Azure Marketplace new offers - August 10, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 145 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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42Crunch Developer-First API Security Platform.png

42Crunch Developer-First API Security Platform: 42Crunch lets all teams work collaboratively and keeps unsecure APIs from reaching production with over 300 security checks and continuous scanning for misconfigurations and vulnerabilities. Block unwanted requests from bots and hackers with low-footprint runtime security enforcement.

Active Directory Synchronization Tool - ADSync.png

ADSync: ADSync synchronizes automatically between on-premises Microsoft Azure Active Directory and one or more public identity and access management (IAM) systems. This tool supports all identity management topologies as you find the optimum mix of on-premises and cloud services.

Angular on CentOS 8.5.png

Angular on CentOS 8.5: AngularJS is an application development framework toolset that works perfectly with other libraries. Every feature can be modified or replaced to suit your development workflow needs and each project’s feature requirements.

Angular on Ubuntu 20.04.png

Angular on Ubuntu 20.04: AngularJS is an application development framework toolset that works perfectly with other libraries. Every feature can be modified or replaced to suit your development workflow needs and each project’s feature requirements.


AppScore: AppScore provides an application-centric view of your portfolio so you can migrate to the cloud with speed and certainty. Model cloud costs, quickly build move groups, and dynamically create costed migration plans. Once migrated, AppScore provides application modernization options.

Apptimized Workspaces.png

Apptimized Workspace: Apptimized Workspace is the scalable, low-cost alternative to traditional thick client packaging toolsets. One low monthly fee provides everything needed to discover, package, remediate, test, and store all the applications and packages you need, for all your customers.


Appvia Wayfinder: Appvia's Wayfinder makes container application delivery simple, secure and reduces your time to market by simplifying Kubernetes management. Create and manage Azure Kubernetes Service clusters and enable self-service for developers that is secure, consistent and repeatable.

Aspect by Fosfor.png

Aspect by Fosfor: Aspect mines data from digital, printed, and handwritten documents to help automate business processes and derive insights. Its no-code interface and pre-built cognitive engines let you build and integrate document processing solutions quickly, with just a few samples.

Atgenomix SeqsLab V3.png

Atgenomix SeqsLab V3: Atgenomix SeqsLab lets clinical laboratories manage dataset integration, analysis automation, and workload acceleration while ensuring regulatory compliance. Workflows run faster and scale with parallel processing for performance and fault tolerance.

AvePoint Cloud Records.png

AvePoint Cloud Records: Easily manage your information lifecycle with AvePoint Cloud Records, the centralized platform for electronic and physical records. Automate business rules to create, classify, and retain information without user intervention, managing everything from a centralized dashboard.


Backbase Engagement Banking Platform: Backbase is a unified platform that helps banks create a seamless customer journey on a unified platform. From onboarding through customer service, loyalty, and loan origination, you can surpass customers’ expectations every step of the way.

Blacklock - Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS).png

Blacklock - Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS): Blacklock makes security simple, practical, and approachable with continuous penetration and dynamic application security testing (DAST) that integrates with Microsoft Azure DevOps, Jira, GitHub, and Slack. One time, annual, or continuous testing is all delivered through one platform.

C++ on Ubuntu 18.04.png

C++ on Ubuntu 18.04: With C++ in Visual Studio Community from Apps4Rent, you can create high-performance applications and enjoy a high level of control over system resources and memory. C++ is easy to learn, portable, and can be used for multiple platforms.

Checklist As A Service (Subscription).png

Checklist as a Service (Subscription): Collaborate and track the progress of your recurring tasks with Checklist for Microsoft Teams. With Checklist, managers can monitor their teams in real time and employees enjoy a simple, intuitive tool available on the web and in the desktop and mobile versions of Teams.

Suite Next.png

CiviliaNext: CiviliaNext is a SaaS solution that outlines a strategic plan of execution for public and private entities in Italy seeking to provide cloud infrastructure and services to the public. This application is only available in Italian.


