Azure Marketplace new offers – January 26, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 137 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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9Spokes Open Subscription.png

9Spokes Open Subscription: 9Spokes Open provides secure connections to always-on information feeds so you can access consented customer data through a single API. Build brilliant customer experiences and bolster business intelligence with this solution. 

Advanced Forex, Futures & Hedging by DycoTrade.png

Advanced Forex, Futures & Hedging by DycoTrade: Manage your foreign currency and commodity price risk exposure with this solution by DycoTrade. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management, this app helps you optimize international business transactions.

Amtra Managed Microsoft.png AMTRA Managed Microsoft Sentinel: AMTRA's highly scalable managed service offers the ability to manage multiple tenants in Microsoft Sentinel and guarantees the highest levels of cybersecurity across a hybrid cloud.
Augmented Store.png

Augmented Store: Offer your customers an immersive experience as they browse your virtual showroom. Augmented Store enhances the shopping experience by using Microsoft HoloLens, allowing consumers to view and customize holograms of your products.

BIND - Statutory Reporting Platform.png

BIND - Statutory Reporting Platform: BIND is a data aggregation engine and statutory reporting platform for delivering standardized reports according to local and European Union regulations. It also allows for ad-hoc management and operational reporting. This application is also available in Romanian.

Brake Lit Lights Detection API.png

Brake Lit Lights Detection API: Using an AI-generated video or image, BrakeArtus API enables applications to detect if the brake lights of a car are activated. It can be used in developing apps for security and surveillance cameras to regulate traffic and parking violations.

CentOS 8 Stream.png

CentOS 8 Stream: This image from Tidal Media is preconfigured with CentOS 8 Stream for Microsoft Azure. This solution is not a replacement for CentOS, but a step towards promoting corporate Linux. CentOS Stream may become an innovation from RHEL in the future.

CentOS 8 Stream Minimal.png

CentOS 8 Stream Minimal: Tidal Media provides this preconfigured image of CentOS 8 Stream Minimal for Microsoft Azure. It is fully optimized for automated use at scale, with a tiny package set and minimal security cross-section. 

Centos 8.3 Basic.png

CentOS 8.3 Basic: This image from Tidal Media is preconfigured with CentOS 8.3 Basic. It offers a solution on top of which other appliances can be built and tested. It contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

CentOS 8.3 Minimal.png

CentOS 8.3 Minimal: This image from Tidal Media is preconfigured with CentOS 8.3 Minimal. It contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

Drafter AI.png

Drafter AI: With Drafter AI you can access 100+ internal and external data sources and multiple ready-to-go AI solutions.  Automate and customize your marketing, sales, support, and HR tasks. No coding is required, and you can test and modify your solutions as needed.

EntityMatch-Customer KYC Validation Product .png

EntityMatch - Customer KYC Validation Product: Use EntityMatch to verify your client’s documents vis-a-vis other data sets along with the ability to validate possible variations in demographic parameters. This real time entity resolution engine authenticates your customer’s identity and prevents financial fraud and corruption.

Food E-Additives Recognition API.png

Food E-Additives Recognition API: FoodEs enables applications to analyze input photos and detect if there are any additives mentioned in the food label. This cross-browser REST API is used by IT teams developing apps for retailers, customers, and nutritionists.

HEAL-Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPS) based SaaS Solution.png

HEAL - Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOPS): This solution from Heal Software has predictive and preventive intelligence that is among the best in AI-assisted application performance management and monitoring solutions, making ITOps autonomous.


HoloMuseum: Hevolus' platform melds physical reality and digital content to create an augmented, holographic experience that enhances the cultural offerings of museums and art galleries. Compatible with Microsoft HoloLens 2 and mixed reality wearables, it supports remote tours and live streaming, and makes content accessible to a wider audience. 

Incorta Direct Data Platform.png

Incorta Direct Data Platform: Cut analytic run times from hours to seconds with Incorta's unified data and analytics platform. This solution uses an enriched metadata map combined with smart query routing to derive real time business value from large, complex data sets without needing to pre-aggregate, reshape, or transform data.

Invaryant's Health Platform.png

Invaryant's Health Platform: Invaryant's patented technology aggregates health and wellness data from multiple sources, including wearables and medical devices, and consolidates it into a single, standardized record. Patients have full control of this record and can use the app to facilitate seamless data exchanges with their healthcare team, as and when required.

