Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 107
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 69 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


AzoraOne API.png

AzoraOne API: Arkimera Robotics' AzoraOne API service provides self-learning automation of data entry for registering financial documents. AzoraOne achieves hyper-precise automation by extracting values from financial documents and continuously building knowledge by observing human data entry.

ClaimsLive Hospi Portal.png

ClaimsLive Hospi Portal: ClaimsLive Hospi Portal is a self-service portal for network providers such as hospitals, diagnostic centers, and clinics to service health insurance claims. The solution integrates easily with insurance companies' and third-party administrators' claims management systems.

Consumer Insights Platform (CIP).png

Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) on DDP: Wipro's Consumer Insights Platform (CIP) delivers role-based insights for retail companies to solve business challenges across the customer lifecycle. CIP features ready-to-use data ingestion engines, data transformation components, and analytical models to provide pertinent insights.

Credeon Secure Full-text Search.png

Credeon Secure Full-text Search: Integrate Credeon Secure Full-text Search into your search platform to reduce data leakage risks related to an unencrypted search index. Search with the encrypted index without decrypting it and without sacrificing performance.

Customer Link black logo.png

Customer Link: Combining disparate data with PwC’s AI and machine learning models, Customer Link creates a robust and integrated view of individuals, households, and segments of consumers. Build and activate personalized, real-time omnichannel customer engagements.

D2iQ Kaptain.png

D2iQ Kaptain: Empower your data engineers and data scientists with D2iQ Kaptain, an end-to-end machine learning platform that integrates enterprise-ready Kubeflow with other popular machine learning tools, making portability, scaling, and deployment of models easier.

D2iQ Kommander.png

D2iQ Kommander: D2iQ Kommander delivers centralized control over a wide expanse of Kubernetes resources while addressing the broad issues caused by Kubernetes cluster sprawl. Provide federated management, governance, and visibility across your organization’s use of Kubernetes clusters.

D2iQ Konvoy.png

D2iQ Konvoy: As the foundation of the D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP), Konvoy is a comprehensive cloud-native Kubernetes distribution enabling companies to utilize Kubernetes with an easy, enterprise-grade experience out of the box.

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP).png

D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP): The D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP) ensures your move to Kubernetes is done with ease and agility, regardless of your organization’s level of Kubernetes experience. Deliver on the promise of digital transformation and embrace the power of Kubernetes in production and at scale.

Data Discovery Platform (DDP).png

Data Discovery Platform (DDP): Wipro's Data Discovery Platform (DDP) is an insights-as-a-service solution to conceptualize, build, and deliver analytical apps. The solution includes more than 150 AI-driven and machine learning-driven industry-specific analytical apps.

DDP for Retail Banking and Insurance.png

DDP for Retail Banking and Insurance: Retail banking and insurance apps on Wipro's Data Discovery Platform (DDP) focus on customer, campaign, loan, and claim analytics driven by machine learning models and strong domain intelligence.


DEXPF: Available only in Japanese, DEXPF is a cross-domain IoT data transmission platform. It absorbs differences in protocols and procedures between IoT services and platforms, and it allows free data linking and utilization between devices and the cloud.

Doctor365 Bot.png

Doctor365 Bot: Latinshare Chile's Doctor365 Bot is a conversational bot for Microsoft Teams that facilitates the understanding and adoption of Office 365 tools and services. This app is available only in Spanish.

Globus AI Staffing.png

Globus AI Staffing: Globus AI Staffing is a digital staffing tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and streamline the process of connecting candidates with assignments when filling staffing needs. Reduce time spent on administration and turnover while boosting employee satisfaction.

Intelligent Insights for Energy.png

Intelligent Insights for Energy & Utilities on DDP: Energy and utility apps on Wipro's Data Discovery Platform (DDP) focus on predictive asset maintenance and analysis of operations, billing and customer insights. The apps drive process optimization by using artificial intelligence and machine learning models infused with domain-specific intelligence.


KLoBot: KLoBot from KL Software Technologies is a no-code platform designed to help law firms and general counsels rapidly create chatbots. KLoBot chatbots respond to text messages and voice commands, and they seamlessly connect to the NetDocuments service to present relevant content.


Kubix Link: Kubix Link removes barriers to collaboration with a configurable interface that is easy to use and understand. Lectra's solution mirrors how you operate across your organization, morphing as your business scales in size and complexity.

LDAP Manager.png

LDAP Manager: Exgen Networks' LDAP Manager is an identity management tool that integrates and manages your organization's user information on a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server. This app is available only in Japanese.

