Azure Marketplace new offers – June 2, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 108 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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NET on Windows Server 2016.png

.NET on Windows Server 2016: This offer from Apps4Rent provides .NET on Windows Server 2016. Use .NET, an open-source developer platform, to build web applications, web APIs, mobile apps, microservices, and more.

NET on Windows Server 2019.png

.NET on Windows Server 2019: This offer from Apps4Rent provides .NET on Windows Server 2019. Use .NET, an open-source developer platform, to build web applications, web APIs, mobile apps, microservices, and more.

NET on Windows Server 2022.png .NET on Windows Server 2022: This offer from Apps4Rent provides .NET on Windows Server 2022. Use .NET, an open-source developer platform, to build web applications, web APIs, mobile apps, microservices, and more.
Active Directory Domain Controller 2022.png

Active Directory Domain Controller on Windows Server 2022: This offer from Cloud Infrastructure Services provides an Active Directory domain controller on Windows Server 2022. Deploy Active Directory domain services and DNS to your servers, users, and applications on Microsoft Azure.

AMCOP SMO for O-RAN Network Functions.png

AMCOP SMO for O-RAN Network Functions: The Aarna Networks Multi Cluster Orchestration Platform (AMCOP) is an open-source orchestration, lifecycle management, and closed-loop automation platform for cloud-native 5G network services and edge computing applications.

Automated Campaigns- AI Voice Assistant.png

Automated Campaigns: AI Voice Assistant: Swap routine outbound calls to customers for Born Digital's AI-powered voice assistant. This automated service can process 1,000 calls in 15 minutes and uses templatized campaigns designed to meet your specific business needs.

Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.8 Standard Edition 19.0.png

Cloudwrxs - Oracle Linux 7.8 Standard Edition 19.0: Cloudwrxs provides a preconfigured image of Oracle 19.0.0 standard edition database on Oracle Linux 7.8. This solution includes Microsoft Azure command-line interface (CLI) for accessing other services such as Azure Blob Storage and Azure Site Recovery.

Corent ComPaaS.png

Corent ComPaaS: ComPaaS from Corent Technology analyzes your cloud infrastructure and lets you visualize and manage your resources through a central dashboard and AI-driven advisories. Optimize your cloud costs and reduce resource sprawl with ComPaaS.

EBO Virtual Agent Standard for Azure Marketplace.png

EBO Virtual Agent: Built on Microsoft Azure, EBO’s virtual agent can drive natural, two-way conversations in 100+ languages while securely implementing repetitive tasks and workflows at scale. Improve customer experiences while reducing operational costs.

Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2016.png

Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2016: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2016. Elasticsearch is a free, open, distributed, search and analytics engine for all types of data, including textual, numerical, geospatial, structured, and unstructured data.

Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2019.png

Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2019: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2019. Built on Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch is a free, open, search and analytics engine that monitors every element and type of data in your infrastructure and quickly resolves issues.

Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2022.png

Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2022: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Elasticsearch on Windows Server 2022. Built on Apache Lucene, Elasticsearch is an analytics engine that enables you to interactively explore and visualize all types of data.

HALOCAD - Microsoft Information Protection for AutoDesk.png

HALOCAD - Microsoft Purview Information Protection for AutoDesk: Looking to protect your sensitive AutoCAD and Autodesk drawings from theft and cyberattacks? HALOCAD extends Microsoft Purview Information Protection in native CAD environments and encrypts CAD/PLM files throughout the design lifecycle.


Knosc: Knosc’s supply chain and analytics platform enables companies of all sizes to optimize operations by consolidating procurement, manufacturing, inventory, and forecast data into an integrated interface. With Knosc, you get no code, no formulas, just insights.

NC Protect for Microsoft 365 Applications.png

NC Protect for Microsoft 365: The NC Protect solution from archTIS provides a strategic security plan customized for your organization. Protect classified information against data loss and insider threats across your Microsoft 365 applications, including Teams, SharePoint Online and more.


Powtoon: Tell visually compelling stories and help your business stand out with this collaborative tool. Powtoon utilizes the capabilities of Microsoft 365 so you can easily create videos and animated presentations using hundreds of characters, templates, soundtracks, and more.

Rocky Linux 8.5 x86_64 with CIQ Support.png

Rocky Linux 8.5 x86_64 with CIQ Support: This offer from CIQ provides Rocky Linux 8.5 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Rocky Linux is an open-source operating system designed to be bug-for-bug compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. CIQ offers support coverage during business hours.

