Azure Marketplace new offers – May 4, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 134 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Adobe ColdFusion 2021 on Hardened Windows Server 2022.png

Adobe ColdFusion 2021 on Hardened Windows Server 2022: Coalesce offers Adobe ColdFusion 2021 optimized for migrating and re-platforming critical workloads to Microsoft Azure. This release is a high performing server for developing, designing, and deploying cloud-native applications.

Atos Digital Twin.png

Atos Digital Twin: The Atos Digital Twin creates a virtual replica of a product, process, or system and enables real-time and intelligent management of industrial assets and processes. This solution leverages multiple IoT and analytics Microsoft Azure services.


Beesy: Automate your time management with Beesy, the all-in-one solution for planning, organizing, and managing your work and collaborating with teammates. This AI-powered tool consolidates all your data from the tools you use to structure your data and easily manage activities.

Certify The Web - Certify DNS Cloud Managed License.png

Certify The Web - Certify DNS Cloud Managed License: If you use ACME to get domain certificates but need to validate with DNS, Certify DNS can answer ACME DNS challenges using CNAME delegation when your provider doesn’t support automation, without having to host your own server.

Chartnado Cube Server.png

Chartnado Cube Server: The Chartnado Cube Server is a middleware data access component for your private cloud. It functions as an API server to allow the Chartnado applications for Office 365 and Google Workspace to query your configured data resources.

Cintoo Cloud.png

Cintoo Cloud: Cintoo Cloud bridges the gap between your physical spaces and their virtual 3D building information modeling (BIM) or digital twin representations. It enables collaboration and communication when remote access to job sites is required for 3D measurements, asset tagging, and comparisons.

Cintoo Cloud Alternative.png

Cintoo Cloud Alternative: Cintoo Cloud can merge various high-resolution meshes from scans into a single mesh, taking the best contribution from each scan and adding the photo texture to the final unified mesh. The mesh’s connecting structure speeds processing time and offers greater scalability.

Data Analytics as a Service.png

Data Analytics as a Service: Qualiticks offers managed data analytics as a service, giving you advanced insights without the need for in-house IT infrastructure or experts familiar with complicated concepts like AI and machine learning.

Digital Twin Hub for Asset Integrity.png

Digital Twin Hub for Asset Integrity: Verofax provides the oil and gas industry with a platform for asset integrity to increase visibility, improve productivity, and reduce equipment downtime. Product twinning helps companies avoid potential equipment failures with preventive and predictive maintenance.

Dmystifi Talent Identification and Assessment Tool.png

Dmystifi Talent Identification and Assessment Tool: Dmystifi uses psychometric tests to assess students’ true strengths, weaknesses, and habits to recommend career paths. For younger students, it can recommend an education path appropriate to the recommended career.

Eybii Salesperson and Mobile Workforce Tracking.png

Eybii Salesperson and Mobile Workforce Tracking: Eyebii helps track salespersons and other mobile employees in real time and generates a daily trip sheet with locations visited, distance traveled, and expenses. Upload associated bills and expenses, as well as customer orders.

FTP Server Advanced on Debian 10.png

FTP Server Advanced on Debian 10: FTP as file storage provides clear advantages, such as eliminating confusion by configuring user access rights. Tidal Media offers a fully configured FTP Server Advanced on Debian 10 that’s reliable, stable, and secure.

FTP Server Extended on Debian 10.png

FTP Server Extended on Debian 10: The file transfer protocol (FTP) is a standard communication protocol used for transferring files from a server to a client. Tidal Media offers a fully configured Extended FTP Server solution on Debian 10 with a wide set of tools for reliability and security.

FTP Server Extended on Debian 11.png

FTP Server Extended on Debian 11: The FTP Server Extended solution on Debian 11 from Tidal Media is a robust and reliable file transfer solution, useful in various scenarios such as web hosting, file sharing, backup, and archiving. Businesses, schools, and government agencies rely on it for secure data transfer.