Live Video Streaming Platform.png

Live Video Streaming Platform: Developed by iNube Software Solutions, Live Video Streaming Platform includes web and mobile apps for real-time video streaming, helping insurance companies combat fraud and augment vital on-field business functions, such as inspections, claims processing, and agent training.

Metro Employee Management.png

Metro Employee Management: The Metro Employee Management module provides a simple and effective HR application that helps you manage new hires, benefits, disciplinary actions, and more. Its self-service functionality enables employees to book absences, schedule training, and note their availability.

Metro Time and Attendance.png

Metro Time & Attendance: Working together with the Metro Workforce Management toolset, the Time & Attendance module provides an effective process to easily capture, manage, and report the hours staff have worked along with absences, overtime, ad hoc payments, and more.

Metro Workforce Management.png

Metro Workforce Management: Metro Workforce Management (WFM) is a flexible and effective labor toolset that optimizes scheduling by location, week, and more. Improve the productivity of your sites and ensure that the right people with the right skills are working in the right place at the right time.

MICA - A Small Ticket Insurance Core Platform.png

MICA - A Small Ticket Insurance Core Platform: MICA supports insurance companies in innovating small-ticket or bite-sized insurance products, launching them with faster go-to-market time, and exploring distribution through unconventional channels and partners. The MICA platform supports the complete lifecycle of each product.

Customer Link black logo.png

Model_Edge: Improve and automate your model governance and validation processes with Model Edge from PwC. Model Edge streamlines operations and helps you gain confidence in your program by providing the tools necessary to demonstrate model effectiveness to internal and external stakeholders alike.

Modern Datawarehouse Metadata.png

Modern Datawarehouse Metadata: Available in Polish and English, Bit Peak's Havran monitors ETL processes. The solution enables you to browse the tasks that are executed during these processes and react swiftly to anomalies before they become big problems.

Mozzaz Digital Health Platform for Virtual Care.png

Mozzaz Digital Health Platform for Virtual Care: Mozzaz has more than 200 pre-built digital solution libraries based on clinically proven interventions that can be quickly utilized for an individual’s care plan. Organizations can also build their own Mozzaz libraries based on their clinical protocols, workflows, and pathways.

Omnitive Converse - Customer Service Bot.png

Omnitive Converse - Customer Service Bot: Omnitive Converse is an AI-based virtual assistant platform for building conversational bots, enabling your business to automate conversations with customers. Converse's user interface is a familiar chat-like window where users type or speak their questions and Converse replies.

Omnitive Extract - Bank Cheques.png

Omnitive Extract - Bank Cheques: Extract information from bank checks quickly and accurately with Omnitive Extract, an intelligent reading tool that can read, understand, and derive information from complex, unstructured data in any format.

Omnitive Extract - Hotel Bookings.png

Omnitive Extract - Hotel Bookings: Extract information from hotel bookings quickly and accurately with Omnitive Extract, an intelligent reading tool that can read, understand, and derive information from complex, unstructured data in any format.

Omnitive Extract - Invoices.png

Omnitive Extract - Invoices: Extract information from invoices quickly and accurately with Omnitive Extract, an intelligent reading tool that can read, understand, and derive information from complex, unstructured data in any format.

Omnitive Extract - Medical Claims.png

Omnitive Extract - Medical Claims: Extract information from medical claims quickly and accurately with Omnitive Extract, an intelligent reading tool that can read, understand, and derive information from complex, unstructured data in any format.

Omnitive Extract - Passports.png

Omnitive Extract - Passports: Extract information from passports quickly and accurately with Omnitive Extract, an intelligent reading tool that can read, understand, and derive information from complex, unstructured data in any format.

Omnitive Extract - Payslips.png

Omnitive Extract - Payslips: Extract information from pay slips quickly and accurately with Omnitive Extract, an intelligent reading tool that can read, understand, and derive information from complex, unstructured data in any format.

Omnitive Search - Enterprise Search Engine.png

Omnitive Search - Enterprise Search Engine: Empower your users to narrow down search results and reach the right information faster with the Omnitive Search enterprise search engine. Users can search using the elements and properties of documents to filter through combo boxes, sliders, drop-down lists, and more.

PremierOne Cloud.png

PremierOne Cloud: PremierOne Cloud hosts Motorola Solutions' CAD, records, and mobile solutions in the cloud and connects your organization's teams. Unifying information in the cloud simplifies data sharing, management, and analysis.

Roland Live Streamer.png

Roland Live Streamer: Available only in Japanese, Roland Live Streamer is on-premises live-streaming encoder software that provides a simple user interface and allows Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) streams to be sent to any server, which helps in building a live-streaming environment.