CloudXcellence: Proactively manage your Microsoft Azure subscriptions with CloudXcellence. Decrease cloud costs, optimize performance, and proactively monitor processes from a single dashboard, which includes carbon footprint reporting based on actual use.

ContraForce for Cloud.png

ContraForce for Cloud: ContraForce gives IT teams the ability to scale, grow, and protect their businesses by reducing the time and frustration spent on security operations. A single dashboard provides a holistic overview of your environment and automatic security and thread detection and response.

ContraForce for Endpoint.png

ContraForce for Endpoint: ContraForce gives IT teams the ability to scale, grow, and protect their businesses by reducing the time and frustration spent on security operations. A single dashboard provides a holistic overview of your environment and automatic security and thread detection and response.

ContraForce for Identity.png

ContraForce for Identity: ContraForce gives IT teams the ability to scale, grow, and protect their businesses by reducing the time and frustration spent on security operations. A single dashboard provides a holistic overview of your environment and automatic security and thread detection and response.

ContraForce for SaaS.png

ContraForce for SaaS: ContraForce gives IT teams the ability to scale, grow, and protect their businesses by reducing the time and frustration spent on security operations. A single dashboard provides a holistic overview of your environment and automatic security and thread detection and response.

ContraForce Starter.png

ContraForce Starter: ContraForce gives IT teams the ability to scale, grow, and protect their businesses by reducing the time and frustration spent on security operations. Quickly connect your Microsoft 365 subscription and explore security monitoring and incident response guidance for Exchange, SharePoint, and Teams.

Dispersive Gateway.png

Dispersive Gateway: The DispersiveCloud Optimized Gateway (DCOG) provides military-grade cloud obfuscation and edge-to-cloud security for Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365. By splitting data across multiple streams and dynamically routing data, Dispersive ensures there’s no single path where data can be compromised.

Engagy Ideas.png

Engagy Ideas: With Engagy, your employees can submit ideas for products, services, or process improvements through an easy-to-follow process that’s transparent and encouraging. Benefit from your team’s insights without overwhelming them with excessive emails and unorganized processes.

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud.png

Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud: Transform email signatures into new opportunities with Exclaimer Signature Marketing Cloud. With multiple email signatures, you can target different audience segments with tailored promotional content and get a real-time view of key performance metrics.

Fastpath License Review Tool for D365FO.png

Fastpath License Review Tool for Dynamics 365: Fastpath is a comprehensive licensing solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. The solution analyzes entry point licensing requirements to help determine why each distinct user requires particular licenses as they’re assigned.

Military Vehicle Category Detection API.png

Fightcurrus Military Vehicle Category Detection API: Fightcurrus uses artificial intelligence to recognize military vehicles in photos for use in automatic targeting systems and surveillance and security cameras. You own the resulting JavaScript object notation (JSON) and may use it in your own apps.

GUI on Azure Data Science Hub (DSVM) - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS.png

GUI on Azure Data Science Hub (DSVM) - Ubuntu 20.04 LTS: This graphical user interface (GUI) for Microsoft Azure Data Science Virtual Machine (DVSM) from Ntegral has several popular tools for data exploration, modeling, and development already installed. Its AI/ML environment is available via browser and saves you time, cost, and server administration efforts.


IT Support Ticketing Chatbot: The Ticketing Chatbot from Sahara Watira is an internal process intelligent automation solution built in Microsoft Azure Bot. It runs in Microsoft Teams to help resolve routine tickets and centrally manage assets right from your help desk software.

Julia Workstation 2022 by CrunchYard.png

Julia Workstation 2022 by CrunchYard: This offer from CrunchYard provides Julia Workstation 2022. Julia is an open-source, dynamic programming language that's well-suited for numerical analysis and computational science. You can build entire applications and microservices in Julia.