Gitea Git Service on Debian 10.jpg

Gitea Git Service on Debian 10: Gitea is a shelf-hosted, open-source version control system alternative to GitHub and GitLab with low requirements and lots of useful features. Art Group offers Gitea on Debian 10, pre-configured so it’s ready to run and always updated, reliable, and secure.

Gitea Git Service on Debian 11.jpg

Gitea Git Service on Debian 11: Gitea Git Service is a lightweight, easy-to-use platform for version control on your local server. Art Group offers Gitea on Debian 11, pre-configured so it’s ready to run and always updated, reliable, and secure.

Gitea Git Service on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.jpg

Gitea Git Service on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: Gitea is a great option for version control if you don’t have enough resources to run a larger server. Art Group offers Gitea on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, pre-configured so it’s ready to run and always updated, reliable, and secure.

Gitea Git Service on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.jpg

Gitea Git Service on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Gitea is an alternative to GitHub with many collaborative features like bug and issue tracking, development wiki pages, and code review. Art Group offers Gitea on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, pre-configured so it’s ready to run and always updated, reliable, and secure.

Gogs Git Service on Debian 10.png

Gogs Git Service on Debian 10: Gogs is a Git server written purely in Go so it requires few system resources and is easy to install and configure. Set up, operate, and run Gogs Git Service on Debian 10 from Art Group on any device.

Gogs Git Service on Debian 11.png

Gogs Git Service on Debian 11: Development of your own Git server may seem complicated, but Gogs makes the process simple with low system requirements and easy deployment and configuration. This Gogs image on Debian 11 from Art Group is preconfigured, ready to run, reliable, and secure.

Gogs Git Service on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

Gogs Git Service on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Gogs is a lightweight Git server designed to be simple to set up, operate, and run on any device. Clone and push code using HTTP and SSH protocols and enjoy a nice web UI. This build on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS from Art Group is ready to run, reliable, and secure.

Haltdos Community Edition Web Application Firewall (WAF).png

Haltdos Community Edition Web Application Firewall (WAF): Haltdos WAF is an intelligent web application firewall solution that provides a front end for your web infrastructure. It constantly analyzes traffic to detect anomalies and behavioral inconsistencies for accurate attack detection and mitigation.

Infoblox NIOS 9.0 for DDI.png

Infoblox NIOS 9.0 for DDI: Infoblox DDI is a platform for DNS and IP address management (IPAM) for Microsoft Azure deployments. It’s fully integrated with the Infoblox Grid and supports mixed physical and virtual appliance deployments in public or hybrid clouds.

Intel Confidential Compute for Memcached.png

Intel Confidential Compute for Memcached: This offer delivers the necessary tools to build a confidential compute image (protected version) of Memcached. The resulting image can be started on any Microsoft Azure machine supporting Intel SGX, a confidential computing solution.

Intel Confidential Compute for MySQL.png

Intel Confidential Compute for MySQL: This offer delivers the necessary tools to build a confidential compute image (protected version) of MySQL. The resulting image can be started on any Microsoft Azure machine supporting Intel SGX, a confidential computing solution.

Jenkins On Ubuntu 18.04.png

Jenkins On Ubuntu 18.04: Jenkins Server is written in Java and used to compile and test software projects on an ongoing basis, making it easy for developers to integrate changes into a project and deliver new versions to users. It’s cross-platform and accessible through a web interface.

Jitsi on Debian 10 Minimal.png

Jitsi on Debian 10 Minimal: Jitsi is a functional and powerful video conference platform that doesn’t require an account and password, just a conversation link from the organizer. This build from Art Group on Debian 10 Minimal is packaged according to industry standards and monitored for updates.

Jitsi on Debian 11 Minimal.png

Jitsi on Debian 11 Minimal: Jitsi is a flexible, open-source video conference application that can’t lead to any data leaks because it requires no personal information or even an account. This build from Art Group on Debian 11 Minimal is packaged according to industry standards and monitored for updates.