KONNEKT _ Companion to SharePoint Files.png

KONNEKT - Companion to SharePoint Files: Bring all your Microsoft SharePoint Online files (SharePoint Online sites, OneDrive, Teams) to your Windows File Explorer. KONNEKT uses native APIs to ensure optimal performance and security without wasting local disk space.

KUSANAGI 9 for Microsoft Azure Business Edition.png

KUSANAGI 9 for Microsoft Azure Business Edition: This solution delivers 10-15x the speed of the default LAMP stack, without page caching. In addition to high performance and advanced security, KUSANAGI 9 lets users run open source-based web systems at an enterprise level.

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management.png

LeanIX Enterprise Architecture Management: Design and sustain a transparent as-is IT landscape with LeanIX's automated, data-driven architecture management solution. Enterprise architects can achieve comprehensive visibility by establishing superior governance practices.

LeanIX SaaS Management Platform.png

LeanIX SaaS Management Platform: With access to 100+ key SaaS applications, this solution offers deep insights into application spend, usage and adoption. Organizations using LeanIX’s management platform have had success with accurate budget forecasting, contract consolidation, and stronger overall security enforcement. 

LeanIX Value Stream Management.png

LeanIX Value Stream Management: Establish end-to-end visibility into your software delivery performance with LeanIX Value Stream Management solution. It connects teams, technology, and processes so you can build and deliver digital products reliably and efficiently.

MailsDaddy EDB to PST Converter.png

MailsDaddy EDB to PST Converter: Easily retrieve old or new Microsoft Exchange server mailboxes and convert them to the PST file format. The application performs the EDB to PST conversion task quickly and can migrate specific mailboxes of Exchange Server to the Outlook PST file format. It also supports conversion to EML, HTML, RTF, and MSG file formats.

MailsDaddy Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration.png

MailsDaddy Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration: Switch from IBM Lotus Notes environment to Microsoft Office 365 cloud platform without experiencing any data loss. This handy migration tool can browse your domino server NSF files and quickly migrate emails, calendars, and notes to a cloud-based Office 365 environment.

Manufacturing Industrial Intelligence QuickStart.png

Manufacturing Industrial Intelligence QuickStart: Improve supply chain efficiency and manufacturing operations by moving your OT data to Microsoft Azure. This solution extracts data from industrial sites and datacenters and automatically unifies and contextualizes it for different stakeholders and use cases.

MeiliSearch with Support from HOSSTED.png

MeiliSearch with support from HOSSTED: Make your search experience ultra-fast and relevant. A MeiliSearch index has various settings that allow you to specify which fields are searchable, specify ranking rules, and even add synonyms. MeiliSearch also understands typos.

Oil & Gas Industrial Intelligence QuickStart.png

Oil & Gas Industrial Intelligence QuickStart: Transition to clean energy with this solution from Uptake Technologies. Unify OT data in your Microsoft Azure cloud and use Azure tools like Time Series Insights and Power BI for advanced predictive analytics and visualization to reimagine and transform your work processes.

Phone Use While Driving Detection API.png

Phone Use While Driving Detection API: PhoneCaptus is an AI-powered cellphone usage detection API for creating applications that analyze input photos to detect whether drivers are using cellphones while operating vehicles. It is useful in developing apps that prevent misuse of cellphones while driving or operating heavy-duty industrial or farming equipment.

Power & Utility Industrial Intelligence QuickStart.png

Power & Utility Industrial Intelligence QuickStart: Unify OT data in your Microsoft Azure cloud without the high cost of tag fees and licensing requirements. This solution extracts data from industrial sites, facilities, and datacenters and transfers it to your Azure cloud. 

RADIUSaaS & SCEPman Bundle.png

RADIUSaaS & SCEPman Bundle: Designed to boost security and provide seamless access to all your network resources, this solution bundle includes SCEPman, a cloud-based certification authority, and RADIUSaaS, which validates any certificate used for client authentication.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5: This image offered by Ntegral provides a minimal version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.5 with built-in features such as Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) and mandatory access controls (MAC) to combat intrusions and meet regulatory compliance.

Remote Selling.png

Remote Selling: Phygital Remote Selling allows sales assistants to virtually welcome customers into the physical store while enhancing presales and upselling opportunities. The app helps engage customers while optimizing the sales cycle using Microsoft HoloLens2 Mixed Reality and Microsoft Azure AI service.

Seat Belt Wearing Detection API.png

Seat Belt Wearing Detection API: Belterizer is an AI-powered seat belt wearing detection API for creating applications that analyze input photos and detect whether drivers and passengers are securely buckled up.