Jupyter Hub for Face and Object Detection using Python.png

JupyterHub for Face and Object Detection using Python: This offer from Data Science Dojo provides a JupyterHub instance, which gives you an effortless coding environment in the cloud with preinstalled object and face detection Python libraries. You can use it to track attendance, selfie-segmentation, identify criminals, and more.

Jupyter Hub for Robotics using Python.png

JupyterHub for Robotics using Python: Data Science Dojo provides a JupyterHub instance with preinstalled Robotics Python libraries including a separate RobotKernel —a Robot Framework IPython kernel for Jupyter — which reduces the burden of installation and task maintenance.

Jupyter Hub for SQL using Python.png

JupyterHub for SQL using Python: This offer from Data Science Dojo provides a JupyterHub instance, which gives you an effortless coding environment in the cloud with preinstalled Python SQL libraries. Connect to different SQL database management systems and easily manipulate and query data.

Kali Linux on Azure.png

Kali Linux on Azure: This VM preinstalled with Kali Linux (formerly known as BackTrack Linux) is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution aimed at advanced penetration testing and security auditing. Ntegral certifies its images to be always updated, secure, and built to work right out of the box.

Legit Security Platform.png

Legit Security Platform: Secure your software supply chain environment — pipelines, infrastructure, code and people — with Legit Security. This SaaS-based platform combines automated discovery and analysis capabilities with hundreds of security policies to detect issues, score risks, and assist in remediating them.


Matrix99 Metering: Matrix99's aiLake is a Microsoft Azure-based solution for monitoring and managing the consumption, cogeneration, and storage of electricity, water, gas, and heat. It unifies various .NET platforms using .NET CORE 3.0 which allows customers to access a full set of services for modern smart grids.


METIS Platform: From route optimization and weather prediction to cost management, this cloud-based analytics platform from METIS Cyberspace Technology provides real-time, remote monitoring, and vessel performance evaluation for the maritime industry.

WordPress Active Directory _ LDAP Integration.png

miniOrange WordPress Active Directory/LDAP Integration: miniOrange is a simple tool for logging multiple users into WordPress websites using credentials stored in Microsoft Azure Active Directory and other LDAP implementations. It features advanced role and attribute mapping, a custom search filter with group restrictions, and more.


Neo4j: This offer from Data Science Dojo provides Neo4j on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Neo4j is an open-source NoSQL graph database management system for high-performance, scalable analytics, intelligent app development, and advanced AI/ML pipelines.

NetApp Astra Control Service - PAYGO.png

NetApp Astra Control Service: This data protection and mobility solution by Astra Control Service manages, protects, and moves data-rich Kubernetes workloads in public clouds by leveraging NetApp’s technology for snapshots, backups, replication, and cloning.

Node-RED Professional SaaS.png

Node-RED Professional SaaS: This Node-RED SaaS offering is a managed service that can be integrated into your Microsoft Azure environment. Node-RED is a flow-based programming tool that makes it easy to wire together flows using a wide range of nodes in the palette and deploying them with a single click.

Parrot OS 5 on Azure.png

Parrot OS 5 on Azure: This offer from Ntegral provides Parrot OS 5 on Microsoft Azure. Parrot OS is an open-source, Debian-based Linux distribution with several hundred tools to help information security professionals accomplish penetration testing, security research, reverse engineering, and more.

PROS Smart CPQ for Dynamics.png

PROS Smart CPQ for Dynamics 365: Using AI and ML-driven insights, PROS Smart Configure Price Quote (CPQ) for Dynamics 365 helps your sales team personalize product and pricing recommendations and increases their ability to deliver targeted offers that win.

ResumeFree Pay as you Go.png

ResumeFree (Pay as You Go): Driven by data, transparency, and timeliness, ResumeFree screens, ranks, and identifies the top candidates for your job opening, based on your ideal candidate profile. This tool can save up to 15 hours of screening time per week, per role.