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with WireGuard.png

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with WireGuard: This image from Belinda CZ s.r.o. that's hosted on Microsoft Azure provides Ubuntu 20.04 LTS with WireGuard. WireGuard is a modern virtual private network that uses state-of-the-art cryptography to offer customers a simple, fast, lean, yet secure connection.

Verituity Verified Payout Platform.png

Verituity Verified Payout Platform: Verituity’s verified payout platform connects banks, payers, and payees through a ML-driven holistic verification process to boost payout speed and deliver a secure pay-by-anything anywhere experience while reducing complexity, risk, and costs.

VS Code on Windows Server 2016.png

Visual Studio Code on Windows Server 2016: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Visual Studio Code, a source-code editor made by Microsoft, on Windows Server 2016. Support is built in for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, and a rich ecosystem of extensions is available for other languages.

VS Code on Windows Server 2019.png

Visual Studio Code on Windows Server 2019: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Visual Studio Code, a source-code editor made by Microsoft, on Windows Server 2019. Support is built in for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, and a rich ecosystem of extensions is available for other languages.

VS Code on Windows Server 2022.png

Visual Studio Code on Windows Server 2022: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Visual Studio Code, a source-code editor made by Microsoft, on Windows Server 2022. Support is built in for JavaScript, TypeScript, and Node.js, and a rich ecosystem of extensions is available for other languages.

WANdisco Edge to Cloud.png

WANdisco Edge to Cloud: WANdisco Edge to Cloud is designed to move Internet of Things (IoT) data and file data across edge systems, datacenters, and public clouds, increasing flexibility and enabling organizations to accelerate business outcomes

WordPress OAuth Server - miniOrange.png

WordPress OAuth Server - miniOrange: This plug-in from miniOrange turns your WordPress site into an OAuth Server, enabling single sign-on authentication for your client apps. Easily log in to Rocket.Chat, Salesforce, Moodle, Freshdesk, and other OAuth 2.0-compliant apps using your WordPress credentials.

Yuvo SaaS Package.png

Yuvo SaaS Package: Made for mobile and for the web, Yuvo incorporates business productivity, employee engagement, and human resources information system functions. Get eight core modules and 11 premium modules for payroll management and other business needs.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Application Migration from on-premises to Azure.png

Application Migration to Azure: Shaping Cloud will provide an in-depth analysis of the effort and cost to migrate a single application, server, database, or infrastructure to Microsoft Azure and identify the best path forward using the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework.

Atea Azure hallintamalli- 8-Hour Workshop.png

Atea Azure Management Model: 8-Hour Workshop: This consultation with Atea will help you conceptualize, design, and deploy tools to develop a Microsoft Azure management model. The model will serve as a template to utilize Microsoft Azure services. This offer is only available in Finnish.

Efficient Cloud Journey with Azure- 3-Hour Workshop.png

Azure Cloud Discovery: 3-Hour Workshop: Bouvet will guide you through your cloud adoption journey and provide a framework to build new digital products and services in Microsoft Azure. Recommendations to secure the best possible outcome and lower the total cost of ownership will be provided.

Lakehouse Monitoring for Azure Databricks- 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Databricks Monitoring: 1-Week Implementation: Blueprint will conduct an in-depth analysis of your Azure Databricks workspace and provide a Lakehouse monitoring solution to optimize price-to-performance balance across the environment. Audit consumption data on a recurring basis to reduce costs.

Azure DevOps- 3-Day Workshop.png

Azure DevOps: 3-Day Workshop: In this accelerated workshop, BCS will combine analytic design methods and qualitative assessment to identify your business objectives and needs to help you upskill and adopt a more comprehensive and efficient Azure DevOps process.

Azure DevOps Migration- 10-Day Implementation.png

Azure DevOps Migration: 10-Day Implementation: Telstra Purple’s high-touch engagement will fast track your company’s current Azure DevOps maturity level by applying a series of agile sprints while implementing new tooling and processes to help you quickly release workloads to production.

Azure Landing Zone- 2-Week Design & Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone: 2-Week Implementation: ITI’s offer is designed in accordance with Microsoft best practices and includes assessment, design, and rollout of a Microsoft Azure landing zone. The goal is to create a solid foundation for your organization to create applications in Microsoft Azure.

