Azure Marketplace new offers – March 16, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 115 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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@Scale: With the @Scale extension, your Microsoft Azure DevOps project will be enriched to include the terms, concepts, and tools of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). @Scale's interactive program board helps teams understand constraints and identify critical paths with a clear visualization of dependences.

chamilo LMS + support.png

Chamilo LMS + Support: This offer provides Chamilo with support from ATH Infosystems. Chamilo is an open-source e-learning management system that uses the SCORM and xAPI communications protocols to track learning-related activities. Chamilo includes a course catalogue and a shopping cart.

Chemical_Life Sciences Industrial Intelligence QuickStart.png

Chemical/Life Sciences Industrial Intelligence QuickStart: Uptake Fusion extracts data from industrial sites, facilities, and datacenters, then transfers the data to Microsoft Azure. Move operational technology data to Azure with specialized connectors for OSI, Ignition, Geo SCADA, and more.

CloudClarity for AVD.png

CloudClarity for Azure Virtual Desktop: CloudClarity lets you manage Microsoft Azure tags at scale for any number of subscriptions. Individuals in your organization will be able to see their resources across the whole environment, with associated cost and tag status, in a
personalized dashboard.

Denodo Enterprise Plus (Annual).png

Denodo Enterprise Plus (Annual): Denodo Enterprise Plus offers data integration with AI/ML-driven recommendations for datasets, infrastructure management, and smart query optimization. Deliver data to your business 90 percent faster than with traditional data pipelines.

Denodo Standard (Annual).png

Denodo Standard (Annual): Denodo Standard helps small to medium-sized organizations quickly get started on data virtualization. Denodo Standard integrates and delivers data from Microsoft Azure and other sources to your analytics tools of choice.

Financial Analytics.png

Financial Analytics: Celebal Technologies Private Limited's financial analytics solutions support data extraction from different source systems, data transformation per business rules, reporting, and visualization of data.

Glpi ITSM + support.png

GLPI ITSM + Support: This offer provides GLPI on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine with support from ATH Infosystems. GLPI is an open-source IT service desk and system for asset management and issue tracking.

Laravel Framework + support.png

Laravel Framework + Support: This offer provides Laravel on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine with support from ATH Infosystems. Laravel is a web application framework that includes a modular packaging system, multiple methods to access relational databases, and utilities for application deployment and maintenance.

Mantis Bug Tracker + support.png

Mantis Bug Tracker + Support: This offer provides Mantis on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine with support from ATH Infosystems. Mantis is an open-source issue tracker that can be extended with an ever-expanding library of plugins. Customize your issue fields, notifications, and workflows.

Mesa de Ayuda - GLPI.png

Mesa de Ayuda - GLPI: This offer from OPTI, available only in Spanish, provides GLPI on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. GLPI is an open-source IT service desk and system for asset management and issue tracking.

MOABI Cloud.png

MOABI Cloud: By providing key performance indicators and metrics covering the secure software development lifecycle, MOABI facilitates the establishment of baselines and the improvement of cybersecurity processes and performance measurement.


oak9: oak9 makes cloud security easy for developers by continuously scanning Microsoft Azure infrastructure and infrastructure as code. oak9 then finds and fixes security and compliance design gaps before they go to production.

OneTrust Privacy Management.png

OneTrust Privacy Management: OneTrust’s privacy management solutions help customers streamline data subject access requests (DSARs). Through prebuilt integrations, OneTrust automatically discovers, deletes, updates, or otherwise actions the requestor’s data in real time across Microsoft 365 applications and beyond.

PostgreSQL 13.3 with EuroDB modules on EuroLinux 8.png

PostgreSQL 13.3 with EuroDB modules on EuroLinux 8: This offer from EuroLinux provides a EuroDB image containing the PostgreSQL database engine. EuroDB modules include tools for log analysis, collection and analysis of statistics, logical and streaming replication, backup and recovery, and data migration.

Prometheus and Grafana on Oracle 8.png

Prometheus and Grafana on Oracle Linux 8: This offer from Ntegral provides Prometheus and Grafana on Oracle Linux 8. Prometheus is a time series database, and Grafana is a monitoring tool that helps you turn your time series database data into insightful graphs and visualizations.

Prometheus and Grafana on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

Prometheus and Grafana on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This offer from Ntegral provides Prometheus and Grafana on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Prometheus is a time series database, and Grafana is a monitoring tool that helps you turn your time series database data into insightful graphs and visualizations.

Sculpture Style Recognition API.png

Sculpture Style Recognition API: Intended for software developers, this cross-browser REST API uses artificial intelligence to recognize and classify the artistic style of a photographed sculpture. An online app may be used to check the input and output JSONs of the API.

