Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 109
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 88 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


Adaptive Learning by Vitalyst.png

Adaptive Learning by Vitalyst: Vitalyst’s Adaptive Learning app serves as a central location in Microsoft Teams to access learning resources, sign up for training sessions, and ask questions about Teams and other applications.


aiola-azure-saas: Aiola’s powerful virtual analyst connects business users to data and AI through a user-friendly chat interface in Slack, WhatsApp, or Microsoft Teams. Accessing forecasting models or promotion optimization is as easy as texting a question.

Ambyint InfinityPL Plunger Lift Optimization.png

Ambyint InfinityPL Plunger Lift Optimization: Ambyint's InfinityPL enables engineers and field personnel to increase production on plunger-lift wells by detecting anomalous behavior and determining optimal controller setpoints. InfinityPL uses physics-based AI and subject matter expertise to identify well problems.

Ambyint InfinityRL Rod Lift Optimization.png

Ambyint InfinityRL Rod Lift Optimization: Ambyint's InfinityRL reduces operating costs and increases production volumes for rod-lift wells. It uses physics-based AI and subject matter expertise to improve operational effectiveness and drive bottom-line performance.

B2X eCommerce.png

B2X eCommerce: Part of Grupo Hasar's suite, B2X is a business-to-business omnichannel solution with customer portfolio management, individual price lists, suggested products, and a promotions engine. This solution is available in Spanish.

Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard.png

Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard: Bosch.IO Retail Service Dashboard provides the grocery industry with a holistic view of data streaming from their IoT services, sensors, and equipment across the store. Retailers can monitor coolers, checkout lines, and more.

CentOS 7.8 HPC.png

CentOS 7.8 HPC: AG provides this ready-to-use CentOS 7.8 image for high-performance computing workloads running on InfiniBand networks. It includes optimizations and recommended configurations to deliver consistency and reliability.

CloudMoyo On-the-job Training Management System.png

CloudMoyo On-the-job Training Management System: CloudMoyo’s On-the-Job Training Management System simplifies the administration of training programs for the railroad industry, including critical field roles like locomotive engineers, diesel engineers, and equipment operators.

CloudOps 365.png

CloudOps 365: CloudOps 365 from Asurgent gives decision-makers insight into their organization's Microsoft 365 tenants, helping them determine licensing status, security posture, adoption program performance, and more.

Content Migration - Legacy systems to Office 365.png

Content Migration - Legacy systems to Office 365: Migration Accelerator from Proventeq smoothly migrates the assets of your enterprise content management platform, enabling you to maximize the potential of your content and information management infrastructure throughout each stage of your migration to Office 365.

Counter-Strike Condition Zero on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Get a private game server for Counter-Strike: Condition Zero on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS with this one-click deployment from Tidal Media. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero features updated character models, textures, maps, and other graphical tweaks.

Digital Inspection of Roads.png

Digital Inspection of Roads: HAL24K’s Digital Inspection of Roads augments and digitalizes agencies' daily road inspections using video footage from consumer-grade cameras. Digital Inspection of Roads uses machine learning models to automatically detect defects.

Dorabot AI-CLP Interactive Edition.png

Dorabot AI-CLP Interactive Edition: Dorabot's AI-CLP helps logistics workers optimize container use and load planning. AI-CLP can be seamlessly integrated with warehouse management systems, and it can handle complicated scenarios involving collocation specifications and weight distribution balance.


Dr.Bridge: Dr. Bridge from Nihon Unisys Ltd. uses AI to enhance bridge inspection efforts. Through photo analysis, it diagnoses deterioration factors and construction soundness. This app is available only in Japanese.

Enhanced Offloaded Auditing for D365 - Audit Away.png

Enhanced Offloaded Auditing for D365 - Audit Away: Designed to be used with the Microsoft Power Platform, Audit Away from cloudThing captures record changelogs from Microsoft Dataverse (formerly known as the Common Data Service) and publishes them to configurable storage targets.

Experian Address Validation.png

Experian Address Validation: Experian Address Validation standardizes, validates, and enriches addresses during data entry, enabling you to reduce data entry time by up to 80 percent. The real-time hosted API works with addresses from 245 countries, validating against official postal address sources.

Experian Aperture Data Studio.png

Experian Aperture Data Studio: Experian Aperture Data Studio combines self-service data quality and globally curated data sets in an intelligent platform. Use it to gain a single customer view and improve day-to-day operational efficiency and reporting accuracy.

Experian Email Validation.png

Experian Email Validation: Standardize and validate email addresses with Experian Email Validation. Whether you choose to integrate the API into a website, at a point of sale, or in a call center or CRM system, the API seamlessly protects your data quality.