Rocky Linux 9.png

Rocky Linux 9: This offer from ProComputers provides Rocky Linux 9 on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Rocky Linux is a community enterprise operating system designed to be 100 percent binary-compatible with CentOS and Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).

Rocky Linux 9 from OpenLogic by Perforce.png

Rocky Linux 9 from OpenLogic by Perforce: This image offered by Perforce provides a minimal version of Rocky Linux 9 from OpenLogic. It contains just enough packages to run within Microsoft Azure, bring up an SSH Server, and allow users to log in.

SlimCloud - Cloud Cost Analytics Through the Business Lens.png

SlimCloud - Cloud Cost Analytics Through the Business Lens: Are you looking to optimize your cloud resources for the best ROI? SlimCloud’s API-driven service can deliver insights via intelligent Microsoft Azure cloud cost-optimization, continuous monitoring, and enhanced predictability.

SMART Performance Management.png

SMART Performance Management: Customized for your organization, Mint’s performance management solution integrates all your data endpoints into a single platform to streamline processes and inspire predictive intelligence. It also helps you stay one step ahead of the competition.

SWOOP Analytics for Microsoft 365.png

SWOOP Analytics for Microsoft 365: Transform how you use Microsoft 365 for collaboration with SWOOP Analytics. SWOOP’s Seven Collaboration Habits will reduce email volumes and guide your team to better practices with Microsoft Teams, Yammer, OneDrive, and SharePoint.

SyncoBox 現場巡檢解決方案.png

SyncoBox: SyncoBox simplifies on-site inspection and operations by seamlessly integrating data from multiple sources, customizing and simplifying forms, and improving communication between personnel and management. This service is available only in Traditional Chinese.

The Scientific Data Engine® Accelerating Drug Development.png

The Scientific Data Engine - Accelerating Drug Development: This Microsoft Azure-powered platform from Scimar One enables pharmaceutical teams to find and operationalize clinical data and accelerate drug development. Its AI-based search tools dramatically reduce cost, time, and risks of moving drugs from Phase 2 to commercialization.

UCMC Sermon Pro.png

UCMC Sermon Pro: Monitor hybrid and multi-cloud environments with this easy-to-use and customizable single-pane-of-glass Sermon Pro solution created by GBM (UCMC). Link your servers in Microsoft Azure or across your data centers and leverage advanced monitoring and automation capabilities.

WADE for Azure.png

WADE for Azure: Shift focus from SQL and data pipeline development and maintenance to data insights with WADE's end-to-end SaaS solution. This service utilizes Microsoft Azure Synapse to unlock the value of your data so you can lower TCO and increase ROI.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Anomaly Detection Platform - 3 Weeks Proof of Concept.png

Anomaly Detection Platform: 3-Week Proof of Concept: PricewaterhouseCoopers will demonstrate its Anomaly Detection Platform, which is fully automated, machine learning-driven, and comes bundled with their risk assurance domains and services. Built on Microsoft Azure, the platform is industry agnostic and easily configured for multiple uses.

App Modernization Sprint Zero on Azure- 2-Week Workshop.png

App Modernization Sprint Zero on Azure: 2-Week Workshop: Compunet will capture your business requirements, identify new capabilities and potential optimizations, and produce a development backlog so you can begin development work on your new product in Microsoft Azure.

Application Infrastructure Migration- 2-day Workshop.png

Application Infrastructure Migration: 2-Day Workshop: In this hands-on workshop, Euvic Solutions will teach IT staff to evaluate existing on-premises applications to prepare for migration to Microsoft Azure. They’ll also learn to monitor and optimize workloads to maximize return on investment and use Azure services to protect and manage virtual machines, applications, and data.

AzConnect Azure Integration Solution- 12-Wk implementation.png

AzConnect Azure Integration Solution: 12-Week Implementation: Eighty20 Solutions will form a hybrid team with your staff to perform joint discovery and create a tailored business process solution with AzConnect. It optimizes workflows and process integrations using Microsoft Azure services such as Azure Logic Apps and Azure Functions.

