Azure Marketplace new offers – Volume 103
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 91 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:



Abardo: Build virtual conferences using your organization's Microsoft Teams. With Abardo, you can select speakers, register attendees, send invites, build agendas, measure impact using dashboards, and create event pages and a dedicated landing page. No IT setup is required.

Adam ai Meeting Management Platform.png Meeting Management Platform: With most meetings being remote now, it can be harder to manage them. Save 90 percent of meeting preparation time with, an intelligent meeting content management platform. captures the full meeting lifecycle, from preparation to execution and post-meeting actions.

Altametris Suite.png

Altametris Suite: Acquiring knowledge about your industrial assets could be challenging and costly. Automating the cycle of creating and analyzing digital twins, Altametris Suite provides views in 2D/3D/4D without interrupting operations. This app is available in French and English.

ATTADO for Outlook.png

ATTADO for Outlook: Fully integrated with Windows and Microsoft Outlook, ATTADO by Appincode is a professional document management system. It uses Outlook to delegate tasks, manage documents, projects, and contractors throughout the company. This app is available only in Polish.


autorek: Offering regulatory reporting, financial control, and data management services for the financial services industry, AutoRek harnesses the latest machine learning and automation technologies. Run simultaneous reconciliations for multiple legal entities while ensuring data integrity.

Broadcast in the Cloud.png

Broadcast in the Cloud: Harmonic makes broadcasting in the cloud simple with its VOS 360 Channel Origination Platform. Migrate your on-premises broadcast operations to a powerful solution on Microsoft Azure. Streamline your broadcast, OTT and VOD workflows, and deliver fantastic video quality to your subscribers.

Bugzilla Manage Software Development on Ubuntu.png

Bugzilla - Manage Software Development on Ubuntu: This pre-configured image from Tidal Media provides Bugzilla, a web-based bug-tracking system and testing tool. It's perfect for those who are looking for a Bugzilla solution with easy installation and configuration. Manage software development on Ubuntu with Bugzilla.

Check Point CloudGuard Connect.png

Check Point CloudGuard Connect: This cloud-hosted network threat prevention solution by Check Point protects globally distributed branch office locations or virtual networks. With a simple configuration in Microsoft Azure Firewall Manager, you can route branch hub and virtual network connections to the internet.

Cisco Cloud vWAN Application.png Cisco Cloud vWAN Application: This managed application provides orchestration of Cisco SDWAN CSR in the Virtual WAN hub as a native virtual appliance. Supported versions include CSR 17.4 and beyond.
Cityway Manett MaaS Solution.png

Cityway Manett MaaS Solution: This solution from Cityway provides simpler and more sustainable mobility for travelers. Manett MaaS (Mobility as a Service) also helps authorities and mobility providers understand travelers' use of services and apply that knowledge toward optimizing services.

Cityway Manett Microtransit Management Solution.png

Cityway Manett Microtransit Management Solution: Microtransit solves the issue of transportation in sparsely populated zones and facilitates access during off-peak hours. This all-in-one digital solution by Cityway digitalizes microtransit and helps optimize all types of mobility-on-demand operations.

Cloud Mailbox Defense.png

Cloud Mailbox Defense: Bolster Microsoft 365 email security to detect and block advanced email threats with Cloud Mailbox Defense from Cisco. As an integrated cloud-native email security solution for Microsoft 365, it focuses on simple deployment, easy attack remediation, and great visibility.


CloudKart: This flexible e-commerce platform by Resemble Systems supports any shopping business model with its intuitive and seamless user experience. CloudKart provides customer profile management, inventory management, payment gateway integration, and a product management module.

Content Distribution to Affiliates.png

Content Distribution to Affiliates: Harmonic's VOS 360 Channel Origination and Distribution platform lets you deliver your linear channels to all your affiliates. Customize your channels with targeted regional content, advertising, and graphic branding.