Experian Phone Validation.png

Experian Phone Validation: Standardize and validate landline or mobile numbers with Experian Phone Validation. The API references multiple sources to check the existence, validity, format, type, provider, portability, and reachability of each phone number.

GPS Enterprise.png

GPS-Enterprise: GPS-Enterprise, a holistic platform for predictive analytics, delivers end-to-end data ingestion, processes extremely complex modeling, and provides deep insights through data visualizations.

Helio Demand Planning @ Weather.png

Helio "Demand Planning @ Weather": Helio from Analytic Partners quantifies the impact of weather on business performance. Its predictive forecasts, fueled by machine learning, help companies answer important business questions by looking forward instead of backward.

Identity Protection Suite Image & video redaction.png

Identity Protection Suite: Image & video redaction: brighter AI's Identity Protection Suite automatically anonymizes faces and license plates in images and videos, helping companies comply with the General Data Protection Regulation and other data privacy laws.

Johns Hopkins Balance.png

Johns Hopkins Balance: Balance is a digital behavioral health program committed to delivering convenient and accessible mental health resources. Connect your employees with a program rooted in providing care on their time and on their terms.

Journey Insights for CX.png

Journey Insights for CX: Based on Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services architecture, Genoa Performance's Journey Insights CX captures customer interactions and processes so companies can enhance brand engagement. This app is available only in Portuguese.


KinderConnect: KinderConnect helps childcare providers and agencies save time on everyday administrative tasks while minimizing the possibility of fraud. The web-based portal can be customized to each agency's particular needs and state regulations.


KinderTrack: KinderTrack supports case work done by childcare subsidy agencies, streamlining eligibility determination, provider payments, attendance tracking, reporting, and more. Every change made in the system is recorded in history tables, providing a complete audit trail.

KNIME Executor BYOL for Azure.png

KNIME Executor BYOL for Azure: KNIME Executor instances execute workflows for KNIME Server. This bring-your-own-license offer provides workflow execution for KNIME Server Large and can utilize a Microsoft Azure virtual machine scale set to spread deployment of KNIME Executor instances across Azure Availability Zones.

KNIME Server Large BYOL for Azure.png

KNIME Server Large BYOL for Azure: KNIME Server is enterprise software for collaboration, automation, management, and deployment of data science workflows. This bring-your-own-license offer is a requirement for using the KNIME Executor solution.


KnowYourPeople: GBG KnowYourPeople provides fast and auditable background checks so companies can screen job applicants and employees. Use the cloud-based portal to streamline processes and efficiently meet compliance requirements.

Kuma Service Mesh 1.0.png

Kuma Service Mesh 1.0: This template-based offer from Kong is meant for pre-production and production environments where customers need Kuma Service Mesh capabilities running on a Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service cluster.

Low Carbon App.png

Low Carbon App: OrxaGrid's Low Carbon App determines the optimal size of solar panels, batteries, and electric vehicle charging stations for a selected residential, commercial, or industrial site. OrxaGrid aims to maximize financial savings for building owners while reducing carbon emissions.


LumApps: Empower your employees with the LumApps intranet, which provides access to personalized and multilingual content according to each employee's profile and location. LumApps can be easily configured and customized to fit brand identity.

Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v4.0.0.0.png

Lumeta Community Edition Command Center v4.0.0.0: FireMon's Lumeta CloudVisibility delivers security, endpoint discovery, and anomaly detection for hybrid enterprises. Eliminate security blind spots and replace them with authoritative visibility into mobile, virtual, and cloud assets.

Metro Activity Planner.png

Metro Activity Planner: Metro Activity Planner is a project and task management module within the Metro software suite from Retail Manager Solutions. Features include project templates, a workflow engine, a capacity calculator, and an activity planner.


Minerva: Minerva Patient Engagement Suite, MphRx’s flagship platform, enables healthcare organizations to provide telemedicine and holistic care onsite. Deployed in more than 20 countries, the platform is used by more than 1.5 million patients and 350,000 healthcare professionals.


mTHM: mPrest’s Transformer Health Management (THM) monitors power transformers for abnormalities. THM aggregates information from multiple sensors and uses advanced analytical algorithms to gauge transformer health and predict failures.

OneWindow Workplace for Healthcare.png

OneWindow Workplace for Healthcare: Withum's OneWindow Workplace for Healthcare simplifies the rollout and adoption of Microsoft 365 in healthcare organizations. OneWindow creates consistency and engages employees through corporate communications, leadership conversations, and data dashboards.