Selenium Webdriver on Headless Ubuntu.png

Selenium WebDriver on headless Ubuntu: Noricum Cloud Solutions' pre-configured image of Selenium WebDriver on headless Ubuntu provides you with a one-click deployment for Selenium WebDriver with installed language bindings for Python, Java, and Node.js.

Selenium Webdriver on Windows.png

Selenium Webdriver on Windows: Noricum Cloud Solutions' pre-configured image of Selenium WebDriver on Windows provides you with a one-click deployment for Selenium WebDriver with installed language bindings for Python, Java, and Node.js.

Steer Field Service Management Solution.png

Steer Field Service Management Solution: Designed to simplify, manage, and help grow your field service operations, Steer's Field Service Management solution helps upgrade your installation, maintenance, and repair services by improving customer experience and field technician efficiency.


StratEarth: Emerson Electric's StratEarth multi-well log correlation application is a comprehensive, easy-to-use solution for the interpretation, mapping, display, and quality control of seismic, geologic, and production data in multiple 2D and 3D environments.

Ubuntu Server 20.10.png

Ubuntu Server 20.10: With updates and patches for Ubuntu Server 20.10 available until July 2021, Canonical's offering is an ideal virtual machine platform for all workloads—from web applications to NoSQL databases and Hadoop.

Virtuoso 8.3.3319 (BYOL Edition).png

Virtuoso 8.3.3319 (BYOL Edition) for Ubuntu 18.04: OpenLink Software's pre-configured image of Virtuoso 8.3.3319 (BYOL edition) for Ubuntu 18.04 provides secure, high-performance integration, virtualization, and management of data on Microsoft Azure.

Virtuoso 8.3.3319 (PAGO Edition).png

Virtuoso 8.3.3319 (PAGO Edition) for Ubuntu 18.04: OpenLink Software's pre-configured image of Virtuoso 8.3.3319 (PAGO edition) for Ubuntu 18.04 provides secure, high-performance integration, virtualization, and management of data on Microsoft Azure.

Consulting services

AI Opportunity Assessment - 2 weeks.png

AI Opportunity Assessment - 2 weeks: Take the first step toward becoming a data-driven company with this assessment from Sopra Steria Norway. Sopra Steria Norway will determine the benefits of building a minimum viable product on Microsoft Azure to verify a use case. This offer is available in English and Norwegian.

App Modernization Assessment - 5 to 6 weeks.png

App Modernization Assessment - 5 to 6 weeks: In this engagement, Sonata Software will advise you on modernizing legacy applications with Microsoft Azure. Activities will be broken down into a discovery phase, an assessment phase, and a roadmap phase.

Application Modernization 2-Day Assessment.png

Application Modernization: 2-Day Assessment: Modernizing applications with Microsoft Azure enhances business agility and streamlines processes. FyrSoft's assessment can help you identify and prioritize applications to move to Azure.

atlax- 4-Week Assessment.png

atlax: 4-Week Assessment: Using Microsoft Azure, atlax will help you realize your organization's digital transformation goals. atlax will provide cloud application guidelines, cloud design patterns, and technical assistance. This service is available only in Japanese.


AzNavigator: 4-8 Week Assessment: The AzNavigator offer from Eighty20 Solutions can help you navigate the adoption of Microsoft Azure, encompassing architecture, design, change management, business cases, operating models, and more.

Azure Cost Optimization 2-Day Assessment.png

Azure Cost Optimization: 2-Day Assessment: FyrSoft's assessment will help you operate your Microsoft Azure environment in a secure, well-managed, cost-effective manner. To do this, FyrSoft will deliver insights, analysis, and recommendations to improve financial governance.

Azure Data Platform in a Box.png

Azure Data Platform in a Box - 4 weeks: Sopra Steria Norway has a scripted data platform ready for deployment in a DEV/TEST/PROD environment for any Microsoft Azure tenant. Sopra Steria Norway can implement this platform and migrate your data to Azure in four weeks. This offer is available in English and Norwegian.

Azure Express 2-Day Assessment.png

Azure Express 2-Day Assessment: This assessment from FyrSoft will evaluate your company's cloud capabilities, taking into account any obstacles to cloud migration. FyrSoft will develop a roadmap for your cloud journey, estimate migration costs, and provide recommendations for next steps.

Azure security assessment- 9 day project.png

Azure security assessment: 9-day project: In this security assessment, Nixu Oyj will compare your Microsoft Azure resources against known best practices and hardening guidelines so you can mitigate cyber risks and better prioritize security improvements.