Tikabu Glue.png

Tikabu Glue: Tikabu's Glue platform is a cybersecurity asset management tool. Use it to consolidate data from your IT and security management tools to identify gaps in coverage and improve your security posture.

TripleBlind Private Data Sharing Solution.png

TripleBlind Private Data Sharing Solution: TripleBlind’s innovations build on federated learning and multi-party compute, adding true scalability and faster processing to privacy-preserving technologies. The TripleBlind solution is software-only and is delivered via a simple API.

Ubuntu 22.04.png

Ubuntu 22.04: This offer from Ntegral provides an Ubuntu 22.04 image optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure. Ubuntu is a highly popular Linux system in the public cloud and is built for compliant and regulated environments.

VAT Spectrum.png

VAT Spectrum: VAT Spectrum is a web-based tool for preparing value-added-tax returns, control statements, and European Commission sales lists. VAT Spectrum will help you detect errors in reporting and will check the validity of your customers’ and suppliers’ VAT IDs.

WebDrive Desktop for Cloud Storage.png

WebDrive Desktop for Cloud Storage: This WebDrive desktop client from South River Technologies is optimized for cloud storage, migration, and backup. WebDrive will map a local drive letter to any cloud or file server and allow for any native Windows desktop app to access files on the remote storage depot.

XR Creator.png

XR Creator: XR Creator from Spacific GmbH is a web-based augmented reality solution. In almost no time at all, you can provide your customers with a web page where they can virtually place 3D models in any environment and interact with them there.

XR Scan.png

XR Scan: XR Creator from Spacific GmbH lets you swiftly generate a 3D model in the cloud. Simply scan your room and object data using the measurement app and either your smartphone, a Microsoft HoloLens 2 display, or another smart device.

XR Scene.png

XR Scene: The augmented reality app XR Scene enables 3D visualizations at the push of a button. Objects and information can be integrated into any environment in augmented reality, either location-based or markerless. Use XR Scene for sales, workflows, events, and more.

Ydistri - lite.png

Ydistri - Lite: Ydistri, an algorithm-computed redistribution tool, helps retail chains and distribution centers identify unsold inventory so it can be forwarded to a location where it's more likely to sell.

Zeuscale.png Zeuscale: This value-added offering for Applied Information Sciences customers provides a dashboard to create and provision resources for accelerated and secure cloud adoption in the enterprise.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

24x7 Monitoring- 12-Month Managed Service.png

24x7 Monitoring: 12-Month Managed Service: Allow FCamara to support your Microsoft Azure environment with continuous monitoring. FCamara's team of consultants will work on requests made and align on best practices. This service is available only in Portuguese.

3-Day Azure Hybrid Cloud Kickstart with Proof of Concept.png

3-Day Azure Hybrid Cloud Kickstart with Proof of Concept: In this workshop intended for customers seeking central visibility, operations, and compliance in a hybrid or multicloud environment, 3-it will focus on two Microsoft products designed for hybrid environments: Azure Stack HCI and Azure Arc.

ACE Enterprise Foundation- 12-Week Implementation.png

ACE Enterprise Foundation: 12-Week Implementation: ACE Enterprise Foundation is an accelerator for organizations that wish to quickly deploy an Azure foundation, and it solves challenges relating to hybrid connectivity, release pipelines, and more. Devoteam Cloudify will deliver this along with blueprints and a landing zone.

Az TestPlans- 6-Week Implementation.png

Az TestPlans: 6-Week Implementation: Cleverit will help your company reduce manual test time, integrate automated tests in software development, and adopt the DevTestOps practice. You will be able to visualize the results of executions in your pipelines and test cycles via Microsoft Azure DevOps dashboards.

Azure App Modernization FastStart- 2-Week Implementation.png

Azure App Modernization FastStart: 2-Week Implementation: Many organizations rely on custom applications created using outdated technologies that are complex and expensive to support. This engagement from Softlanding will deliver a road map for modernizing your applications and transitioning them to Microsoft Azure.

Azure Arc for Kubernetes- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Arc for Kubernetes: 4-Week Implementation: Allow Devoteam to implement Microsoft Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes servers. Devoteam will assess your Kubernetes infrastructure and create a pilot plan on a few clusters, then execute deployment in a batch and provide training.

Azure Arc for Server Pilot- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Arc for Server Pilot: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Get onboarded to Microsoft Azure Arc. Devoteam will assess your infrastructure and cloud readiness, then create a pilot migration plan following Microsoft best practices. Devoteam will onboard your servers in batches to assure an easy rollback and as little downtime as possible if any issue arises.

Azure Arc for SQL Server- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Arc for SQL Server: 4-Week Proof of Concept: By implementing SQL Server on Azure Arc-enabled servers with Devoteam, you will be able to manage and monitor your environments from a single console in Azure.

