Azure Marketplace new offers – January 19, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 130 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:

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AlmaLinux HPC.png

AlmaLinux HPC: This offer from AlmaLinux OS Foundation provides an AlmaLinux image for high-performance computing on Microsoft Azure. The image includes a suite of preinstalled tools, such as NVIDIA/Mellanox OFED drivers and InfiniBand-based MPI libraries.

Coherent Spark.png

Coherent Spark: Coherent Spark converts complex business logic from Microsoft Excel models into APIs, helping teams unlock value in moments rather than months. Accelerate revenue growth and build better products and services with Coherent Spark.

DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio.png

DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio: DreamCatcher BRAVO Studio allows e-sports leagues to livestream games to their fans, broadcasters to connect with their communities, corporations to produce annual general meetings for investors, and other professionals to produce high-quality live events.

EdgeAI Studio.png

EdgeAI Studio: Use EdgeAI Studio's simple drag-and-drop interface to quickly test and deploy machine learning models and artificial intelligence solutions, then share state-of-the-art models and solutions around the world.


eXtremeDB/rt: The eXtremeDB/rt database management system allows embedded and real-time system developers to specify deadlines for database transactions. It's suitable for advanced driver assistance and other systems that need to ingest data from multiple sources and act on that data within milliseconds.


ezTeam: Manage, govern, and secure your Microsoft Teams workspace with EnterprizID's ezTeam, which can automate Teams tasks and enable self-service. Create teams, approve members, and remotely update inventory via chatbots and your mobile device.


FirstHive: FirstHive brings together data from every customer touchpoint, enabling marketing organizations to execute highly personalized campaigns and achieve greater return on investment.

inPoint TOA- Online Archiving for Microsoft Teams.png

inPoint TOA: Online Archiving for Microsoft Teams: inPoint TOA from H & S Heilig und Schubert Software AG provides compliant, secure archiving and management of your organization’s Microsoft Teams communications and data transfers.

Jobful Career Platform.png

Jobful Career Platform: Jobful Career Platform is an end-to-end recruitment solution offered as a career website. Customize it to follow your brand book and transform your career page into a digital playground that attracts and engages the best talent for your company.

McAfee MVISION Cloud.png

McAfee MVISION Cloud: McAfee MVISION Cloud, a FedRAMP-certified security solution, protects your Microsoft Azure infrastructure and enables safe data handling, visibility, and collaboration among SaaS applications.

Morse Code Audio to Text API and Back, MorseSonat.png

Morse Code Audio to Text API and Back, MorseSonat: Use this cross-browser REST API to convert Morse code audio in WAV format to text. MorseSonat (Morse Code Sound to Text API) can also encode normal text to Morse text. It can be used by any device that can connect to the internet and send POST requests to the API.

Mphasis DeepInsights Text Summarizer.png

Mphasis DeepInsights Text Summarizer: Mphasis DeepInsights Text Summarizer, a neural network-based model, automatically learns the distributed representation for sentences and documents and creates a short summary. It can be used for marketing, content generation, search engine optimization, and document management.

Nintex AssureSign.png

Nintex AssureSign: Create and automate e-signatures with Nintex AssureSign, which is optimized to work across industries, geographies, and high-volume use cases. Nintex AssureSign meets security and privacy industry standards, provides custom-branding experiences, and is cost effective.

Odoo 15 on Azure.png

Odoo 15 on Azure: This offer from Ntegral provides a ready-to-launch image of Odoo 15 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS. Odoo is a suite of open-source business apps. PostgreSQL and NGINX are also included.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 Latest.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 7 Latest: This offer from provides a minimal, ready-to-use image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7. SELinux is enabled, Azure Linux Agent and cloud-init are included, and accelerated networking is supported.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 Latest.png

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 8 Latest: This offer from provides a minimal, ready-to-use image of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8. SELinux is enabled, Azure Linux Agent and cloud-init are included, and accelerated networking is supported. The root filesystem automatically extends during boot.

Rubrik Cloud Edition.png

Rubrik Cloud Edition: Customers can deploy Rubrik’s Cloud Edition in their Microsoft Azure environment to simplify backup and recovery, mitigate risk, accelerate cloud adoption, and enable automation at scale. Rubrik orchestrates data management functions to reduce daily management time.

