Azure Marketplace new offers – August 24, 2023
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 96 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Academy 365: The Academy 365 app lets managers assign courses and learning paths to team members, monitor progress, and track success as they learn how to use Microsoft 365. This app is available only in Armenian.


AdInsure Cloud for Life: AdInsure Life & Annuities Cloud delivers RESTful integration APIs via software as a service (SaaS) to support life insurance carriers’ content, sales, and accounting. The platform utilizes Microsoft Power BI on Azure to deliver extensive insights into business operations.


Alivecore: The Alivecore platform helps companies track and improve brand reputation and customer sentiment by providing AI-derived insights based on social listening. Alivecore also features an enterprise API via software as a service (SaaS).


Campaign Manager Service Platform: Wavenet’s Campaign Manager is a Microsoft Azure-based solution designed to empower communication service providers to compete with below-the-line (BTL) advertising space by utilizing existing customer data to create highly customized campaigns.


Clinical Marketing Cloud: THB’s Clinical Marketing Cloud enables healthcare enterprises to personalize patient engagement by building a unified data layer and providing omnichannel capabilities based on patient clinical profiling.


CodeNOW: CodeNOW is a cloud-based solution for streamlining software development across various cloud environments. This Microsoft Azure-based offer provides preconfigured open-source tools, enabling your team to focus on development instead of managing infrastructure.


DASH SaaS: The DASH distribution management system uses robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence to deliver trip optimization, capacity optimization, and asset management. Designed for supply chain managers, dispatchers, and drivers, the system includes dashboards and KPI reports.


DigiCampus: DigiCampus speeds accessing and searching paper archives by using OCR and machine learning to accelerate digitization and data extraction. DigiCampus can be implemented as software as a service or on a one-time basis.


Digital Experience: Designed for the financial services industry, Atomate’s Digital Experience suite automates customer interactions and optimizes internal processes, including data collection, application submission, and performance monitoring.


Docker Advanced on Debian 11: Tidal Media provides this virtual machine image containing Docker Advanced on Debian 11. Docker Advanced simplifies the delivery of apps to end users and removes dependencies, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility.


DocMan Pro: DocMan Pro lets you scan and upload documents through any connected scanner, capture document storage information, search using keywords, and generate new documents as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel files.

EPITOMEAI.png is a comprehensive platform serving as a one-stop solution for job seekers, training and placement officers, students, and recruiters. The platform includes modules for building careers, streamlining placement, and simplifying hiring.


eWay Innovations & Automations: Designed for small and midsize businesses, the eWay Asset Management and Tracking System empowers all levels of employees to make effective, real-time decisions based on accurate business insights.


eWay Inventory Management Application: Designed for small and midsize businesses, the eWay Inventory Management System helps you track inventory and manage warehouse space from anywhere. The system speeds up billing and lets you analyze sales data.


GallaPOS: GallaPOS is a cloud-based GST billing, inventory management, and stock-taking solution for micro, small, and midsize retail businesses. Available for desktop and mobile, GallaPOS works in online and offline modes.


GIROPie: Integrated with a payment gateway system, GIROPie provides a secure automated platform for tracking and managing recurring accounts receivables and accounts payables. Quickly convert invoices into cash for improved cash flow.


Growth Automation: Atomate’s Growth Automation System drives brand growth by unifying campaign and content publishing to effectively engage with your target audience across multiple channels. Manage your online visibility and reputation to ensure a positive brand image.


Health, Safety, and Environment Management: EHS&S Objective and Targets System simplifies the process of defining objectives and targets for environmental, health, safety, and sustainability (EHS&S). The solution enables organizations to effectively identify and manage progress toward those goals.


Invoice Generator: Invoice Generator creates professional and accurate invoices using customizable templates. The app supports multiple currencies and tax calculations, integrates with existing accounting systems, exports to multiple file formats, and more.


IZAC: IZAC provides a comprehensive, integrated data exchange platform to make data management simple and reliable. IZAC extracts data from multiple sources, including cloud repositories, and makes it available in a standardized format for export to external partners and customers.