SMART-FRAUD AI Medical Claims FWA Automation.png

SMART FRAUD AI Medical Claims FWA Automation: This out-of-the-box API-based service by AIDA easily integrates with your claims management processes and effectively detects and flags potentially fraudulent medical insurance claims across all lines of business with high precision.

SWIFT BYOL.png SWIFT BYOL: Protect your Kubernetes applications on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service with SWIFT Bring Your Own License (BYOL), featuring cross-cloud, cross-platform, and cross-version replication, backup, and disaster recovery support. 
SWIFT DR-Subscription.png

SWIFT Disaster Recovery Subscription: Protect your Kubernetes applications on Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service with SWIFT disaster recovery-as-a-service, featuring cross-cloud, cross-platform, and cross-version replication, backup, and disaster recovery support.

SWIFT Migration-Subscription.png

SWIFT Migration Subscription: Easily migrate your Kubernetes and OpenShift applications to Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service. Configure flexible replication policies for your application to automate lift-and-shift migrations while also moving stateful and stateless applications.


TrackZero: TrackZero can easily and quickly add customer-facing dashboards and reporting capabilities to your platform, website, or SaaS application. Save time by eliminating the need to build custom reports and focus on your core business and deliver higher quality service.


tribefii: Are you a solopreneur looking to develop long-term engagement with audiences and build your community ecosystem? tribefii will give you the tribe-building stack to educate, engage and create value for your customers so you can grow and scale your business.

TriFact365 Future Proof Accounting.png

TriFact365 Future-Proof Accounting: TriFact365 provides a cloud-based plugin for invoice scanning so you can receive, scan, book, and approve invoices and receipts all in one place and in real time. It easily integrates with several accounting platforms.

Ubuntu 21.04 Minimal.png

Ubuntu 21.04 Minimal: This offer from Tidal Media provides a preconfigured image of Ubuntu 21.04 Minimal on Microsoft Azure. Designed for completely automated operations, this lean, fast, secure, and powerful image comes with less installed packages and needs fewer updates.

Wordpress-on-CentOS-8.5 Linux Operating System.png

WordPress on CentOS 8.5 Linux Operating System: Ebes LLC provides this preconfigured image of WordPress on CentOS 8.5 for Microsoft Azure. This is a repackaged Linux operating system product with minimal set of drivers so boot time and run time will be fast and reliable.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AI Vision Quality Control- 3-Month Proof of Concept.png

AI Vision Quality Control: 3-Month Proof of Concept: T-Systems MMS will design an AI image and video analysis process including hardware selection and installation using Microsoft Azure and Azure IoT Hub. Reduce manual effort while providing optical quality assurance in your production environment. This offer is only available in German. 

App Development Run- 4-Week Implementation.png

App Development Run: 4-Week Implementation: In this offering from Dimensional Strategies, expert trainers will show you how to use Microsoft Azure DevOps and GitHub, Azure App Service, Azure SQL, Azure Functions, Azure Logic Apps, Azure Storage, and more.

Azure Consulting- 3-Month Implementation.png

Azure Consulting: 3-Month Implementation: Akveo will provide a cloud migration strategy with a serverless/micro frontend approach for end-user applications. The experts from Akveo will build and implement your cloud solutions compliant with PCI DSS requirements.

Azure Inventory Analysis- 1-Day Workshop.png

Azure Inventory Analysis: 1-Day Workshop: This offering from NumeriCon Information Consulting is only available in German. NumeriCon will conduct a Microsoft Azure environment analysis to uncover development and improvement potential as well as process and cost optimization possibilities.

Azure IoT Consulting- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure IoT Consulting: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Malam Team will help connect your IoT environment to a fully designed, secure, and monitored Microsoft Azure environment. Detailed architecture and design documents along with cost breakdown will be provided at the end of this engagement.

Azure Landing Zone- 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Landing Zone: 6-Week Implementation: Computacenter will design and implement an enterprise-scale landing zone using the best practices outlined in the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework. Deployed using infrastructure as code, the landing zone will help businesses across all sectors accelerate cloud adoption.

Azure Marketplace Support- 5-Day Implementation.png

Azure Marketplace Support: 5-Day Implementation: Intercept's offering will evaluate, optimize, and help publish your SaaS solution to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The consultants from Intercept will also support you in becoming co-sell ready, connect with APIs, and create the perfect transactable offer.

Azure Stack HCI- 1-Day Design Workshop.png

Azure Stack HCI: 1-Day Design Workshop: The goal of this workshop from Rachfahl IT-Solutions is to design and size your Microsoft Azure Stack HCI implementation and fit it in your new or existing IT infrastructure. The workshop includes network design, vendor selection, and more.