Jitsi on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal.png

Jitsi on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal: Jitsi lets you hold video conferences immediately without an account or any personal information. Just start your meeting and distribute the link. This build from Art Group on Ubuntu 22.04 Minimal is packaged according to industry standards and monitored for updates.

LeapXpert Communications Platform.png

LeapXpert Communications Platform: The LeapXpert Communications Platform enables compliant communication from Microsoft Teams to consumer messaging platforms, enabling enterprises to achieve regulatory compliance and meet strict governance policies.

Managed Guardian Service Vault.png

Managed Guardian Service Vault: Securely store user account secrets like private keys with Managed Guardian Service Vault from Envision Blockchain Solutions. This hosted environment solution is for businesses developing emissions reporting, carbon offset, and renewable energy credit creation apps.

Managed Microsoft Sentinel Service.png

Managed Microsoft Sentinel Service: EightFence offers managed security information and event management (SIEM) service using Microsoft Sentinel, which includes support during incidents, cloud cost monitoring and optimization, threat intelligence, and more.

MariaDB v15.1.png

MariaDB v15.1: MariaDB is a high-performance, scalable open-source relational database that’s popular as an alternative to MySQL. Bansir offers MariaDB pre-configured on Microsoft Azure for deployment directly onto an Azure virtual machine, with continuous support via email, live chat, and phone.


MONAD: MONAD is a private foundation model for behavioral data. It looks at all human interactions with your organization and learns to predict future behaviors automatically, at scale. With it, you can reduce your modeling lifecycle from months to days and solve applied tasks efficiently and with quality.


Monia: Sales teams don’t like updating reports, which leads to lack of visibility and missed opportunities. Monia is an AI which keeps your CRM updated through Microsoft Teams chats with team members and helps plan and follow activities to reduce the sales cycle.

MyRBQM Portal.png

MyRBQM Portal: Transform your clinical operations into a predictable and compliant process with MyRBQM Portal from Cyntegrity, a comprehensive clinical trial risk management (CTRM) solution for intelligent risk-based quality management (RBQM) of clinical trials.

New Relic Azure Cloud Monitoring.png

New Relic Azure Cloud Monitoring: The New Relic observability platform provides real-time insights into the performance and functionality of cloud applications and infrastructure. It uses advanced data analytics and visualization to help businesses optimize and deliver a better user experience.

NLSQL ChatGPT for Teams.png

NLSQL ChatGPT for Teams: ChatGPT for Microsoft Teams from NLSQL offers many collaborative features to automate repetitive tasks, provide instant information, and help manage daily activities. It can provide real-time suggestions, summarize meeting notes, generate brainstorming ideas, and more.

NodeJS 14 On Ubuntu.png

NodeJS 14 On Ubuntu Packaged by Bansir: NodeJS is a server used to build high-quality, scalable web applications that handle large numbers of simultaneous connections efficiently. Its asynchronous operations model and event architecture lets applications run quickly and efficiently.

Onevinn Managed Detection and Response for IoTOT.png

Onevinn Managed Detection and Response for IoT/OT: Onevinn managed detection and response (MDR) addresses the risks associated with today’s increasing reliance on internet of things (IoT) and operational technology (OT) used to streamline processes for operational efficiency.

Open-Source Self-Hosted Git Platform.png

Open-Source Self-Hosted Git Platform: Gogs Community is an open-source Git service programmed in Go that’s simple, stable, and distributable across all platforms that Go supports. This package from VMLab is pre-configured, customizable, and installs in one click on Microsoft Azure.

Optuna packaged by Data Science Dojo.png

Optuna Packaged by Data Science Dojo: Optuna is an open-source hyperparameter optimization framework to automate hyperparameter search. It offers a wide range of features designed to benefit data scientists and machine learning engineers.