PeopleSense - Easy People Counting.png

PeopleSense - Easy People Counting: Retailers, service providers, councils, and facility managers can use PeopleSense to monitor pedestrians and vehicles to gauge activity, optimize service intervals, improve customer experience, and flag potential security breaches.

Phonexia Voice Verify.png

Phonexia Voice Verify: Powered by deep neural networks and designed for contact centers, Phonexia Voice Verify authenticates customers over the phone. Its voice biometrics can verify a person after only three seconds of speech and detect speaker changes throughout the call to help prevent fraud.

powerThings - Power Platform Solution Accelerators.png

powerThings - Power Platform Solution Accelerators: cloudThing's powerThings are pre-built accelerators that can be deployed atop the Microsoft Power Platform to solve common technical challenges and deliver cloudThing capabilities.


QuTScloud: Empower your organization to optimize its cloud data and maximize the value of the cloud with QuTScloud, a virtual network attached storage (NAS) appliance from QNAP Systems. QuTScloud includes expandable storage along with data sharing, backup, and security features.


REMS: Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Bitforit's Real Estate Management System (REMS) extends typical CRM functionalities with real estate processes, including purchase, legal, eviction, rent, and collaboration with developers, government, brokers, and service providers.

Reverse Proxy Server + NginX on Ubuntu 18.04.png

Reverse Proxy Server + NginX on Ubuntu 18.04: Tidal Media offers this image of Reverse Proxy Server + NginX on Ubuntu 18.04, specially hardened for Microsoft Azure and pre-configured for rapid and secure deployment. Provide an additional level of abstraction and control to ensure the smooth flow of network traffic.

RiskIQ PassiveTotal.png

RiskIQ PassiveTotal: RiskIQ PassiveTotal integrates with Azure Sentinel and Azure Defender to give security teams a 360-degree view of their attack surface to better detect threats and defend their enterprise. Accelerate investigations, increase visibility, and respond more effectively to threats.

Riverbed SaaS Accelerator.png

Riverbed SaaS Accelerator: An easy-to-deploy service, Riverbed Technology's SaaS Accelerator maximizes SaaS application performance by overcoming network limitations of latency and data congestion as well as the unpredictability of last-mile user experiences.

SAP Data Custodian.png

SAP Data Custodian: SAP Data Custodian is a public cloud and SAP application data protection service that can help mitigate cloud data protection concerns and help you move to the cloud with confidence. Features include data residency control, contextual data access control, and customer-controlled encryption keys.

SearchUnify - Cognitive Search Engine.png

SearchUnify - Cognitive Search Engine: SearchUnify from Grazitti Interactive is a unified cognitive search platform and insights engine that facilitates the building of AI-based apps. SearchUnify's out-of-the-box support for more than 35 native connectors helps you access relevant information without leaving Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Secure Linux - RedHat 7.4.png

Secure Linux - RedHat 7.4: BISSaN offers this hardened Linux - RedHat 7.4 image to provide a security-focused environment that is ideal for running web applications, databases, and application servers. The solution also helps mitigate insufficient authorization and network and program attack threats.

Serialization for the Supply Chain.png

Serialization for the Supply Chain: The Digimarc platform supports the creation, quality control, and detection of Digmarc's unique code, which is used to create serialized digital identities for media objects and facilitate greater visibility in the supply chain.

Shufti Pro Identity verification KYC AML solutions.png

Shufti Pro Identity verification KYC AML solutions: Shufti Pro is an AI-powered identity verification solution that employs artificial intelligence and human intelligence to provide robust identification solutions that help eliminate risks and identity theft and financial crimes.


Smaartbrand: Smaartbrand from Enixta Innovations taps the customer voice from multiple channels (e-commerce, social media, vlogs, blogs) in various formats (audio, text, images, videos) to extract actionable insights so that brands can enhance their product offerings and customer experience.

SupplyChain Production Planning Simulation Soft.png

Supply Chain: Production Planning Simulation Soft: Cosmo Tech Supply Chain is a digital supply chain twin that simulates and optimizes production plans and drives the alignment of decisions throughout the supply chain. Simulate demand variability arising from unexpected events and adjust plans while achieving desired KPIs. Available only in Spanish, SYSOTools is a technology and collaborative assistant that enables stakeholders to extend the occupational safety and health strategy more effectively and efficiently across your organization. 

Testportal for K12 Education.png

Testportal for K12 Education: The Testportal platform enables reliable online knowledge assessment via proctored exams, tests, and quizzes. Its integration with Microsoft Teams facilitates easy test sharing and provides secure identity verification thanks to Azure Active Directory.

Thought Machine Vault.png

Thought Machine Vault: Thought Machine Vault is a cloud-native core banking platform designed to enable banks to deploy modern systems and move away from the legacy IT platforms. Vault is built around APIs using a microservice architecture.