Azure Synapse Analytics- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Synapse Analytics: 2-Week Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, FyrSoft’s experts will assess using Microsoft Azure Synapse to drive your data program. To demonstrate the benefits of Azure Synapse, FyrSoft will assist you with the migration of a workload with high business value.

Blockchain Consulting.png

Blockchain Consulting & Proof of Concept: 10 weeks: Birlasoft will provide your organization with blockchain feasibility reports and a proof of concept for a business use case. You'll also receive a roadmap to take the proof-of-concept deployment to a production environment.

Conversational AI for Healthcare.png

Conversational AI for Healthcare: 4-Hour Workshop: Join VERSA in this session to discover how conversational AI powered by Microsoft can drive innovation and support customer service and patient success in the healthcare industry.

Cybersecurity Advisory Baseline.png

Cybersecurity Advisory Baseline 1-Week Workshop: NTT will assess cybersecurity maturity across your enterprise, considering people, processes, and technologies. You'll receive a security roadmap identifying any gaps and prioritizing actions for remediation.

Data & Infrastructure Optimization.png

Data & Infrastructure Optimization: 2-Day Assessment: Use this engagement from FyrSoft to assess your infrastructure in relation to on-premises deployments and your cloud strategy goals. FyrSoft will provide evaluation services and guidance for lift-and-shift migrations to Microsoft Azure.

Digital Forensics Incident Response.png

Digital Forensics Incident Response 2-Week Workshop: Even well-protected organizations suffer security incidents, and strong preparation is the key to minimize business impacts. NTT's workshop will help your company develop action plans and learn about digital forensics incident response services.

ECF Data.png

ECF Data: 1-Day Digital Transformation Assessment: This free assessment from ECF Data will enable your company to develop a prioritized list of resources to use on your digital transformation journey. ECF Data will spotlight Microsoft Azure platform services for automation and security.

Exchange Online Workshop.png

Exchange Online Workshop: Move AS will map your company's on-premises Microsoft Exchange environment (links, mailboxes, add-ins, and resources) to prepare for your email migration to Office 365. This service is available in Norwegian and English.


ISO/IEC 27001 Workshop: Available in Norwegian and English, this one-day workshop from Move AS will map business processes related to Microsoft information security and compliance. Clients will gain a better understanding of information security processes and certification requirements.

Kiwi IT.jpg

Kiwi IT - Microsoft Compliance Workshop - 1 Day: Delivered by highly skilled specialists, this workshop from Kiwi IT Solutions will increase visibility into the compliance risks of your organizational data. You'll then be able to mitigate risks across on-premises and Microsoft Azure data repositories.

NTT Managed ExpressRoute Service.png

NTT Managed ExpressRoute Service: NTT’s managed service for Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute lets clients extend their networks to Azure through a dedicated private connection. NTT enables private connections between its globally distributed local cloud centers and Microsoft Enterprise edge routers at ExpressRoute locations.

Platform Architecture Workshop.png

Platform Architecture Workshop - 2 Days: Sonata Software's workshop will help you identify the right platform architecture to build on the Microsoft technology stack. The workshop will include an application landscape review and a high-level platform roadmap.

Platform Envisioning Workshop.png

Platform Envisioning Workshop - 2 Days: In this workshop, Sonata Software will map your company's application landscape with your business needs in order to identify the right platform to be built and deployed on Microsoft Azure.

RightCloud Data Warehouse Migration Implement.png

RightCloud Data Warehouse Migration Implementation 8 Weeks: Sopra Steria Norway will perform lift-and-shift operations to move your on-premises datacenters to Microsoft Azure. This offer is intended for chief information officers and is available only in Norwegian.

SAP on Azure 2-Day Assessment.png

SAP on Azure 2-Day Assessment: FyrSoft's assessment enables customers to determine their readiness to migrate SAP workloads to Microsoft Azure. FyrSoft will evaluate SAP system architecture and infrastructure to establish a cloud transformation roadmap, along with guidance for deploying SAP workloads to Azure.

SAP on Azure 4-Week POC.png

SAP on Azure 4-Week Proof of Concept: A proof of concept increases confidence levels about a given solution. This proof of concept from FyrSoft will involve provisioning infrastructure on Microsoft Azure and migrating your SAP system. FyrSoft will detail migration strategies, system sizing, and system performance.

SharePoint management services in Azure.png SharePoint management services in Azure: If you have or intend to have Microsoft SharePoint environments running on Azure virtual machines, Mult-Connect can provide support. Mult-Connect's team will assist with provisioning, analysis, management, and more. This offer is available only in Portuguese.
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