Azure Migration Design- 12-Day Implementation.png

Azure Migration Design: 12-Day Implementation: This offer from Cloud Direct delivers application design services for your migration to Microsoft Azure, utilizing the Azure well-architected framework of reliability, security, cost optimization, operational excellence, and performance efficiency.

Azure Secure VMware SD-WAN Landing Zones- 3-Hour Workshop.png

Azure Secure VMware SD-WAN Landing Zones: 3-Hour Workshop: UBDS will support your migration of VMware SD-WAN network solution to Microsoft Azure by providing a secure Azure landing zone so you can quickly launch and deploy workloads and applications with confidence.

Azure Virtual Desktop Foundations- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Foundations: 4-Week Implementation: Insight's offer is designed to support your IT team in change management and get you up and running with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Reduce infrastructure costs and make your hybrid work model secure and scalable.

Business Continuity with Azure and Veeam- 2-Week Implementation.png

Business Continuity with Azure and Veeam: 2-Week Implementation: C&S Technology will set up the required infrastructure in Microsoft Azure to create a backup environment based on a Veeam that will keep your data safe, while improving business continuity and cost-efficiency. This offer is only available in Spanish.

Cloud1 IIoT Platform Concept- 2-Month Implementation.png

Cloud1 IIoT Platform Concept: 2-Month Implementation: Using Microsoft Azure IoT Hub and multiple Microsoft services, Cloud1 will implement an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) platform specifically tailored to ingest data from all sources and unify your analytics workloads in one platform.

Data Governance with Purview- 1-Week Proof of Concept.png

Data Governance with Microsoft Purview: 1-Week Proof of Concept: Hitachi Solutions will help you put your data to work by offering a deep dive into the capabilities of Microsoft Purview. The offer includes ingestion of one data source, a sample data estate, and roadmap to extend this data governance solution across your organization.

Data Masking Solution Implementation.png

Data Masking Solution: 40- to 80-Day Implementation: In this engagement, Profit Software will help you make data protection your top priority by implementing a data masking solution using Microsoft Azure. Learn how to modify sensitive data and prevent data leaks.

Excel Validation Engine Automation- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Excel Validation Engine Automation: 4-Week Proof of Concept: This consultation with Data-Driven will remove repetitive manual processes and potential human error by automating the consolidation of Microsoft Excel or CSV files, which can be shared internally or ingested from external business sources.

FHIR Data Integration ETL Framework- 8-Week Proof of Concept.png

FHIR Data Integration ETL Framework: 8-Week Proof of Concept: Cognizant’s Microsoft Azure-enabled, metadata-driven framework can help you address the difficulties of adopting Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), including minimizing effects of frequent FHIR standard layout changes.

Hybrid Cloud with Azure Stack HCI- 2-Day Workshop.png

Hybrid Cloud with Azure Stack HCI: 2-Day Workshop: Lenovo consultants will lead discussions and hands-on demos, and also will analyze via a holistic approach how your enterprise can take advantage of deploying a hybrid cloud environment with native integration to Microsoft Azure public cloud.

Ideation & Vision for a Business App- 4-Day Workshop.png

Ideation & Vision for a Business App: 4-Day Workshop: Work with IPI experts to create a roadmap for solving your specific business requirements with Microsoft Power Apps or individual applications to extend the capabilities of Microsoft 365. This offer is available in German or English.

Immersion into Azure Synapse Analytics- 6-Hour Workshop.png

Immersion into Azure Synapse Analytics: 6-Hour Workshop: Join MOYO’s team of skilled and experienced Microsoft Azure Analytics experts for an interactive and customized deep-dive workshop in which you will learn how to transform your business with this state-of-the-art platform.


JumpStart Predictive Analytics- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

JumpStart Predictive Analytics: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Explore data modernization with this proof of concept from AppWeb that will: record requirements; create Microsoft Azure infrastructure, machine learning model, and Power BI dashboards; transfer knowledge to your team for hand-over; and more.

Knowledge Mining- 4-Week Implementation.png

Knowledge Mining: 4-Week Implementation: This consultation implements Qatar Datamation Systems’ solution for knowledge mining, allowing your company to deeply understand its information, explore it, and uncover insights not readily available prior to artificial intelligence (AI).

Managed Security Services- 12-Month Implementation.png

Managed Security Services: 12-Month Implementation: Improve your organization’s security with 24/7 detection, threat monitoring, and incident response via Microsoft Sentinel in this implementation of RCI managed services. Terms and pricing are based on customer requirements.