JNCTN - Secure Workforce Credential Verification: Available via software as a service, JNCTN verifies workforce qualifications, licenses, certifications, and identity to automate onboarding, quickly issue work permits, and increase efficiency.


Jobful for Campus: Jobful is a student-centric platform designed to enhance university career centers, facilitate employment, and connect organizations with students. Available on Microsoft Azure, Jobful also engages alumni with career-related outreach.


Krinati Supplier Management: Supplier Management manages supplier profiles and controls their approval status, while synchronizing this information with your ERP to centralize supplier information. Supplier Management handles all activities related to procurement and goods and services.


Levit3D: Levit3D is a low-code platform designed for creating virtual shopping and sales experiences. The software-as-a-service platform creates, publishes, and shares showrooms for use on web and mobile via augmented and virtual reality.


Lightbeam Health Equity AI: Health Equity AI from Lightbeam provides healthcare organizations with tools to reduce avoidable admissions, deliver insights into communities, and generate awareness and engagement among at-risk populations.


Marketing IQ: HaiX Marketing IQ uses artificial intelligence to deliver real-time campaign insights, reducing time spent tracking ads and increasing return on investment. Marketing IQ analyzes data from images, videos, and social media.


NYGGS HRMS: NYGGS HRMS automates and streamlines HR processes including recruitment, employee management, record-keeping, attendance, and payroll processing, all while securing data with end-to-end encryption on the cloud.


NYGGS Salesforce Automation: NYGGS SFA automates and streamlines field sales processes such as attendance, meetings, follow-ups, route management and customer management, all while securing data with end-to-end encryption on the cloud.


OurSchoolPro: OurSchoolPro helps schools streamline administration and improve communications among teachers, parents, and students. Available as software as a service, OurSchoolPro provides attendance management, assignment management, real-time chat, and more.


Packer on Debian 10: In this image created by Tidal Media, you’ll get the Packer automated machine image creation tool on Debian 10. Packer uses a single configuration source to create images for multiple platforms, including EC2, VMWare, VirtualBox, and others.


Packer on Debian 11: In this image created by Tidal Media, you’ll get the Packer automated machine image creation tool on Debian 11. Packer uses a single configuration source to create images for multiple platforms, including EC2, VMWare, VirtualBox, and others.


Patient360 Powered Call Center: Designed for healthcare enterprises, Patient360 is an insights-driven call center app which integrates with cloud-based telephony. Patient360 enables agents to personalize experiences by showing relevant patient information in one view.


Percept Insight: Percept Insight is a digital analytics platform designed to build, enhance, and track user interactions. The no-code platform lets you create reports for user journeys, interactive question-and-answer chatbots, and more.


Performance and Incident Management: Performance Management from mySetu helps your business focus on the entire organization’s EHS&S (environmental, health, safety, and sustainability) performance. The system helps you define processes to monitor and analyze incidents and near misses, business disruptions, and more.


PhishGrid: PhishGrid is an AI-powered attack simulation platform designed to utilize training information and employee social data to mimic phishing and social engineering attacks. PhishGrid helps you identify human knowledge gaps, create organization-specific awareness plans, and educate employees.


ProbeTrack: ProbeTrack from Clootrack uses artificial intelligence to perform in-depth interview analysis in minutes, enabling market researchers, B2C brands, and management consultants to quickly derive insights and choose the right actions.


Pulses Platform with On-Premises Extension Support: The Pulses platform integrates AI-powered cameras into your business environment to deliver near-real-time analytics and insights, leading to an enhanced customer experience. This version of Pulses includes on-premises extension support.


QRStores: QRStores lets you quickly create e-commerce storefronts with integrated QR codes, enabling customers to easily scan and purchase items. QRStores includes order management, mobile support, secure shopping carts, payment integration, and more.


Rapidor Business Dashboards: Rapidor Metron lets businesses view, review, and get updates from digital processes, finance databases, ERP systems, and other sources. The dashboard integrates with numerous functions, such as sales, collections, operations, and activity logs, to enable near-real-time insights into business-critical systems.