PipeInsights: Use PipeInsights to upload sewer inspections to the cloud, inspect and diagnose problems, and visualize the overall health of the system. It has superior AI capabilities and uses AECOM’s advanced machine learning algorithms to flag potential coding errors and missed codes.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1: Bansir offers Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.1 preconfigured on Microsoft Azure so you can deploy and use it quickly. This offer includes around-the-clock technical support to resolve any issues.

RemoteSpark for HoloLens.png

RemoteSpark for HoloLens 2: RemoteSpark is user-focused mixed reality (MR) software that brings the world of performance support tools to frontline industrial workers. Access 2D and 3D holographic assets that are quickly and easily managed through a Microsoft Windows 10 or 11 PC.

Rowllup Cube Server.png

Rowllup Cube Server: Create ad-hoc data visualizations for quick analysis of relational data with Rowllup Cube Server. It’s a no-code drag-and-drop tool that lets you access your crafted and curated data models and allow users pick from simple lists to slice and dice data from any number of sources.


Rulecube: Rulecube is the right solution when you want transparent, auditable business rules within your IT landscape so you can deal with high standards of compliance, accountability, and liability. It’s especially useful for applying various sets of rules to different clients, entities, or fiscal years.

Sakksh Real-Time Audit, Inspections, and Action Management.png

Sakksh Real-Time Audit, Inspections, and Action Management: Sakksh is a solution for mobile devices used to conduct real-time audits and inspections for retail, healthcare, hotels, and restaurants. Use pre-defined industry standard checklists and templates for operational consistency.

Schoofi School and College Management System.png

Schoofi School and College Management System: Parents and students can get relevant updates about attendance, assignments, assessments, fees, events, exam notes, and announcements in real time with Schoofi, an innovative mobile-based platform that connects schools with students and their families.


Signum: Protect the integrity of code, containers, and software with secure code signing as a service. Signum makes signing effortless for developers with integration into tools and build processes. With its powerful automation, nothing is provisioned prematurely, and an irrefutable access log is maintained.

TaskMasters for Enterprises.png

TaskMasters for Enterprises: TaskMasters Enterprise Edition is a project management solution for large companies looking to streamline their workflow to boost productivity. It handles complex projects with a wide range of features including resource allocation, reporting, and integrations with popular tools.

TaskMasters Limited.png

TaskMasters Limited: Small to medium businesses can use TaskMasters Limited to manage projects and teams easily, without the need for extensive training. Flexible plans mean you can choose the features that work best for your business as you scale up and your needs grow.

Terraform on Debian 10.png

Terraform on Debian 10: Terraform is an infrastructure-as-code tool for describing your infrastructure and then versioning it so you can apply changes to your files. This build from Art Group is pre-configured and ready to run on Debian 10, and always up-to-date, reliable, and secure.

Terraform on Debian 11.png

Terraform on Debian 11: Terraform helps you adjust components of your infrastructure to react precisely to changing requirements. This build from Art Group is pre-configured and ready to run on Debian 11, and always up-to-date, reliable, and secure.

Terraform on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.png

Terraform on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS: With Terraform, you can create new cloud accounts very quickly and provision infrastructure across different vendors and on premises. This build from Art Group is packaged according to industry standards and preconfigured to run on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS.

Terraform on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

Terraform on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: Terraform lets you configure Microsoft Azure resources in a repeatable, predictable way using infrastructure automation. This build from Art Group is packaged according to industry standards and preconfigured to run on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.

ThinkBase for Teams.png

ThinkBase for Teams: Create, edit, and use ThinkBase knowledge graphs for transparent, ethical decision-making and advice. This app brings the power of ThinkBase to Microsoft Teams so you can use knowledge graphs that encapsulate corporate knowledge through chatbot interactions.