SCEPman _ Intune SCEP-as-a-Service.png

SCEPman | Intune SCEP-as-a-Service for Microsoft Intune: SCEPman, a certificate authority that runs in your Microsoft Azure tenant, enables Wi-Fi authentication for clients managed with Jamf or Microsoft Intune. SCEPman can issue certificates for servers, Active Directory domain controllers, and clients based on the SCEP protocol.

SEAtS UK Visa Compliance Solution 2022.png

SEAtS UK Visa Compliance Solution 2022: SEAtS, an out-of-the-box continuous visa compliance management solution, enables colleges and universities to meet Tier 4 sponsorship requirements in the United Kingdom. Early alerts and dashboards trigger for at-risk students and potential regulatory breaches.

Solace PubSub+ Platform.png

Solace PubSub+ Platform: Solace PubSub+ Platform helps enterprises design, deploy, and manage event-driven systems across hybrid, multi-cloud, and IoT environments. It features an event portal, historical and real-time metrics, and an event broker to support your selected tier of concurrent connections over a variety of protocols.

Striim VM Subscription.png

Striim VM Subscription: Striim’s unified data integration and streaming platform connects clouds, data, and applications to deliver the right data at the right time. This subscription allows you to purchase Striim through Azure Marketplace and use Striim with your deployment model of choice.


TrackZero: TrackZero is a business intelligence and data visualization platform that lets customers easily query data, run reports, build dashboards, and separate data to ensure security, privacy, and protection. 

Ubuntu 18.04.png

Ubuntu 18.04: This offer by Tidal Media provides an Ubuntu 18.04 image packaged for quick deployment on Microsoft Azure. Ubuntu 18.04 is based on the Linux kernel and features a faster boot time, improved power management, and a new desktop layout.

Ubuntu 20.04.png

Ubuntu 20.04: This offer by Tidal Media provides an image of Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, an enterprise-grade operating system for organizations and home users alike. The solution is powered for automated deployment at scale and uses optimized kernels and boot processes.

Ubuntu 22.04.png

Ubuntu 22.04: This image offered by Cognosys provides Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, the development branch of Ubuntu Jammy Jellyfish, which is scheduled for release on April 21, 2022.

Virtual UX_Usability lab.png

Virtual UX/Usability Lab: The SENSO user experience (UX) research platform, known as Fabuza in Russia, provides online tools for remote UX testing and collaboration between research and product teams. SENSO is available in Russian.


Vizir: Vizir, a no-code chatbot builder, works with Microsoft Teams to help your colleagues in human resources, IT, and legal access information and answer questions about frequently recurring topics.

VP Link Cloud Development.png VP Link Cloud Development: VP Link provides a modeling framework that connects to Microsoft Autonomous Systems AI and a variety of industrial control systems. Build cloud-enabled dynamic simulation process models to test control system logic and train AI agents. Integration with Bonsai is included.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

AI Session with Demo- 3-Day Workshop.png

AI Session with Demo: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop, the Crayon AI team and your business decision makers will explore and evaluate AI strategy and chatbots to avoid siloed data and singular viewpoints. Crayon will also deliver recommendations for a implementation.

App Modernization- 2-Week Migration.png

App Modernization: 2-Week Migration: Information & Communication Technology W.L.L will modernize your application with few or no code changes, which may involve Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Azure App Service, Azure Spring Cloud, and/or Azure Arc.

Azure and Citrix VDI-2-Week Implementation.png

Azure and Citrix VDI: 2-Week Implementation: Blue Ocean offers a standard or premium implementation package for its virtual desktop infrastructure solution based on Citrix and Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Blue Ocean's team will deliver an implementation in the shortest possible time and provide support afterward.

Azure Immersion Workshop- Infrastructure Migration.png

Azure Immersion Workshop: Infrastructure Migration: Devoteam's workshop for IT project managers will convey what it takes to plan and execute a migration project. Devoteam will focus on the tools involved in migrating servers to Microsoft Azure, including designing and implementing a landing zone.