Report Extractor: The Report Extractor portal gives you the flexibility to create reports from multiple JDBC-compliant data sources. Report Extractor supports cloud-based access, SQL query templates, data visualization, and more.


RetailSynk: Enhance your retail operations with RetailSynk, a comprehensive ERP solution for inventory, sales, and customer management. RetailSynk synchronizes inventory and orders between online marketplaces and offline sales channels.


Rubiscape: Get a cloud-based data science lab with Rubiscape, a low-code platform powered by AutoML and MLOps. Rubiscape supports IoT analytics and data visualization while lowering costs and speeding data pipelines.


Sales CRM: Sales CRM from CVT helps you grow your business. With Sales CRM, you can visualize your entire sales process, update deals by dragging them into place, schedule activity reminders, get detailed reporting against goals, and generate leads via customizable web forms.


Serina 360: Serina automates invoice processing by integrating on-premises and cloud-based ERP systems. You’ll benefit from automatic capture of invoice elements, digitized invoicing, robotic process automation, and document sourcing from Microsoft SharePoint, OneDrive, and other repositories.


ShopSphere Visual Search: Get AI-powered shopping transformation with ShopSphere Visual Search on Microsoft Azure. The solution makes it effortless for customers to discover products by using images to find visually similar items, elevating product exploration and transforming the shopping journey.


ShuffleMeet Calendar App: Get scheduling flexibility by using ShuffleMeet, integrated with Microsoft Outlook, to unlock time by identifying meetings that can be shuffled and rescheduled. ShuffleMeet features organization-wide templates and individual customization, enabling greater flexibility for focus time and internal meetings.


SlashNext Complete - Cloud Messaging Security: The SlashNext Complete cloud message platform is designed to protect your workforce from malicious messages across email, mobile, and web messaging apps. SlashNext Complete combines artificial intelligence, computer vision, relationship graphs, and contextual analysis to detect threats in real time.


Sycomp Storage Fueled by IBM Storage Scale: Sycomp has created an easy-to-deploy image containing IBM Storage Scale clusters with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.6. Sycomp Storage is designed for organizations that need a resilient, performance-oriented storage platform to support high-performance computing on Microsoft Azure.


TAME Transport Management System: The TAME transport management system optimizes freight schedules and streamlines logistic planning. The system improves data quality, enhances communication, improves procurement management, and reinforces scheduling.


Texcentral: Texcentral is an advanced analytics and reporting tool for textile inventory management. Designed for small and midsize textile businesses, Texcentral enables you to monitor real-time inventory, track stock levels, create demand forecasts, streamline order fulfillment, and more.


Third Ray HaLLMark - Enterprise Artificial Intelligence Platform: Third Ray HaLLMark is an enterprise AI platform for design, development, and operation of machine learning models and data science analysis. HaLLMark has relevant uses for business operations, product marketing, advanced data analytics, custom AI model deployment, and more.


TomTom Junction Analytics: Junction Analytics from TomTom provides real-time monitoring of junctions and intersections, helping authorities, traffic managers, and engineers optimize traffic by utilizing an easy-to-use REST API and companion web app.


Trinity Smart City and Community Industry Cloud: Trinity Smart City and Community is a cloud-agnostic solution designed to support outstanding civic services, monitor urban systems, deliver AI-powered insights, and empower the urban workforce. Make cities and communities smart, safe, and sustainable.


Tulip: Tulip is a hyperautomation platform powered by AI to enable you to scale automation beyond robotic process automation (RPA). Tulip lets you combine bot execution, integrate with data sources such as Microsoft Excel and SAP, and simplify deployment.


UC-Shoppe: UC-Shoppe lets you manage all online store functions via a single platform, eliminating intermediaries when you sell your products on online trading platforms. UC-Shoppe provides sales management, a chatbot for on-demand customer interaction, and more.


UrSpayce Visitor Management: UrSpayce Visitor Management streamlines your visitor experience with an automated sign-in kiosk. The cloud-based solution securely stores visitor records, supports customizable visit workflows, and enables seamless check-in with or without mobile devices.