Azure Stack-as-a-Service- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Stack-as-a-Service: 4-Week Proof of Concept: SALT will provide a fully managed Microsoft Azure Stack solution to clients, including HCI, Edge and Hub. This offering includes a workshop to identify the business requirements and align with the best product to deliver.

Azure Synapse Analytics- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Synapse Analytics: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Nous will evaluate your organization's data landscape and define a Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics adoption strategy. Enjoy limitless analytics while bringing together data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics into a single platform.

Azure Synapse Analytics- 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure Synapse Analytics: 8-Week Implementation: Learn how to craft an intelligent data-driven strategy for your business with this offer from Xavor. The experts from Xavor will enhance your organization’s data assets with Azure Synapse Analytics and generate useful insights from your datasets.

Azure Virtual Desktop Service- 3-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Service: 3-Day Proof of Concept: In this proof of concept, SHI will design and build a secure and convenient remote-work environment using Azure Virtual Desktop depending on your business needs and budget. This offer is only available in French.

Azure Virtual Desktop- 1-Month Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 1-Month Implementation: HTG will deploy Windows 10 desktops in the Microsoft Azure cloud. HTG will review the fundamentals of Azure Virtual Desktop and how it can meet industry-specific challenges of a hybrid and international workforce.

Cloud Shopfloor Intelligence- 3-Month Proof of Concept.png

Cloud Shopfloor Intelligence: 3-Month Proof of Concept: Learn how you can implement smart manufacturing strategies by remotely monitoring and analyzing the performance of your machines and industrial assets in this proof of concept by T-Systems MMS. Bring the power of Azure IoT Edge and Hub to your factory floor. This offer is only available in German.

Datacenter and Cloud Modernization- 4-Week Implementation.png

Datacenter and Cloud Modernization: 4-Week Implementation: 4MSTech’s offering provides datacenter and Microsoft Azure cloud modernization to customers using best practices and tested methodology. This service includes design and implementation of an Azure infrastructure for PaaS.

DKE for Microsoft Azure Information Protection- 1-Day Implementation.png

DKE for Azure Information Protection: 1-Day Implementation: Entrust’s offering is designed for organizations challenged to develop and deploy Microsoft Double Key Encryption Server components, which enhance the security of sensitive assets and Azure Information Protection.

Hybrid Cloud Management & Monitoring- 3-Day Workshop.png

Hybrid Cloud Management & Monitoring: 3-Day Workshop: Arxus' workshop will introduce you to the capabilities of Microsoft Azure Arc and help bring the power of cloud-native resource management to your on-premises datacenters and edge.

Identity & Access Management- 4-Week Implementation.png

Identity & Access Management: 4-Week Implementation: HTG’s offering is at the foundation of cloud security and ensures that identity is strengthened to reduce the likelihood of compromised credentials. Its features include multi-factor authentication support for trusted locations.

Intercept Azure Marketplace- 2-Day Workshop.png

Intercept Azure Marketplace: 2-Day Workshop: Are you looking to bring your solution to the Microsoft Azure Marketplace as a transaction-driven SaaS application? Intercept will support you through the deployment while simplifying the billing and procurement process.

Microsoft Sentinel Deployment- 6-Day Workshop.png

Microsoft Sentinel Deployment: 6-Day Workshop: This workshop by Phoenix will develop a Microsoft Sentinel deployment plan customized to your organization’s cybersecurity needs. You’ll gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data as well as clarity and support on how to upgrade your security posture.

MLOps Foundations on Azure- 5-Week Implementation.png

MLOps Foundations on Azure: 5-Week Implementation: Rackspace's implementation will standardize model development environments for your data science teams and accelerate your ROI by offering robust analytical insights into your machine learning operations and compliance platform.

Modernize Your Applications- 8-Week Workshop.png

Modernize Your Applications: 8-Week Workshop: The experts from Wizeline will use an iterative, hands-on approach to modernize and optimize your applications and help migrate them to Microsoft Azure. Clear and measurable business metrics will be provided while improving business continuity and cost-efficiency.

Reassure for Azure Expert MSP- 12-Month Managed Service.png

Reassure for Azure Expert MSP: 12-Month Managed Service: Intercept’s managed software provider implementation helps you automate, optimize, and create dashboards around Microsoft Azure workloads and invoicing. Give your customers insights into cloud aspects that matter.