Corezoid Process Engine.png

Corezoid Process Engine: Build, manage, host, and run your processes in the cloud without coding. Corezoid Process Engine by Middleware empowers even non-technical people to set up their own real-time dashboards and escalations in just a few clicks, dramatically reducing time to market.


delika: open data sharing and analysis platform: An open data sharing and analysis platform by Connect Data, delika allows the data application process to work across communities and companies. Data owners can share their data with partners privately or publicly. Data analysts can use shared data to gain business insights.

DNS Server (IaaS) on Debian 10.png

DNS Server (IaaS) on Debian 10: This image from Tidal Media provides a DNS server configured for Debian 10. The Domain Name System (DNS) is responsible for translating or resolving a service name to its IP address. Provide name resolution using Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

DNS Server (IaaS) on Linux CentOS 7.8.png

DNS Server (IaaS) on Linux CentOS 7.8: This image from Tidal Media provides a DNS server configured for CentOS 7.8. A DNS server translates the domain names entered into a browser into IP addresses. Enable DNS name resolution within your Microsoft Azure tenant.

DNS Server (IaaS) on Linux CentOS 8.2.png

DNS Server (IaaS) on Linux CentOS 8.2: This image from Tidal Media provides a DNS server configured for CentOS 8.2. Quickly deploy a new DNS server and enjoy powerful software-driven DNS capabilities for Microsoft Azure. 

DNS Server (IaaS) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2.png

DNS Server (IaaS) on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2: This image from Tidal Media provides a DNS server configured for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2. This ready-to-run DNS server on Microsoft Azure offers fast response time, redundancy, and advanced security. 

DSaaS Masking.png

DSaaS_Masking_Tokenization_Encryption_API: Allowing anyone to encrypt any data type, DSaaS, or Data Security as a Service, is an encryption and tokenization service that's available as an API for instant integration for any application. Offered by Ciphercloud, it provides security that's FIPS 140-2 certified.

Eureka AI - Spectrum.png

Eureka AI - Spectrum: Built on Microsoft Azure by Eureka AI, the Spectrum platform for mobile network operator data monetization organizes, classifies, and enhances telecom data to deliver actionable insights for telecom operators.

Farming Simulator 17 on Windows Server 2016.png

Farming Simulator 17 on Windows Server 2016: This pre-configured image from Tidal Media provides a Farming Simulator 17 game server on Windows Server 2016. Farming Simulator offers a cooperative multiplayer mode for up to 16 players. To start the server, you will need an additional Steam account with the purchased Farming Simulator 17 game.

Farming Simulator 19 on Windows Server 2016.png

Farming Simulator 19 on Windows Server 2016: This pre-configured image from Tidal Media provides a Farming Simulator 19 game server on Windows Server 2016. To start the server, you will need an additional Steam account with the purchased Farming Simulator 19 game.

Firedome Cloud.png

Firedome Cloud: Protect IoT devices from viruses, spyware, identity theft, and unauthorized access. Firedome Cloud provides monitoring for leaked credentials, suspicious activity, and network-wide IoT device vulnerability.

Globanet Migrate.png

Globanet Migrate: This archive migration software solution seamlessly moves data between on-premises and cloud-based archives. Globanet Migrate eliminates data loss risk by enabling administrators to migrate data while safely maintaining the chain of custody.

Harmony Enterprise.png

Harmony Enterprise: Engineers are faced with an ever-increasing number of wells to assess. Harmony Enterprise by IHS Markit provides reservoir management and production forecasting for today’s environment.

HEALTH COV-ER - Back To Work.png

HEALTH COV-ER - Back To Work: Provided by Wipro, this is a platform for bringing employees back to work amid the pandemic. Employees can use the mobile app for COVID-19 guideline updates, access control, health status declarations, and more. Administrators can track employees’ access, health, and movement on campus.

Health Support System (HSS).png

Health Support System (HSS): This cloud service by ITOCHU Techno-Solutions centrally manages employee health information, including medical examination results, stress check data, and interview records. This app is available only in Japanese.