Managed Service- Azure Arc Workshop.png

Managed Service: Azure Arc Workshop: In this consultation with InTTrust, you’ll learn how the company accelerates innovation with Azure Arc across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, offering simplified management, faster app development, and consistent Microsoft Azure services.

Road to Cloud- 1-Month Implementation.png

Road to Cloud: 1-Month Implementation: This consultation with Crayon can migrate multiple workloads to the cloud. Crayon will work with you to document goals and objectives, determine stakeholders, formulate scope, and build architecture, then train you for your new policies and processes.

Security Diagnosis- 1-Month Workshop.png

Security Diagnosis: 1-Month Workshop: Crayon's workshop aims to solve your business challenges by focusing a cost, security, and governance lens onto your Microsoft Azure resources. Scoping and deployment of Microsoft Sentinel in your production environment is also included.

Sogeti Artificial Data Amplifier (ADA)- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Sogeti Artificial Data Amplifier (ADA): 4-Week Proof of Concept: Learn how to generate synthetic data for all your AI and machine learning models in this offer from Capgemini. Their Artificial Data Amplifier (ADA) solution utilizes multiple Microsoft Azure services to mimic the original data, while mitigating privacy risks.

Sogeti Cognitive Document Processing (CDP)- 4-Week Implementation.png

Sogeti Cognitive Document Processing (CDP): 4-Week Implementation: Capgemini's Cognitive Document Processing (CDP) solution extract relevant information from your unstructured data by utilizing Azure Cognitive services. Incorporate AI and ML into daily workload and free up your resources for value-producing tasks.

Source Code Version Control Management- 2-Week Implementation.png

Source Code Version Control Management: 2-Week Implementation: Realistic Computing will help you understand Azure DevOps methodologies so you can apply its version control services to new and existing projects and streamline your development processes. Eliminate costs associated with in-house hosting.

Windows 365- 4-Week Pilot Implementation.png

Windows 365: 4-Week Pilot Implementation: Cyclotron's pilot implementation will guide you through assessing, building, and deploying Windows 365 so your organization can enjoy the benefits of a secure hybrid workspace. This offer includes design and rollout of Microsoft Azure landing zone.

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Actiglobal ARO Red Hat Open Shift on Azure

Arimac Social Reach

Azure Cloud Readiness: 14- to 16-Week Assessment

Azure IoT: 5-Day Assessment

Azure Machine Learning: 4-Hour Assessment

Azure Migration Discovery: 5-Day Assessment

Azure Optimization Review: 3-Day Assessment

Azure Stack HCI: 2-Hour Assessment


CipherTrust Cloud Key Manager

Cloud Security: 1-Week Assessment

Cloud Security: 2-Week Assessment

Cognizant Cloud Acceleration Platform

Data Governance: 3-Week Assessment

Devops Roadmap: 2-Week Assessment

Disaster Recovery & Backup: 2-Month Assessment

E42 Cognitive Platform

Exostar ForumPass Defense

FIS Modern Banking Platform

IBM Cognos Analytics - BYOL


IBM Planning Analytics - BYOL

iDataGov - Industry Data Governance on Microsoft Purview Edge (KIOE)

PERFORM+ Connect - FHIR Enablement & CMS Compliance

Plan Heal: Smart Health Assessment

Predictive Analytics & ML with Azure: 4-Hour Briefing

Redeploy Starter Pack for Azure: 4-Week Assessment

RSA NetWitness Platform

Sapphire CAA10 Automation Appliance

Sapphire CAA20 Automation Appliance

Sapphire EMA10 IPAM Failover Appliance

Sapphire EMA20 IPAM Failover Appliance

Sapphire Ev10 IPAM Appliance

Sapphire Ev20 IPAM Appliance

Sapphire Sv10 DNSSEC Appliance

Sapphire Sv20 DNSSEC Appliance

Sapphire v5 DNS Appliance

Sapphire v10 DNS Appliance

Sapphire v20 DNS Appliance

SecOps Solution Security Platform

Smart City: Road Safety Platform

SnappyFlow - Full Stack Observability Platform

StoreScript: Customer Profiling with Video Analytics

Structured Data Manager on Azure

Supplier Experience Management (SupplierXM)

TCS AutoOps for Azure: 8-Week Service

Technology Business Management: 7-Week Assessment

UNIFYConnect: HR Onboarding

Veza Data Security Platform

Wats for Microsoft Teams

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