AzFabric Azure Data Platform Modernisation- 16-Wk implementation.png

AzFabric Azure Data Platform Modernization: 16-Week Implementation: Eighty20 Solutions will form a hybrid team with your staff to modernize your data platform with AzFabric. This solution is ideal if you plan to move to Microsoft Azure or already have, but need to ensure your data platform is ready for exponential growth.


Azure Analytics and Architecture Design: 3-Week Implementation: Business IT will evaluate up to four applications for migration to Microsoft Azure and provide architecture plans that include approximate consumption costs and deployment times. This service is available only in Spanish.


Azure and SQL Server Migration: 3-Week Deployment: Prime DB will analyze your environment and propose a cloud migration solution. Improve performance and reduce costs when deploying Microsoft Azure, Power BI, SQL Server, Microsoft 365, and more. This implementation is only available in Portuguese.

Azure App Modernization-12 Week Implementation.png

Azure App Modernization: 12-Week Implementation: Zensa provides a comprehensive application modernization service with a best practice approach to security, governance, and cost control. With Microsoft Azure DevOps at is core, this service provides the framework for repeatable modernization.

Azure Architecture 4-day Workshop.png

Azure Architecture: 4-Day Workshop: The Conscia Azure Landing Zone architecture workshop will guide your organization through the fundamentals of developing using Microsoft Azure. After the design phase, they will ensure the correct tenants, subscriptions, and resources are in place to deploy workloads worry free.

Azure Cloud Native Design-16-week implementation.png

Azure Cloud Native Design: 16-Week Implementation: Zensa will deliver a modern, cloud-native minimum viable product solution built using advanced Microsoft Azure technologies that is secure and easy to govern. Their approach uses solutions accelerators and seasoned resources to rapidly deliver efficient and scalable solutions.

Azure Continuous Improvement- 3-Month Proof of Concept.png

Azure Continuous Improvement: 3-Month Proof of Concept: CloudServus consultants will help your team understand Microsoft Azure improvements to significantly improve your environment’s security, performance, and cost optimization. Your security posture will be reviewed monthly, and you’ll learn about the latest releases from Microsoft that offer value for your existing Azure deployment.

Azure Integration Services- 1-Month Proof of Concept.png

Azure Integration Services: 1-Month Proof of Concept: 345 Technology will demonstrate the value of integrating with Microsoft Azure for your business. Delivering two of your business use cases, they’ll demonstrate how the integrations provide real value and give you a starting point on which to base production implementation.

Azure Managed Service.png

Azure Managed Service: Let Reliance Infosystems manage the daily administration of your Microsoft Azure resources so you can focus on productivity and profitability. They’ll optimize costs, manage your security and compliance, and ensure all routine responsibilities in your Azure environment are taken care of.

Azure Migration- 2-Month Implementation.png

Azure Migration: 2-Month Implementation: RKON will help you build an integrated cloud foundation to support a connected business environment that’s secure and scalable across your entire organization. Lower your IT costs and reduce your data footprint with an optimized Microsoft Azure cloud architecture.

Azure Services- 4-Wk Implementation.png

Azure Services: 4-Week Implementation: Cable & Wireless Panama will migrate your services to Microsoft Azure and offers simple billing and the flexibility to add or reduce processing power and storage as needed. You’ll have access to a team of certified experts in all available cloud services to support you every step of the way.

Azure Services Mixed Reality- 1 Day Workshop.png

Azure Services Mixed Reality: 1-Day Workshop: This workshop from Sota Consulting Group focuses on Microsoft Azure products and will help you discover opportunities to transform your business using mixed reality. You’ll capture problem statements and map them to desired business outcomes to help build business cases for implementation later.