Holo4Labs SaaS.png

Holo4Labs SaaS: Save time and avoid mistakes in your research lab environment with Holo4Labs by SoftwareHut. By connecting Microsoft HoloLens 2 with the Thermo Scientific SampleManager laboratory information management system, you can give scientists the opportunity today to work in a lab of the future.


Indent: With Indent, your team can quickly get access to cloud apps and infrastructure right when they need it. Easily submit and respond to access requests from anywhere with Indent.

ITS (Intelligent Transportation System).png

ITS (Intelligent Transportation System): This fleet management system by Chunghwa Telecom provides real-time information to improve the safety and efficiency of your vehicles and to address traffic problems. This app is available only in Traditional Chinese.

Main Street Digital Platform.png

Main Street Digital Platform: It’s no secret many businesses have suffered financial challenges and are fearful of the future. Now you can initiate local economic recovery, help your city’s businesses grow, and bring the community together through this economic development platform provided by the Meylah Corporation.

Major Tom - Satellite Mission Control.png

Major Tom - Satellite Mission Control: Built for universities, commercial entities, defense satellite builders, and operators, Major Tom by Kubos Corporation is cloud-based satellite mission control software. Major Tom is designed to be used pre-launch and in orbit.

Marketplace Services Platform.png

Marketplace Services Platform: This end-to-end SaaS platform by Nasdaq brings capital markets technology to other industries to help operate marketplaces in insurance, real estate, sports, shipping, and tokenized assets.


MiningQ: Use natural language processing and machine learning technologies to save time collecting, sorting, and organizing news from different markets with MiningQ Financial Risk and Opportunity Forecasting System. This app is available only in Traditional Chinese.

MIQ Intelligent Analytics Platform.png

MIQ Intelligent Analytics Platform: Unlock the power of your global enterprise data with Wipro’s MiQ, a next-generation connected business analytics platform. It enables data load in any form and data visualization for real-time data analytics.

MIRACLE LINUX 8 Asianux Inside.png

MIRACLE LINUX 8 Asianux Inside: Developed by Cybertrust Japan, MIRACLE LINUX 8 is an enterprise-focused embedded system with high-quality technical support. This app is available only in Japanese. 

Natural Selection 2 Server on Windows Server 2016.png

Natural Selection 2 Server on Windows Server 2016: This pre-configured image from Tidal Media provides a Natural Selection 2 game server on Windows Server 2016. Natural Selection 2, a first-person shooter and real-time strategy game, pits aliens against humans in an action-packed struggle for survival.

NetApp Virtual Desktop Service.png

NetApp Virtual Desktop Service: Automate Windows Virtual Desktop deployments with single sign-on to Microsoft 365 and minimize your IaaS costs. NetApp delivers simplified virtual desktop deployment, automated management, and optimized virtual infrastructure for Microsoft Azure users.

Netoxygen Loan Origination Solution on SaaS.png

Netoxygen Loan Origination Solution on SaaS: As a highly automated and workflow-driven digital origination solution, NetOxygen by Wipro helps lenders close more loans at lower costs, making lending simpler, safer, and more profitable.

NginX (IMAP, SMTP, POP3).png

NGINX (IMAP, SMTP, POP3) Mail Server on Ubuntu: This pre-configured image from Tidal Media provides an NGINX mail proxy server on Ubuntu. NGINX is software for web serving, reverse proxying, caching, load balancing, and media streaming.


Olinqua: Providing a digital alternative to traditional paging systems, Olinqua integrates message, event, and alarm flows across a hospital's building, security, safety, and clinical systems. 

Omnisient Secure Data Sharing & Exchange Platform.png

Omnisient Secure Data Sharing & Exchange Platform: Partnering with another business or evaluating a new data provider requires a lengthy risk and compliance procedure. With by Omnisient, businesses can unlock the benefits of data collaboration while protecting data privacy and information security.

