windows Virtual Desktop users, and deliver new apps directly to employees’ virtual desktops.

Xencia Azure Managed Services.png

Xencia Azure Managed Services: Leave the hassle of 24x7 Microsoft Azure monitoring, alerting, investigating, and troubleshooting activities to Xencia Technology Solutions. Xencia's managed services for Azure also cover backup and DR management, restoration, and resolution with root cause analysis.

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