UrSpayce Workplace Management: The UrSpayce app provides cloud-based workplace management, giving you and your staff a unified experience across Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace. UrSpayce supports mobile, web, kiosk, and API access, as well as QR codes.


VeriSmart DolphinChat: The DolphinChat conversational AI platform lets you create chatbots for seamless communication between your organization and consumers. Automate repetitive consumer queries, support interactive lead generation, and increase team efficiency via personalized messaging.


VeriSmart KYC: The VeriSmart identity blockchain platform automates the know-your-customer (KYC) process to enhance compliance. VeriSmart performs anti-money laundering checks, cognitive assessments, bank verification, signature verification, and more.


Vizual No-Code Platform: The Vizual no-code platform automates, transforms, and digitizes end-to-end processes by giving users a simple way to define rules, integrate without writing APIs, and optimize resources. Available as software as a service, Vizual features enterprise-grade security, data visibility, and more.


WAMP Server on Windows Server 2016: Tidal Media has packaged Windows Server 2016 into a WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) server image for quick deployment. WAMP provides you with a development platform for the creation of dynamic web apps.


WebOn HR: The WebOn HR ERP lets you securely manage personnel information, streamline payroll, and automate human resources processes. You can customize performance reviews, employee self-service, and manager self-service for streamlined access.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations


Azure Files: 1-Week Implementation: In this combination workshop and deployment offering, Project Informatica will assess your business requirements and implement Microsoft Azure Files and Azure Backup snapshots, enabling you to deploy file shares over the public internet for easy access by users.


Azure Landing Zone and CAF Essentials: 1-Week Implementation: Project Informatica will conduct a workshop to design your Microsoft Azure Landing Zone according to the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework, then deploy a production-ready Azure environment capable of supporting workloads.


Azure Virtual Desktop: 30-Day Proof of Concept: Cii will enable you to evaluate Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop in a production environment and better understand how desktop virtualization improves your organization’s scalability, cost optimization, and security.


C3GPT Lite: 1-Day Proof of Concept: C3IT’s C3GPT is a Microsoft Azure-based conversational AI accelerator. In the C3GPT Lite workshop, C3IT will guide you through data preparation, prompt construction, and interaction orchestration using C3GPT with interfaces including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft SharePoint, and WhatsApp.


Domain Consolidation for Migration to Microsoft Entra ID: 6-Week Implementation: Oxford Computer Group will prepare you to migrate to Microsoft Entra ID by consolidating your legacy Active Directory domains, whether configured as a single forest with a single domain or across multiple environments.


Intelligent Fault Detection: 2- to 4-Week Proof of Concept: Available in German, doubleSlash’s proof of concept on Microsoft Azure includes deployment, data analysis, interface connection, and data migration for an intelligent fault-detection solution.


Lift and Shift VM with Azure Migrate: 1-Week Proof of Concept: Project Informatica will analyze your existing environment, collaboratively identify requirements, and use Microsoft Azure Migrate to lift and shift your virtual machines onto Microsoft Azure. This proof of concept covers initial deployment and learning.


Managed Detection and Response: Available in Dutch, Frieser & Schuckmann’s managed detection and response (MDR) service ensures proper configuration of your Microsoft security products and helps your organization detect, analyze, and respond to cybersecurity threats.


Managed SQL Instance with Azure Arc: Proof of Concept: After gathering requirements about your data landscape, Solisyon will deploy a proof of concept built on Microsoft Azure Arc and an Azure SQL Managed Instance on to enable you to better understand available features.


Teams Solution for Frontline Workers in Manufacturing: 2-Week Proof of Concept: C3IT will deliver a proof of concept of its Proceso, featuring a ready-to-use set of manufacturing process templates hosted on Microsoft Azure and accessible within Microsoft Teams. Your frontline workforce, supervisors, and auditors will realize greater efficiency and collaboration.


Teams Solution for Frontline Workers in Retail: 2-Week Proof of Concept: C3IT will deliver a proof of concept of its Proceso, featuring a ready-to-use set of retail process templates hosted on Microsoft Azure and accessible within Microsoft Teams. Your frontline workforce and supervisors will realize greater efficiency and collaboration.

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