Unimetis: Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Unimetis is an education lifecycle managing platform that helps facilitate, optimize, and manage the daily routines of students, teachers, and faculty.


VibSign: VibSign, available only in Japanese, uses artificial intelligence and IoT sensors to detect the state of bearings in rotating machines and help prevent sudden outages and unplanned downtime of factory equipment.

Virtual Conference Manager.png

Virtual Conference Manager: Virtual Conference Manager (VCM) from Opsgility makes it easy to deliver a virtual conference with a rich set of interactivity options for your attendees. Built on Microsoft Teams, VCM ensures your conference is secure and can be accessed from a browser or the Teams app.

Voicespin APPs.png

Voicespin APPs: Voicespin is a scalable call center and global VoIP gateway solution for inbound and outbound calls that enables users to make calls directly from a browser.

WInsights for Animal Healthcare.png

WInsights for Animal Healthcare: Powered by Microsoft Azure, WinWire Technologies' WInsights for animal healthcare transforms data into actionable insights to help animal health organizations improve animal well-being, monetize critical data assets, drive growth, and accelerate time-to-market.

Your identity.png

Your identity: Available only in Spanish, Your Identity simplifies the process of identifying customers through place of residence verification; fingerprint, facial, and vocal biometric registration; crime sheet research; and more.

Consulting services

2-Day App Modernization Workshop.png

2-Day App Modernization Workshop: Active Solution's App Modernization Workshop will help you move your application to Microsoft Azure, which enables you to focus on delivering business value faster instead of having to handle growing hardware needs and a complex IT infrastructure.

2-day workshop Secure authentication with FIDO2.png

2-day workshop: Secure authentication with FIDO2: In this two-day workshop, perinova IT-Management will work with you to develop a strategy for passwordless login, multifactor authentication, single sign-on, and a password safe for your organization. Deliverables include recommendations for Azure licensing and services.

4-Hr Workshop on Azure WVD by Embee.png

4-Hr Workshop on Azure WVD by Embee: Delivered via Microsoft Teams, Embee Software's free Windows Virtual Desktop workshop will provide you with a basic understanding of the components required to deploy on Microsoft Azure, including a readiness assessment to help you plan your next steps.

AI & Data Discovery 2-Week Workshop.png

AI & Data Discovery 2-Week Workshop: Want to learn how to make your data work for you? Predica's Artificial Intelligence & Data Discovery Workshop will help your organization develop a suitable data strategy; understand technology, licensing, and skills requirements; and identify key pain points.

App Modernization 2-Week Workshop.png

App Modernization: 2-Week Workshop: Aligned with Microsoft's Cloud Adoption Framework, Lunavi's App Modernization Workshop includes a deep assessment of the chosen application and its associated data components, creation of new application architecture integrated with the Azure Landing Zone, and testing and validation.

Azure App Development 1-Day Spark Workshop.png

Azure App Development 1-Day Spark Workshop: Vectorform's Azure App Development Workshop will help you kickstart your Azure projects by explaining opportunities, industry and market trends, and company dynamics. Vectorform will also identify potential solutions and outline best next steps for your organization.

Azure Cloud Optimization Platform Acltr 4-Wk Imp.png

Azure Cloud Optimization Platform Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: The Cloud Optimization Platform Accelerator from Neudesic is designed to help your organization easily understand and control your Microsoft Azure cloud environment to reduce costs, increase performance, and maintain compliance.

Azure Synapse - 2-Hour Free Workshop.png

Azure Synapse - 2-Hour Free Workshop: Available only in Spanish, 54cuatro's free workshop will introduce you to Azure Synapse Analytics and create a roadmap from your current data warehouse platform to a modern data warehouse model on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Synapse - 10-Day Migration Assessment.png

Azure Synapse - 10-Day Migration Assessment: Get a thorough review of your current data platform along with a roadmap for migrating your workloads to Azure Synapse Analytics in 54cuatro's 10-day assessment. This service is available only in Spanish.

Cloud transformation prestudy 3-week assessment.png

Cloud transformation prestudy: 3-week assessment: Learn how to take advantage of modern Microsoft Azure services to gain a competitive advantage in Etteplan More's three-week cloud transformation assessment. Deliverables include a roadmap detailing next steps and which Azure services will bring the best value to your business.

Data Modernization 2-Week Workshop.png

Data Modernization: 2-Week Workshop: Aligned with the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, Lunavi's Data Modernization workshop will teach you how to bring together data from across your organization to uncover new insights and integrate Azure apps and services with your data sources.