Azure IoT SW Architecture- 2-Day Workshop.png

Azure IoT SW Architecture: 2-Day Workshop: You don't need theory; you need practical support. In this hands-on workshop, conplement AG will help you create a smart connected product architecture based on Microsoft Azure IoT.

Azure Migration Services- 6-Week Implementation.png

Azure Migration Services: 6-Week Implementation: Following Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework best practices, T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s. will migrate your on-premises datacenter workloads to Microsoft Azure. This will include planning, design, construction, migration, testing, validation, and support.

Azure Sentinel 2-Week Workshop.png

Azure Sentinel: 2-Week Workshop: In this workshop, Forsyte IT Solutions will use Microsoft Azure Sentinel to deliver security analytics and threat intelligence across your enterprise, providing a single solution for alert detection, proactive hunting, and threat response.

Azure Sentinel and MDR Services -8-Week Implementation.png

Azure Sentinel and MDR Services: 8-Week Implementation: Happiest Minds Technologies Limited's consulting and engineering package can be customized based on your organization's requirements and involves managed detection and response services with Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment- 1-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Deployment: 1-Week Implementation: Finchloom's experts will deploy Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop so you can work from anywhere, scale quickly based on your business needs, keep your apps and data secure and compliant, and simplify deployment and management of your infrastructure.

BI_Data Analytics Strategy- 8-Week Workshop.png

BI/Data Analytics Strategy: 8-Week Workshop: A meaningful business intelligence strategy ensures sustainable value creation through data analytics. IT-Logix AG's workshop will help you define a business intelligence strategy that's derived from your corporate and IT strategies. 

Bot Advisory- 5-Week Implementation.png

Bot Advisory: 5-Week Implementation: In this implementation, Cellenza will use Microsoft Azure Bot Service tools to automate time-consuming tasks in your business. This offer is available only in French.

Clinical Data Warehouse- 10-Week Implementation.png

Clinical Data Warehouse: 10-Week Implementation: IT-Logix AG will implement a predefined data model in your hospital to accelerate the creation of a high-quality clinical data warehouse. IT-Logix AG will then deploy the data warehouse on Microsoft Azure for you.

Cloud Data Platform- 12-Week Implementation.png

Cloud Data Platform: 12-Week Implementation: Kapacity's data platform framework helps your organization design a cloud architecture using Microsoft Azure. Customers can start with a proof of concept and continue with a data transformation strategy, culminating in a minimum viable product implementation.

Cloud Strategy- 1-Day CAF Workshop.png

Cloud Strategy: 1-Day CAF Workshop: Intended for business decisions makers, application owners, and senior IT professionals, Basefarm's workshop will utilize the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and document your cloud strategy in a way that unites key business stakeholders, IT departments, and developers.

Cognitive Services- 1-Month Proof of Concept.png

Cognitive Services: 1-Month Proof of Concept: Discover the power of enterprise-grade conversational AI. BCS Technology's proof of concept using Microsoft Azure natural language processing technology will let you build multilingual and multimodal bots for sales, customer support, or other scenarios.

Computer Vision Accelerator- 10-Day Workshop.png

Computer Vision Accelerator: 10-Day Workshop: Aware Group will work with your team to assess existing computer vision work, establish a deployment plan and pipelines, set up a testing framework to prove results against your specific use case, and work with stakeholders to align the resulting solution to the needs of your business.

Customer Health Check Segmentation- 6-Week Implementation.png

Customer Health Check Segmentation: 6-Week Implementation: Using a combination of Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Machine Learning services, Merkle will help you implement a rules-based approach to segment your customers via dimensions of longevity, engagement, and value.

Customer Lifetime Value Lite- 6-Week Implementation.png

Customer Lifetime Value Lite: 6-Week Implementation: Using Microsoft Azure Databricks, Azure Data Lake, and/or Azure Machine Learning services, Merkle will help you determine which types of customers generate the most value and which are costing you more than they're worth to your business.

Data Estate Modernization and Analytics- 6-Week Implementation.png

Data Estate Modernization and Analytics: 6-Week Implementation: Using an AI-driven, data-first approach, Cognizant will build a future-ready architecture to help you to rapidly transform your business with a platform that leverages machine learning to convert data into actionable insights.