Azure Stack HCI- 2-Day Consulting Workshop.png

Azure Stack HCI: 2-Day Consulting Workshop: If you’d like to store data in a private cloud and Microsoft Azure as well as on premises, Swisscom can introduce you to many hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) possibilities powered by Microsoft Azure Private Cloud.

Azure Stack HCI- 2-Wk Implementation.png

Azure Stack HCI: 2-Week Implementation: Strategic Online Systems delivers consulting and implementation services for Microsoft Azure Stack HCI (hyperconverged infrastructure). Their deployment engineers will ensure your solution is ready for production workloads and provide training and post-deployment support.

Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Services- 2 weeks Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Managed Services: 2-Week Implementation: Connection will oversee implementation of Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop and manage image creation, cost and performance optimization, monitoring, support, security, and compliance. This comprehensive implementation covers all Azure service dependencies.

Azure VMware Solution Kick Start- 4-Wk Implementation.png

Azure VMware Solution Kick Start: 4-Week Implementation: Comms-care will seamlessly integrate your VMWare environment with Microsoft VMWare Solution so you can plan and enable application modernization with Azure native services. This solution lets you determine the best location for workloads, increasing productivity with elasticity.

Azure Well-Architected Review- half-day workshop.png

Azure Well-Architected Review: Half-Day Workshop: A certified Microsoft Azure cloud architect from Swisscom will review your Azure architecture based on best practices and provide a detailed report with concrete recommendations. You’ll gain insight into any potential risks and can follow up with professional support to close any gaps.


Cloud Foundation Execution Services: 8-Week Implementation: Tata Consultancy Services will evaluate your enterprise before designing and deploying a Microsoft Azure solution using the Cloud Mason framework. Take advantage of a free briefing session to explore the business and technical benefits of your cloud adoption journey.


Cloud Migration and Modernization Services: 8-Week Implementation: Tata Consultancy Services will migrate your applications to Microsoft Azure with TCS Cloud Migration Factory. This solution uses pre-defined templates for common migration steps such as scheduling, tracking, and test plans. Customized dashboards provide real-time statistics and completion status.


Cloud Security: 4-Week Implementation: Campana & Schott will assess your cloud security posture and implement continuous improvements across all major cloud platforms. Focus areas include Microsoft Defender for Cloud, Azure Active Directory, and Microsoft Sentinel.


Connection Enterprise Managed Services Plan for Azure: 3-Week Implementation: Connection’s Enterprise Managed Services Plan’s continuous support includes responses within 30 minutes, eight hours of on-demand service hours, and unlimited support operations onboarding to their cloud management platform.


Consulting for Advanced Microsoft Security Solutions: 4-Week Implementation: Lakeforest Consulting specializes in advanced Microsoft security and management workloads for hybrid customers. In this 4-week engagement, they’ll analyze your business needs, deploy to Microsoft Azure based on the agreed-upon scope, and train your IT staff.


Energy Management and Sustainability: 8-Week Proof of Concept: NTT DATA Services will demonstrate energy efficiency and sustainability enhancements for your organization. Their solution includes over 500 system and equipment connectors, a 3D facility and asset visualizer, and an analytics engine that detects and predicts operational issues.


Enterprise Data Platform for Snowflake on Azure: 7-Week Implementation: Pythian will implement their enterprise data platform Quickstart for Snowflake on Microsoft Azure. It simplifies cloud data services and makes your data available for analysis using tools like Microsoft Power BI.


Enterprise Revenue Forecast Manager: 20-Week Implementation: The Dean Dorton Enterprise Revenue Forecast Manager is a cost-effective way to import healthcare organizations’ data into Microsoft Azure Data Lakes and present it via a custom plug-in for Microsoft Excel. Implementation includes customizations for your organization’s specific needs as well as training and follow-up support.