ONLYOFFICE Community Edition (CentOS).png

ONLYOFFICE Community Edition (CentOS): This pre-configured image from Websoft9 provides ONLYOFFICE Community Edition on CentOS. ONLYOFFICE is a multifunctional portal for business collaboration, documents, and project management.


OpenEXA: The OpenData transparency dashboard provided by OpenExa enables local governments of all types and sizes to show their constituents their performance, progress, and accountability in easy-to-understand charts.

OpenLiteSpeed Rails.png

OpenLiteSpeed Rails: The OpenLiteSpeed Rails one-click app by LiteSpeed Technologies automatically installs performance web server OpenLiteSpeed, along with Ruby, Rails, and CertBot, on Linux.

Parv ai Career Compass Application.png Career Compass Application: This AI-based career planning tool from analyzes users’ interests and makes intelligent customized course recommendations to help create personalized career development plans.


PaySlip: Issue payslips on the web with PaySlip from Kacoms. Reduce errors, manual labor, and expenses by importing data and creating payslips with one click. Data is managed securely on Microsoft Azure. This app is available only in Japanese.


PentaTAX - tax and excise platform: PentaTAX, an excise tax platform from Pentacomp, is intended for entities that trade sensitive goods or goods exempt or suspended from excise duty. This app is available only in Polish.

Percona Monitoring and Management.png

Percona Monitoring and Management: Use this free and open-source platform from Percona to easily view and monitor the performance of your MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and MariaDB databases.

Personalized TV Channels.png

Personalized TV Channels: Deliver personalized TV channels, keep your viewers watching channels longer, and boost your advertising revenues with Harmonic's VOS 360 Channel Origination and Distribution platform on Microsoft Azure.

Prisma Cloud Compute Edition.png

Prisma Cloud Compute Edition: Empower developers and DevOps teams with this cloud-native security platform by Palo Alto Networks. Prisma Cloud Compute Edition provides holistic protection for Microsoft Azure virtual machines, containers, and serverless deployments.

Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (QSI).png

Quantitative Seismic Interpretation (QSI): Developed for geoscientists, Emerson’s QSI software integrates seismic and geological data to produce a comprehensive description of reservoir properties, including impedances, porosities, saturations, and lithology.


radcom_ace: RADCOM ACE is an automated, containerized 5G assurance platform with AI-driven insights for standalone 5G network operations. RADCOM ACE uses streaming analytics to deliver real-time network intelligence.

Red Hat AMQ 7.7.png

Red Hat AMQ 7.7: This virtual machine provided by MidVision contains Red Hat AMQ on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Red Hat AMQ is a flexible messaging platform that enables real-time integration and connection to the Internet of things (IoT).

SAFARI Montage LOR CLoud.png

SAFARI Montage LOR CLoud: Designed for in-person and remote instruction, this interoperable K-12 learning object repository enables school districts to manage all their curated and procured learning objects on Microsoft Azure.

Seafile on CentOS.png

Seafile on CentOS: This pre-configured image from Websoft9 provides Seafile on CentOS. Seafile is an open-source file sync and share solution designed for high reliability, performance, and productivity.

Smart Twin Closed Loop Performance Management.png

Smart Twin Closed Loop Performance Management: Enabling customers through a digital transformation journey, this operational digital twin from Wipro creates virtual models of real-life assets and their interactions with operations.


SnapComms: Get your employees’ attention, whether they're working from home or on-site. This multichannel internal communications platform by SnapComms bypasses email to inform and engage 2.5 million employees in 75 countries worldwide.

Squad Tactical Game Server.png

Squad: Tactical Game Server on Windows Server 2016: This pre-configured image from Tidal Media provides a Squad tactical game server on Windows Server 2016. Squad is an online multiplayer first-person shooter that aims to capture combat realism through communication and teamwork.