Azure Disaster Recovery FastStart- 2-Week Workshop.png

Azure Disaster Recovery FastStart: 2-Week Workshop: Softlanding will set up a Recovery Services vault in Microsoft Azure and deploy a configuration server for disaster recovery with Azure Site Recovery. You'll also get replication policies for your workloads and quarterly failover testing for one app for a year.

Azure IoT Universal Tracking- 1-Day Implementation.png

Azure IoT Universal Tracking: 1-Day Implementation: Advanced Wireless Network Company Limited will implement its Universal Tracking platform, which runs on Azure IoT services and enriches web and mobile apps connected to the company's network across Thailand. The platform enables device management, geofencing, and more.

Azure Kubernetes Service- 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Kubernetes Service: 3-Week Proof of Concept: After helping you select apps to move to Azure Kubernetes Service, Protopia will deliver a proof of concept based on agreed-upon deliverables. You'll receive an automated and secure cluster with best practices and clear recommendations for next steps.

Azure Stack HCI Assessment Design.png

Azure Stack HCI Assessment Design: This engagement from Khoj Information Technology involves a series of workshops and a detailed analysis of manufacturing workloads and apps to be deployed via Microsoft Azure Stack HCI.

Azure Stack HCI- 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Stack HCI: 6-Week Implementation: ITsure will plan and implement a highly available, scalable, and future-oriented IT solution using Microsoft Azure Stack HCI. This service is available only in German.

Azure Synapse Analytics Foundation- 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Synapse Analytics Foundation: 10-Week Proof of Concept: Get hands-on experience with Microsoft Azure Synapse and Microsoft Power BI in this proof of concept from eLogic. Establish your foundation for a modern data architecture to support advanced analytics that drive insights and business outcomes.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 1-Week Workshop.png Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Week Workshop: Lunavi's workshop will cover the fundamentals of a well-architected cloud environment, along with initial Azure Virtual Desktop configuration, deployment, and testing. Lunavi can help you rapidly deploy and scale your virtual desktop environment with agility and flexible pricing.
Azure Virtual Desktop- 3 Week Implementation.png Azure Virtual Desktop: 3 Week Implementation: Softlanding will get you started on your Azure Virtual Desktop journey with a proof of concept, a production deployment, or a full-support engagement. Microsoft funding may apply.
Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix Cloud- 4-Week Implementation.png Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix Cloud: 4-Week Implementation: Engineers from Marubeni IT Solutions will deliver a desktop-as-a-service environment that combines Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and Citrix Cloud. This service is available only in Japanese.
Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation: boxxe's service covers the full implementation of Azure Virtual Desktop. boxxe's cloud consultants will design and deploy an agreed-upon desktop design into Azure Virtual Desktop, working with your IT teams to test and tune the experience before rolling it out across your organization.

Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure- 90-Day Proof of Concept.png Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure: 90-Day Proof of Concept: This proof of concept from IntelligIS will demonstrate the feasibility of implementing Azure Virtual Desktop in your company's production environment. Azure Virtual Desktop offers the scale, security, and cost benefits of Azure and Microsoft 365 with a remote desktop experience.
Azure Virtual Desktop- Managed Services.png Azure Virtual Desktop: Managed Services: Entrust your Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop environment to an expert managed service provider. Lunavi will ensure your desktop environment is optimized, secure, and up to date.
Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Proof of Concept: In this engagement, boxxe will deliver a three-week proof of concept of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for up to 30 users. You'll receive an image with Office 365, Microsoft Teams, one application, and one network drive mapped and reusable for production.

Azure Virtual Desktop Workshop.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Workshop: In this workshop from boxxe, you'll learn about Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop, infrastructure requirements, different migration strategies, key technical considerations, cost and licensing options, and boxxe's customized solutions.

Azure VMware Solution- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure VMware Solution: 4-Week Implementation: Using best practices and a tested methodology, 4MSTech will design and implement an Azure environment and a network architecture for Azure VMware Solution.

Citrix Desktop on Azure- 2-Week Implementation.png

Citrix Desktop on Azure: 2-Week Implementation: Uni Systems, an experienced system integrator in Central and Eastern Europe, will help you adopt Citrix virtualization on Microsoft Azure in a use-case scenario customized for your company.

Devops as a Service- 12-Month Managed Service.png

DevOps as a Service: 12-Month Managed Service: FCamara will help you adopt and implement Microsoft Azure DevOps tools so the development of your applications is agile, secure, and transparent. This service is available only in Portuguese.

Disaster Recovery- 2-Week Implementation.png

Disaster Recovery: 2-Week Implementation: ZAK Solutions will equip your business with the monitoring and protection it needs to be compliant and secure in the event of an emergency. ZAK DRaaS uses Microsoft Azure to protect apps and data from disruption, and it offers a complete backup in the event of system failure.