Securing Identities- 4-Day Workshop.png

Securing Identities: 4-Day Workshop: Learn how to reduce costs and improve business agility and security with simplified access to all your apps. Modality's workshop offers an end-to-end integrated security strategy by migrating and securing all your Microsoft 365 applications to Azure Active Directory.

SharePoint Migration- 2-Week Implementation.png

SharePoint Migration: 2-Week Implementation: Path's fixed-cost offer will show how you can adopt a cloud-native collaboration strategy by migrating your SharePoint on-prem to Microsoft SharePoint Online environment. Increase your organization’s productivity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

SQL Modernization Jumpstart- 3-Week Proof of Concept.png

SQL Modernization Jumpstart: 3-Week Proof of Concept: Accelerate your SQL data platform modernization journey with this high-intensity engagement from Pyramid Consulting. Their experts will help explore and implement landing zones for your workload(s) on Azure while understanding complexities, risks, and blockers.

Thingworx on AKS- 1-Week Implementation.png

Thingworx on AKS: 1-Week ImplementationIn this implementation, doubleSlash will help you deploy industrial IoT solutions by installing Thingworx environment on Azure Kubernetes Services. Customer will need a PTC license to access this integration of ThingWorx with Azure Services. This offer is only available in German.

Voice Enabled Chatbot- 6-Week Implementation.png

Voice-Enabled Chatbot: 6-Week ImplementationHelp customers navigate your eCommerce site with voice-enabled chatbots that experts from Xavor will help you design and build. Proven to boost sales, these bots leverage AI and NLP capabilities of Azure Cognitive Services.

Your Way to the Cloud- 3-Day Workshop.png

Your Way to the Cloud: 3-Day WorkshopT-Systems MMS will optimize your cloud journey by evaluating your IT infrastructure and business challenges and then plotting a migration road map to Microsoft Azure. This offer is only available in German.

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.NET Applications Architecture: 3-Week Assessment

3-Layer Analytics Diagnostic Kit: 1-Week Assessment

Aggregion Data Cooperation Platform


AI-Powered Virtual Helpdesk

Amdocs BSS CES 9.Cloud


App Pocket with Microsoft Power Platform

Application Modernization: 6-Week Assessment

Arineo AI Anomaly Detection

Asset Inspection

Asset Notification

Azure Cost Optimization: 4-Week Assessment

Azure Integration: 3-Week Assessment

Azure Migration: 4-Week Assessment

Azure Migration: 8-Hour Assessment

Charisma ERP

Cloud Security: 4-Week Assessment

Content and Image Filtering for Microsoft Teams Images

Customer Profile CRM Solution

Data and Infrastructure Assessment

Databook Real-Time Customer Intelligence Platform

Dispatch Science


Elastic Search ELK

ElitSales Recommender

Experience as a Service (AR/VR/MR) - with HCL's XTERN

ExpressRoute for Azure: 2-Hour Briefing

Full API Lifecycle Management & Integration Platform

GigaVUE Cloud Suite for Azure 5.14.00

HCL Launch on Azure: 1-Hour Briefing

Health & Safety


M247 Managed Service

Meridian Cloud Based Ticketing Solution

Microland Azure Virtual Desktop Solution

Microsoft OT/IoT Security: 2-Week Assessment

Migrate to Azure DevOps: 2-Hour Briefing

Migrate to Azure DevOps: 6-Day Assessment

Mist Cloud Management Platform Community Edition

Modernization of Web Applications with Azure: 2-Hour Briefing

Modernization of Web Applications with Azure: 6-Day Assessment

Netfosys Managed Services for Azure Virtual WAN

Oracle to PostgreSQL Business Case: 4-Week Assessment

ParkHere Corporate

PORINI DEX Data Explorer

Postgres Pro Standard Database 11 (Container)

REAL (REtail ALlocation)

Ribbon Communications SBC CNe Edge

SAP Cloud: 1-Day Assessment

SAP-on-Azure: 1-Week Assessment

Secure Connect Endpoint

Security Managed Detection & Response Service

Smart-Factory: 1-Week Assessment

SphereShield for OneDrive and SharePoint

Statseeker 5.5.4

Sutherland Robility

Switch and Save

Talsec In-App Protection and User Safety Suite

TAZI Profitability and Rate Monitoring Solution

Teradata Query Service (DIY)

WINGS Push Notification Server

Wipro Holmes for Cyber Defense

Wipro Holmes Propel: Artificial Intelligence Powered Automation (IPA) Solution


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