ThinkAndor: Powered by artificial intelligence and voice technology, the Andor Health platform by ThinkAndor enables virtual waiting room experiences for patient notifications, intake, triage, and assessment. It also allows clinicians to review patient and electronic medical record information from within their Microsoft Teams environment.

Trader Smart Online Trading.png

Trader Smart Online Trading: This e-commerce platform by Olympic Software is for organizations where online sales are critical. The highly personalized customer experience gives you the ability to deliver promotions, bundles, and upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS Minimal.png

Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS Minimal: This pre-configured image from Tidal Media provides Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS Minimal. This Ubuntu server is the smallest Ubuntu base image for your cloud operations, booting faster and requiring fewer security updates.

Vehicle & Key Management - Azure IoT.png

Vehicle & Key Management - Azure IoT: Made for fleet managers, car rental companies, and other vehicle providers, this solution enables employees and customers to open and close vehicles without the use of physical keys. This app is available in English and German.

Verto Health.png

Verto Health: Verto's Digital Twin Interoperability & Care Coordination platform enables seamless patient data sharing between healthcare providers, platforms, and organizations. It helps to automate appointments, patient screening, patient engagement, patient flow, hybrid virtual care, and care transitions.

Wavefront Proxy Container Image.png

Wavefront Proxy Container Image: This pre-configured container image from Bitnami provides Wavefront Proxy, which is a lightweight application that handles batch processing and transmission of data to the Wavefront service in a secure, fast, and reliable manner.

WellLine.png WellLine: WellLine, a manufacturing productivity solution, can collect and visualize operational data from manufacturing sites utilizing IoT and data analysis. This app is available only in Japanese.

Consulting services

30-Day Azure Synapse Pilot Implementation.png

30-Day Azure Synapse Pilot Implementation: Microsoft Azure Synapse brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. In this offer, Adastra will deliver a no-cost assessment and a proof of concept to show how Azure Synapse can bring you new insights at scale.

Application Delivery Control.png

Application Delivery Control (ADC): This course by A10 Networks targets application engineers, architects, network security teams, and network and development operations. It focuses on implementing common application delivery control scenarios for A10 ACOS deployments in datacenter environments.

Azure AD Digital IAM Managed Service.png

Azure AD Digital IAM Managed Service: Wipro will provide end-to-end support services for enterprises that use Microsoft Azure Active Directory as their identity and access management platform. Wipro's accelerators for Azure Active Directory fast-track application onboarding processes, eliminating 30 percent to 50 percent of manual efforts.

Azure Based Title Forecasting & Planning.png

Azure Based Title Forecasting & Planning 10wk PoC: The gaming title forecasting process can pose numerous challenges, including capturing the impact of existing franchise games or streamlining launch dates and title lifecycles. Using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Affine will provide a title forecasting and planning proof of concept.

Azure BC & Disaster Recovery 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure BC & Disaster Recovery 6-Week Implementation: You can't anticipate when an outage, corruption, deletion, or loss might impact your business, so preparation is key. In this offer, Connection will implement a production deployment of a Microsoft Azure Site Recovery solution for your cloud and on-premises workloads.

Azure Consulting Services- 5-days.png

Azure Consulting Services: 5-days Assessment: Golden Five Consulting will provide 40 hours of Microsoft Azure assessment services, either in Azure migration, Azure Site Recovery, or Azure health checks. At the end of the assessment, you will receive a report or a project proposal.

Azure DevOps and GitHub.png

Azure DevOps and GitHub - 2-Day Innovate Workshop: Learn how DevOps is better with Microsoft Azure DevOps and GitHub. Transform your development business with this hands-on workshop from Equinox, which will enable your business to continually deliver value.

Azure Disaster Recovery 3-Week.png

Azure Disaster Recovery 3-Week Assessment: In this business continuity and disaster recovery assessment, Connection will help your organization replicate your data, applications, and infrastructure to Azure.