Double-Up Cloud Migration- 6-Week Implementation.png

Double-Up Cloud Migration: 6-Week Implementation: Embark on a smooth and seamless modernization of your legacy applications and infrastructure with the help of VOLO. VOLO will migrate your IT infrastructure to Microsoft Azure so you can benefit from cost optimization and greater efficiency and scalability.

Epicor in Azure- 5-Week Implementation.png

Epicor in Azure: 5-Week Implementation: 2W Technologies' teams will deliver a custom deployment of Epicor ERP on Microsoft Azure, ensuring stability, security, and performance outcomes. The final deployment is designed to take advantage of the Azure environment while running Epicor ERP.

Hospital to Cloud- 4-Week Implementation.png

Hospital to Cloud: 4-Week Implementation: Nubiter's program guides hospitals as they move into the public cloud. The program starts with an Azure fundamentals workshop followed by one or more solution assessments. Clients will receive an Azure landing zone and migration of one or more use cases to Azure.

Jushuo Solution for Azure Stack HCI- 3-Week Implementation.png

Jushuo Solution for Azure Stack HCI: 3-Week Implementation: Jushuo Technology Co. Ltd. will implement its Jushuo cloud-hosting solution, designed for pre-import evaluation, import operations, and post-import actions for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI customers. This service is available only in Chinese.

Mindtree and Microsoft Sentinel- 8-Hour Workshop.png

Mindtree and Microsoft Sentinel: 8-Hour Workshop: In this workshop, Mindtree will demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Sentinel and introduce Mindtree’s process, frameworks, and accelerators to enhance threat detection and response.

Secure Score Improvement- 6-Month Implementation.png

Secure Score Improvement: 6-Month Implementation: Security experts from IT-Improvement Deutschland GmbH will implement the Microsoft Secure Score in your IT processes.
A custom solution will aggregate scores from your Office 365 tenant and Microsoft Azure subscriptions on a monthly basis, and these will be the focus of meetings with your team.

Start to Cloud- 4-Week Implementation.png

Start to Cloud: 4-Week Implementation: Starting with a workshop covering the fundamentals of Microsoft Azure, Nubiter's program will guide customers taking their first steps in the public cloud. This will include a governance and policy overview, an Azure landing zone, and one or more migration use cases.

VDI - Supernova- 1-Week Implementation.png

VDI - Supernova: 1-Week Implementation: VST ECS will implement Project Supernova, a virtual workspace environment powered by Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. This will reduce infrastructure costs and make Windows 10 and Windows 11 desktops and apps available from virtually anywhere.

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App Modernization: 1-Week Assessment

App Modernization Assessment and Migration (3 Weeks)

Appliance Migration to Azure Synapse: 3-Week Assessment

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Azure FinOps Cost Optimization: 1-Day Assessment

Azure Migration Network: 12-Hour Assessment

Azure Virtual Desktop Assessment

BDRSuite Proxy: Recovery to Azure

BI and Data Warehouse: 4-Week Assessment

Blockchain Use Case Deep Dive: 10-Day Assessment

Brillio: One Insights

Build Able-Bodied Cloud-Native Apps: 1-Week Assessment

Cityworks Online
ConnectedViews Streaming
CUBIKA Search: Intelligent Enterprise Search
Data Protection Privacy in Azure: 1-Hour Briefing
Deployment Support for Microsoft Defender for IoT: 6-Week Briefing
DevTestOps Adoption: 3-Week Assessment
Double-Up Cloud Migration: 4-Week Assessment
Easyesva Email Security for Microsoft 365
Education Framework
Energy Three Horizon Analytics: 2-Week Assessment
EY Worksite Evaluator
Factory of the Future: 2-Week Assessment
Holm Security for Azure Sentinel
Integration Architecture: 5-Week Assessment
LiteMES on Azure by TTPSC
Managed Azure Stack HCI
Managed Service for Azure Virtual Desktop
MDS Modern SOC and Security Advisory Service
Microsoft 365 Defender: 1-Hour Briefing
Multi-Access Identity Platform
Nonprofit Cloud Advisory: 4-Week Assessment
Nonprofit Rapid Data Assessment (4 Weeks)
Pelatro’s mViva Customer Engagement Hub
Resoptima IRMA
Securing Azure and Azure Active Directory: 1-Hour Briefing
Sega Analytics
SPECTRUM for Smart Manufacturing: 10-Week Implementation
SUSE Linux Enterprise Micro 5.1 - BYOS
Teams User Secure Score
VOSS Migrate (Enterprise Voice and Microsoft Teams)
VOSS Rapid Migration to Microsoft Teams
WeSafe as a Service with Microsoft Azure
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