DataOps- 3-Month ElasticEngineering Implementation.png DataOps: 3-Month Elastic Engineering Implementation: Rackspace's DataOps specialists will conduct onboarding and long-range planning for data engineering and operational tasks to improve your company's data lifecycle management posture. This will involve gap analysis, transition documentation, and support services.
Data Warehouse Modernization- 1-Month Implementation.png

Data Warehouse Modernization: 1-Month Implementation: Harness the full potential of your data with this service from Baltic Amadeus. Baltic Amadeus can build new data analytics systems from scratch or migrate and modernize your existing solution.

Demand Forecast Infrastructure Construction Service (3 Months).png

Demand Forecast Infrastructure Construction Service (3 Months): DATUM STUDIO Co. Ltd. will use AI to improve the accuracy of your demand forecasting at your manufacturing site, retail business, or restaurant. This service is available in Japanese.

Discover IoT Business Value- 1-Day Workshop.png

Discover IoT Business Value: 1-Day Workshop: In this workshop aimed at strategic and technical decision makers, SyroCon AG will identify areas where IoT could add value, then evaluate the feasibility of implementing potential use cases. This offer is available only in German.

Enterprise Data Analytics- 4-Month Implementation.png

Enterprise Data Analytics: 4-Month Implementation: Seven Seas Technology will use Microsoft Azure Data Factory, Azure Synapse, and Microsoft Power BI to enable your company to identify hidden patterns in your data.

IaaS Accelerator- 4-Week Implementation.png

IaaS Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: With this accelerator, Ibexlabs will transform your infrastructure into one that's more secure, expansive, and efficient. You'll adopt airtight security protocols and see dramatic improvements in resiliency, speed, and computational power.

IIoT Starter Package- 2-Week Proof of Concept.png

IIoT Starter Package: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Quickly launch your industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) strategy with this package from BearingPoint, which will connect your machine to the cloud, depict your machine’s condition in a central cloud dashboard, and transform sensor signals and swarm intelligence into business value.

IT Strategy- 3-Day Workshop.png

IT Strategy: 3-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Cegeka will guide you to a proper IT strategy, which is essential for a successful cloud adoption. Cegeka will conduct a gap analysis and interviews, then devise a comprehensive plan to meet your IT and business goals.

Maria DB- 5-Week Implementation.png

Maria DB: 5-Week Implementation: Datavail Corporation's professional and managed services can help you maximize resources while minimizing costs. Datavail's expert team offers continual availability to support your MySQL and MariaDB databases on Microsoft Azure. 

Microservice Hosting- 8-Week Implementation.png

Microservice Hosting: 8-Week Implementation: In this engagement, Ibexlabs will transition your traditional hosting infrastructure to a containerized one on Azure Kubernetes Service, packaging every service independently with its underlying dependencies. Gain efficiency and cut costs with containerized infrastructure.

Migration to Azure- 1 Week Implementation.png

Migration to Azure: 1 Week Implementation: BitHawk AG will support your organization in migrating to Microsoft Azure, and you can then take advantage of BitHawk's comprehensive services to ensure optimal operation of your Azure environment.

Modern Analytics with Azure Synapse- 3-Month Implementation.png

Modern Analytics with Azure Synapse: 3-Month Implementation: Enable modern analytics based on Microsoft Azure Synapse with the help of Saegus. Saegus will support your organization's data strategy, from scoping to building to industrialization.

Multi-Access Identity Platform- 3-Month Implementation.png

Multi-Access Identity Platform: 3-Month Implementation: In this engagement, Predica will implement its Multi-Access Identity Platform, which aggregates identity and access functionalities for all your applications and makes them accessible via a single login box.

OEA Open Education Analytics- 10-Week Implementation.png

OEA Open Education Analytics: 10-Week Implementation: Spyglass can help your higher education institution implement analytical solutions built on Microsoft Azure Synapse to track student engagement and learning patterns. Over 10 weeks, Spyglass will deploy and deliver its Open Education Analytics solution.

Production-Ready Hybrid Cloud- 4-Week Implementation.png

Production-Ready Hybrid Cloud: 4-Week Implementation: Logicalis UK will design and deploy a hybrid platform that aligns to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and features connectivity between Microsoft Azure and on-premises Azure Stack HCI environments.