WorkFusion Enterprise Platform (Digital Workforce).png

WorkFusion: Enterprise Platform (Digital Workforce): Build, modify, and manage a digital workforce with WorkFusion. It combines low-code and no-code tools and a development framework with pre-built steps and workflows so you can create digital workers that collaborate with real-world colleagues.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AI for Marketing Operations 6-Month Implementation.png

AI for Marketing Operations: 6-Month Implementation: AIM from BizData is an integrated, self-service environment that uses AI to monitor and optimize your marketing campaigns while identifying and automating the best course of action to reach your customers.

Application Development on Azure.png

Application Development on Azure: ELEKS will help you transform your vision and requirements into a working application based on Microsoft Azure. This offer covers third-party integration and development for mobile, desktop, and web, as well as data warehousing and business intelligence (BI).

Application Identity Development.png

Application Identity Development: Concurrency designs and implements the identity layer of complex business applications using Microsoft Azure Active Directory to facilitate a single, secure identity platform for interacting with users and providing a complete user experience.

Automate Everywhere with Ansible on Azure Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services.png

Automate Everywhere with Ansible on Azure: Advisory, Implementation, and Managed Services: Work with Kyndryl to bring innovative cloud automation content solutions to market. Experts will accelerate your automation journey with an array of standard, ready-to-use assets.

Azure Arc 2-Week Implementation.png

Azure Arc: 2-Week Implementation: NTT DATA provides planning and implementation services for Microsoft Azure Arc to simplify governance and management by delivering a consistent multi-cloud and on-premises platform.

Azure Landing Zone Quickstart.png

Azure Landing Zone Quickstart: By using Microsoft Azure landing zones, organizations can save time and avoid errors that occur when manually setting up their environments. Jumar will provide a series of workshops focused on a particular design area such as networking, security, or governance.

Azure Migration 2-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Migration: 2-Day Proof of Concept: digital cuisine’s industry-agnostic Microsoft Azure migration proof of concept demonstrates the feasibility and efficiency of moving your IT real estate to Azure. This proof of concept is only available in German in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Azure OpenAI Business Use Cases 2- to 3-Week Workshop.png

Azure OpenAI Business Use Cases: 2- to 3-Week Workshop: Slalom will mobilize a small team of functional and technical experts to host a series of collaborative workshops to give you a better understanding of Microsoft Azure OpenAI services like ChatGPT.

Azure Security 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure Security: 2-Day Workshop: Prepare to secure your cloud applications and data in Microsoft Azure while meeting all compliance regulations in this workshop from Reply, which is available in German in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland. This workshop is based on Cloud Security Alliance best practices.

Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept: Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop allows your employees to securely access applications and work productively from anywhere. Elisa will provide a highly customized proof of concept that comes in three sizes to fit your specific needs.

Azure VMware Solution 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure VMware Solution: 4-Week Implementation: Connection will guide you through a seamless Migration to Microsoft Azure VMWare Solution and address the associated variables such as staff readiness, integrating current processes, and IT support and management.

Basis Azure Cloud Essentials 1-Day Workshop.png

Basis Cloud Essentials with Azure: 1-Day Workshop: Available in German in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland, this hands-on workshop from Basis will introduce you to the capabilities of Microsoft Azure and how you can use it to manage your infrastructure and applications.

Business Process Automation 5-Week Implementation.png

Business Process Automation: 5-Week Implementation: By automating your business processes, msg systems can help you save time and unnecessary costs while ensuring stakeholders are always updated. This implementation is available in German in Austria, Germany, and Switzerland.

Cloud Operational Excellence for Azure 2-Month Implementation.png

Cloud Operational Excellence for Azure: 2-Month Implementation: NTT DATA will provide comprehensive management of your Microsoft Azure infrastructure following Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) best practices, focusing on security, governance, and performance.

CloudSolution Azure Design Workshop.png

CloudSolution Azure Design Workshop: CloudSolution helps organizations in the German market embrace cloud computing with a modernization and transition approach using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 technologies, rather than a traditional “lift and shift” migration.