Integrated Data Management with Azure Health Data Services: 2-Hour Workshop: A team of experts from ZS will present Common Components Framework (CCF) guiding principles, integrated data management architecture, and a case study of an integrated data management solution for a health plan, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Azure Sentinel MSSP SOC Service-10-Days implementation.png

Microsoft Sentinel MSSP SOC Service: 10-Day Implementation: Hacknowledge will tailor their Microsoft Sentinel-based managed security service to increase your organizational visibility into security so you can better respond to threats. It comes configured with more than 20 detection use cases and you’ll meet regularly for reviews and to give feedback and new requirements.


Migration Planning: 3-Week Workshop: Softchoice will perform a technical scan of your data center to understand the technical requirements for your application workloads and any dependencies they have. This reduces the risk of migrating to Microsoft Azure by ensuring all workloads are moved with all technical components intact.


Salesforce Utility for Data Ingestion: 1-Week Implementation: Bizmetric will conduct a weeklong audit of your data before ingesting it into Salesforce using Microsoft Azure. This detailed analysis covers all downstream and linked data, and Bizmetric will present cost and resource analysis once the custom utility is deployed.


Secure Design for Digital Transformation: IBM Security Services will help your organization adopt development, security, and operations (DevSecOps) practices. Take full advantage of the agility and responsiveness of a DevOps approach with IT Security playing an integral role.


Semantic Analysis: 4-Hour Workshop: OAKS will demonstrate semantic analysis and explain how you can use it to optimize client and prospect data. Case studies include retail, public administration, communication, and health services clients they’ve developed tools for using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning.

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AirGate Data Governance: 4-Week Assessment with Microsoft Purview

Asset NxT

AUO Digitech Smart Grid Intelligent Cloud Energy Data Monitoring

Azure Migration: 2- to 4-Week Assessment

Azure Networking: 2-Week Assessment

Azure Security Posture: 2-Week Assessment

BMS - Bot Management System

Capgemini Defender Operational Technology: 4-Week Assessment

Capital Data - Azure Signature Services  

Cloud Hosting and Application Modernization: 60-Day Assessment

Cloud Shopfloor Intelligence: Azure IoT Application Package Including Sensors and Connectivity

Cloud Strategy Decision Services: 6-Week Assessment   

Comarch Wealth Management 

ContraForce for Network

ContraForce Starter

Damovo Direct Routing as a Service

Deeeptrack Asset Tracking Solution

DevOps and SRE Readiness: 1-Month Assessment Project



ePlus Azure Assessment

Equinix Network Edge as a Service

Ericsson Private 5G

Exclaimer Signature Appointments Power Up

Exclaimer Signature Feedback Power Up

EY Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Accelerator

Farsight DNSDB

Flyingnets MSSP


HCL Cyber Defense for the Cloud

Imperva Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) v14 LTS


KSAT Global Ground Station Network Services

Managed Application Delivery

Managed Detection and Response with Microsoft Sentinel: 2-Hour Assessment

Managed Services for Azure Lighthouse: Partner Admin Link (PAL)

MDE Security Operation Center (SOC)

Microsoft Teams on Iristick

Monitoring and Control of Industrial Devices with IoT: 4-Week Assessment

MT-2005 Backup as a Service


OS GIR (Global Identity Repository)

OST - CSP Subscription Management

OST - Managed Services

Person-Centered Intelligence Solution

Smart Spaces - Desk Booking App

SQL Modernization: 2-Week Assessment

Synoptek Data Analytics: 2-Week Assessment

TCS Adaptive Knowledge Bank

Thinking Machine IT and Telecom Cost-Savings Platform

Ucampus for University

uOPC PubSub Bridge

vRealize Operations Cloud Appliance - Cloud Proxy

Web Application Modernization using Azure: 2-Hour Briefing

Wipro Clinical Feasibility and Biomarker Hub

Wipro Collaborative Care Platform - Improving Patient Adherence

Wipro Sustainable Software Defined Infrastructure

XCNimbus - Azure Cloud Management Portal     

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