Implement FHIR HL7 HIPAA on Azure SaaS PoC.png

Implement FHIR HL7 HIPAA on Azure SaaS PoC: In this proof of concept, TwoConnect will work with your healthcare organization to identify FHIR, HL7, and HIPAA app migration or integration opportunities that would improve operational efficiency.

Introduction to AKS and Kubernetes 1-day workshop.png

Introduction to AKS and Kubernetes: 1-day workshop: This one-day workshop from Gofore Oyj serves as a technical introduction to Kubernetes and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS). Workshop topics include an introduction to the services, the benefits of using them, and identifying right time to start using AKS.

Kubernetes 1-day Proof-Of-Concept.png

Kubernetes 1-day Proof-Of-Concept: In this one-day Kubernetes proof of concept, Active Solution's experts will teach you how your team can use Azure Kubernetes Services to remove bottlenecks in production processes. Develop and deliver high-quality apps faster with Kubernetes.

Maestro Cloud Management Service.png

Maestro Cloud Management Service: Standardize and automate complex Microsoft Azure environments with this managed service from Softline. Softline will provide monitoring, customized cost analytics, utilization reports, alerts, infrastructure recommendations, and more.

Manage APIs in Azure & On Prem 3-Day Assessment.png

Manage API's w/ Azure & BizTalk: 3-Day Assessment: API management platforms are designed to extend BizTalk’s protocol mediation and message format transformation capabilities. In this offer, TwoConnect will review your company's APIs and determine a migration path to Microsoft Azure API Management.

Microsoft Azure DevOps CIO 1-Hr Assessment.png

Microsoft Azure DevOps CIO: 1-Hr Assessment: DevOps solutions enable a consistent experience across hybrid multi-cloud environments to accelerate application development while optimizing pipelines with cloud-native DevOps technologies. Learn how you can benefit from Azure DevOps in ITCO's one-hour assessment.

Migration Strategy as a Service 6-Week Assessment.png

Migration Strategy as a Service: 6-Week Assessment: Looking for a flexible, scalable, and reliable environment for your IT ecosystem? In this six-week assessment, Tech Mahindra will use its InfoWise AI-augmented solution to assess your current setup and provide optimizations for your organization's move to Microsoft Azure.

Secure Account Lifecycle Management 8-Week Implementation.png

Secure Account Lifecycle Management: 8-Week Implementation: Designed to automate and streamline the user identity lifecycle, Catalyte's eight-week implementation will connect Azure Active Directory with the Workday human capital management solution to enhance enterprise HR management and protect your apps and users.

Security and Compliance 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Security and Compliance: 3-Week Proof of Concept: In this three-week proof of concept, Conterra will assess your current infrastructure, prepare the environment for security features, configure scenarios, and implement security and compliance features for your pilot user group.

Sopra Steria Go2Cloud Assessment and Roadmap 6 weeks.png

Sopra Steria Go2Cloud Assessment and Roadmap 6 weeks: Available in Norwegian, Sopra Steria's six-week assessment will help you develop a business case and plan to lift and shift your organization's data from a datacenter to Microsoft Azure. Take advantage of Azure components for IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

Surveyor 360 WVD 10-Day Assessment.png

Surveyor 360 WVD: 10-Day Assessment: Phoenix Software's Surveyor 360 WVD offering is designed to help you assess your current environment and seamlessly transition to Windows Virtual Desktop for specific use cases or at scale across your organization.

Teams Workshop.png

Teams Workshop: This workshop from Move provides an introduction to Microsoft Teams, enabling you to manage, adapt, and secure the productivity and collaboration platform and help users with simple issues.

VMware Azure Transition 2-Week Assessment.png

VMware Azure Transition: 2-Week Assessment: Through a series of discussions and discovery sessions, Insight's experts will develop an understanding of where your organization is today and what steps you can take toward Azure VMware Solution.

Windows-SQL 2008 End of Support - 1-Day Workshop.png

Windows/SQL 2008 End of Support - 1-Day Workshop: Migrating to Microsoft Azure allows you to continue to innovate securely in the cloud while making it faster, easier, and less expensive to remain current with security updates and regulatory compliance. In this one-day workshop, BrainScale will prepare you for migration to Azure or SQL Managed Instance.

WVD 2-Day Assessment.png

WVD: 2-Day Assessment: Sela Group's experts will engage with your relevant stakeholders in this two-day assessment to gather information and help you determine how to successfully and efficiently implement Windows Virtual Desktop in your organization.

WVD 10-Day Implementation.png

WVD: 10-Day Implementation: Simplify the management of your virtualized desktop and app environment by connecting your virtual machines to Windows Virtual Desktop in this 10-day implementation from Sela Group.

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