Azure Managed by Zure.png

Azure Managed by Zure: Zure Oy's managed service for Microsoft Azure will cover your Azure IaaS and PaaS assets and will include professional advisory services. The service does not include managing workloads that are not directly related to Azure configuration. See the full offer for details and limitations.

Azure Migration 2 Day Assessment.png

Azure Migration 2 Day Assessment & Strategy Design: Emerging Technology Partners, an independent division of Kordia, will create a high-level view of a future-state architecture using Microsoft Azure services. This view will enable your business to make key platform and migration decisions.

Azure Migration Assessment - 10 Days.png

Azure Migration Assessment: 10 Days Assessment: Cloud migration involves significant organizational change management that spans people, processes, and technology. This engagement from IBN Technologies will break up your migration plan into projects, each with a group of related workloads.

Azure MLOps.png

Azure MLOps: DevOPS for Machine Learning: This package from Pactera EDGE serves as a comprehensive framework for the rapid implementation of an enterprise-scale MLOps pipeline using assets on Microsoft Azure. The pipeline will be powered through a combination of Azure DevOps and Azure Machine Learning.

Data Market Azure Business Continuity Management.png

Data Market Azure Business Continuity Management: With the help of Microsoft Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup, Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S will manage your disaster recovery environment for you and respond to situations where business is interrupted.

Data Market Azure Infrastructure Management.png

Data Market Azure Infrastructure Management: With this service, Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S will manage your Microsoft Azure infrastructure with least privilege. Your resources will be monitored to ensure optimization, giving you more time to focus on your core workloads.

Data Market Azure Security Management.png

Data Market Azure Security Management: Protect your Microsoft Azure environment against possible threats with continual monitoring from Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S. Ensure your resources meet such security standards as CIS, HIPAA, and ISO.

Infrastructure Migration.png

Infrastructure Migration: 1- Day Assessment: In this free assessment, Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S will analyze your on-premises infrastructure to ensure it meets the requirements for migration to Microsoft Azure. You will then receive a design report.

Knowledge Mining.png

Knowledge Mining: 2-month PoC: Knowledge mining combines AI services and data-mining algorithms to drive content understanding over large amounts of structured and unstructured information. Semantive's proof of concept using Microsoft Azure will make images, videos, audio, and documents easily searchable to unlock business insights.

Proactive Customer Mgmt 2.jpg

Proactive Customer Mgmt: 8-week Proof of Concept: Algospark's proof of concept will use a Microsoft Azure Machine Learning model to detect customer behavior anomalies, predict customer churn, and generate product or service recommendations. The Microsoft Power Platform will be used for analytics and call logging.

Tally on Azure.png

Tally on Azure: 5 Day Implementation & Migration: IBN Technologies will seamlessly migrate your Tally business management software to Microsoft Azure. This implementation will involve an assessment, followed by a documentation phase, then a pilot migration and testing before the live migration.

Web Application Modernization.png

Web Application Modernization: 1-Day Assessment: This free assessment will set your company up for a cloud transition without disturbing business continuity. Data Market Bilgi Hizmetleri A.S will analyze your company's application structure and determine the requirements for a seamless cloud transition.

Windows Virtual Desktop - 10 Day.png

Windows Virtual Desktop - 10 Day Proof of Concept: 848 Group will work with your organization to deploy a customized proof of concept of Windows Virtual Desktop. This 10-day engagement will also include a workshop and a review of your application estate and core infrastructure.

Windows Virtual Desktop Construction support.png

Windows Virtual Desktop Construction support: 2 weeks evaluation: After a preliminary assessment, Kacoms Co. Ltd. will strategize and set up a Windows Virtual Desktop environment for your organization. This offer is available only in Japanese.

Zero-trust Workplace Security.png

Zero-trust Workplace Security: 2wk Implementation: Intended for the United Arab Emirates and other Gulf Cooperation Council countries, this service from Adfolks will outfit organizations with security indicators, incident alerts, performance monitoring, operational metrics, and more.

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