Consulting Solutions Built on Microsoft Azure 8-Week Implementation.png

Consulting Solutions Built on Microsoft Azure: 8-Week Implementation: PwC’s business-led strategies can help you meet your business goals within a realistic budget using Microsoft Azure solutions. This implementation is available in Germany, The United Kingdom, and The United States.

Data Science Environment Sandbox Based on Azure Machine Learning 2-Week Implementation.png

Data Science Environment Sandbox Based on Azure Machine Learning: 2-Week Implementation: Standardize your data science environment with Lingaro’s Microsoft Azure Machine Learning sandbox creation services, which include MLOps templates, education, and support for fast adoption.

KK Azure IaaS Quick Start.png

KK Azure IaaS Quick Start: Kraft Kennedy will help you procure a Microsoft Azure IaaS (infrastructure as a service) account and complete all the required configuration steps, then establish connectivity for up to three sites and deliver up to two Microsoft Windows virtual machines.

Machine Learning Accelerator 6-Week Implementation.png

Machine Learning Accelerator: 6-Week Implementation: MAQ Software will implement a scalable solution using tools like Azure Data Factory to enhance performance using machine learning (ML) accelerators, which perform matrix operations and other computations faster than typical CPUs.

MfgXpress SAP S4HANA Discrete Manufacturing Industry Solution.png

MfgXpress SAP S/4HANA Discrete Manufacturing Industry Solution: Cognizant MfgXpress is a pre-configured S/4HANA solution for the discrete/component manufacturing industry. This offer comes ready to run and pre-configured on Microsoft Azure with over 70 L3 Leading Practices scenarios.

Open AI - Chat GPT 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

OpenAI - ChatGPT: 10-Week Proof of Concept: Concurrency can automate the sales quoting process with intelligent agents that use Azure Bot Service and Azure Natural Language Processing (NLP). The agents can build quotes with multiple options and hand them off to a sales rep.

Real-Time IoT, Events, and Telemetry Analytics 3-Week Implementation.png

Real-Time IoT, Events, and Telemetry Analytics: 3-Week Implementation: This solution uses Microsoft Azure Event Hubs and Azure Data Explorer to process and analyze real-time data from devices, events, and telemetry to provide valuable insights and improve decision making.

SAP CDC Connector 1-Day Workshop.png

SAP CDC Connector: 1-Day Workshop: Simplify the process of extracting data from your SAP with the SAP CDC connector for Microsoft Azure from Arvato Systems. It captures and replicates changes to data in real time and stores it for data integration, analytics, reporting, and more.

SAP Transformation 1-Month Implementation.png

SAP Transformation: 1-Month Implementation: NTT DATA’s SAP transformation services for Microsoft Azure eliminate the guesswork when migrating SAP applications by providing predictable costs and timelines for design, deployment, management, and support.

Wipro FinOps 3-Hour Workshop.png

Wipro FinOps: 3-Hour Workshop: This workshop will show you how a finance and operations (FinOps) solution from Wipro can manage, govern, and optimize your Microsoft Azure consumption, and provide a calibrated economic model framework to strengthen your cost posture.

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Govern 365 Virtual Data Room for Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

HighRadius Autonomous Receivables Suite

Indata Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator

Innobase Inspection

IQAX Focus

iSeller POS

iSeller POS Food and Beverage

JetPatch v4.2.3 Build 131

Kin + Carta Generative AI Opportunity Assessment

Lifecare SAP S/4HANA Pharma Manufacturing Industry Solution

Medicine Traceability and Verification: 4-Hour Briefing

MindYourPass Password Scan

Phoenix Lighthouse - Managed Services

Polar Security

Realtime Compliance API v2

S&F Address Management

SAMPLES Sample Management System

Security Baseline Assessment: 3-Week Engagement

Sinequa Workplace Search

Source Data Ingestion

TESTaide v3.0.0

Tor Loco HE - Construction Fleet Management System

Uplevel Engineering Insights

vFunction Continuous Modernization Manager

Weimeng Information Notification System

YubiKeys by Yubico - Bio Series

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