RPO Zero Disaster Recovery- 2-Day Workshop.png

RPO Zero Disaster Recovery: 2-Day Workshop: In this workshop, Sify Technologies will examine your company's application landscape and consider refactoring, rehosting, and rearchitect approaches for delivering Sify's disaster recovery solution.

SAS Platform Migration- 6-Month Implementation.png

SAS Platform Migration: 6-Month Implementation: In this accelerator service, Tier One Analytics will migrate your SAS Platform from its on-premises environment to Microsoft Azure, reducing many of the risks traditionally associated with moving SAS applications and components.

Sidra Data Platform- 4-Week Proof of Concept.png

Sidra Data Platform: 4-Week Proof of Concept: Does your organization need to ingest, manage, and process diverse data sets at scale to accelerate the delivery of new apps? Try out Sidra Data Platform, a corporate data lake solution developed by Plain Concepts for data intake, cataloguing, governance, and management in Microsoft Azure.

SQL Server Modernization in Azure- 2-Month Implementation.png

SQL Server Modernization in Azure: 2-Month Implementation: Seven Seas Technology's team will examine your SQL Server environment and recommend appropriate Azure database offerings, such as database as a service, managed instances, and Azure Virtual Machines.

Standard Azure Landing Zone- 3-Week Implementation.png

Standard Azure Landing Zone: 3-Week Implementation: Linkbynet will help you implement a standard landing zone to migrate your workloads and applications to Microsoft Azure. With an Azure landing zone, your cloud environment will align with best practices and establish guardrails.

THINK IoT- 1-Day Scoping Workshop.png

THINK IoT: 1-Day Scoping Workshop: conplement AG's workshop will help you identify the potential of smart connected data, Microsoft Azure IoT, and an AI strategy for your business. Topics will include market differentiation, revenue through digital service creation, and process optimization.

Web App (PaaS) Accelerator- 4-Week Implementation.png

Web App (PaaS) Accelerator: 4-Week Implementation: Ibexlabs will help clients modernize their apps using Azure App Service. This is ideal for any organization looking for a managed platform that can run in an isolated and secure environment along with horizontally scaling stateless applications with high requests per second.

Windows Server Migration- 3-Day Implementation.png

Windows Server Migration: 3-Day Implementation: Dynamips will provide you with a dedicated consultant and cloud architect to migrate your data to Microsoft Azure, configure the Azure architecture, activate services, and update your technical documentation. This offer is available only in French.

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App Migration: 2-Day Assessment

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Azure Purview Fast Start: 10-Day Readiness Assessment
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Azure Synapse Analytics: 3-Month Assessment
Azure VMware Solution: 2-Hour Briefing
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Cyberbank Konecta
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Embee’s Predictive Service Intelligence (EPSI)
Energy Use IoT Monitoring
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Fivetran Data Pipelines
FlexxDesktop by Flexxible IT
FloQast Microsoft Teams Integration
Formedo 365
GitHub Enterprise Server as Managed Service
Go to Hybrid Cloud: 3-Day Evaluation
HCL OneTest on Azure: 1-Hour Briefing
IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud
Idealake Enterprise Skill Enhancement Platform
Ivanti Connect Secure 21.9
Linux and OSS DB Migration: 1-Hour Briefing
Managed Services for Microsoft Identity Security
Occupancy IoT Monitoring
Podi LMS College
Price Scraping
Privacy Analytics Eclipse
QoreStor (Object-Direct) 7.1.0
Quzara-Defender for Office 365
Reekoh Outpost Edge
Rubrik as a Service Cloud Hosted
SAS for Customer-Centric Assortments
S)ONE Port Community System
Sitecore with Azure Digital Transformation
SPiDER TM on Cloud (Japanese)
Streamline SmartCare EHR Platform
Talkdesk's Microsoft Teams Connector
Temperature and Humidity IoT Monitoring
Toami Lite
VirtualZ Lozen
Windows and SQL Migration: 1-Hour Briefing
XXII CORE: AI Video Analysis Solution
Zapata Orquestra Platform and JV Quantum CoE
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