Azure Marketplace new offers – April 20, 2022
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We continue to expand the Azure Marketplace ecosystem. For this volume, 134 new offers successfully met the onboarding criteria and went live. See details of the new offers below:


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Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.png

Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Cognosys provides this preconfigured image of Apache Web Server on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for Microsoft Azure. Deploy a self-managed Apache web server community edition at minimal cost while enjoying the benefits of enterprise-grade security.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Advanced CCU.png

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Advanced CCU: Deploy apps and desktops at scale to any device with Citrix's advanced concurrent user licensing model. Built on Microsoft Azure, this virtual desktop infrastructure solution allows you to manage all your environments from one cloud-based location.

Datto Remote Monitoring and Management for MSPs.png

Datto Remote Monitoring and Management for MSPs: This solution allows you to manage multiple endpoints with the flexibility to monitor and mitigate risk with a centralized view. It provides a modern user experience with intuitive navigation, powerful search, and insightful dashboards.

Easy Body Fit.png

Easy Body Fit: Delight shoppers, boost sales, and reduce merchandise returns with this AI-powered Easy Body Fit sizing app. The body scan solution generates perfect 3D measurements and can help your customers find a flawless fit and style, while gathering crucial consumer intelligence.

EVA Unified Commerce Consulting Sprint.png

EVA Unified Commerce Consulting Sprint: This offer provides brands and retailers insight into EVA's SaaS solution on Microsoft Azure. EVA is a global commerce platform that ensure a seamless shopping experience by designing customer-centric architecture for running instore logistics and order flows. 

Evertrack for Information Security.png

Evertrack for Information Security: Evertrack is an AI-powered productivity management platform designed to help managers efficiently monitor, measure, track, and classify their teams' activities. Evertrack, available only in Portuguese, is 100 percent LGPD compliant.

Evertrack for IT Inventory Management.png

Evertrack for IT Inventory Management: Evertrack for IT inventory management supports supervision of employees by combining centralized operations with information security data. Get an overview of your company's micro and macro landscape. This application is available only in Portuguese.

Evertrack for Operational Insights.png

Evertrack for Operational Insights: This solution centralizes operational, IT, HR and information security insights so you can easily manage your employees and boost their productivity with data-driven and targeted strategies. Evertrack for Operational Insights is available only in Portuguese.

Fish Crowd Detection API.png

Fish Crowd Detection API: This solution detects a school of fish and other marine life from an input photo using AI. The Fish Crowd Detection API can be useful in developing applications for deep sea exploration and building submerged surveillance cameras for fishing ships.

Forecast Platform- ML DevOps Service .png

Forecast Platform: ML DevOps Service: Utilizing Microsoft Azure services and reference architectures, HMS Analytical Software covers the complete project lifecycle from ideation and feasibility analysis to the operationalization of a strategic enterprise-grade manufacturing intelligence platform.

IP Restriction by miniOrange.png

IP Restriction by miniOrange: This solution enables easy setup of adaptive authentication methods for extra security. Configure a list of IP addresses to allow or deny access when a user tries to login into any of the applications configured with adaptive authentication, limit the number of devices, and more.


Jekyll: This offer from Niles Partners provides Jekyll, a static html page generator, on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine. Written in Ruby, Jekyll enables clutter-free and effortless site building by rendering markdown or textile templates so you can publish static pages in one go.


LCMS: With LCMS, system providers can dispatch software updates to devices. It also provides a mechanism to avoid man-in-the-middle attacks. Additionally, it verifies the software is issued by a trusted source. This can prevent malware from being installed and damaging your devices.

Lookout Cloud Security.png

Lookout Cloud Security: Lookout Cloud Access Security Broker provides advanced security monitoring and control for Microsoft Office 365 and other cloud collaboration platforms. Integrated with Azure Information Protection (AIP) it offers deep visibility and end-to-end data protection and compliance.

Magento Ready with Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04.png

Magento Ready with Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04: readymind offers this optimized Microsoft Azure virtual machine instance of Magento with Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04. Magento is an open-source e-commerce platform. This app is available only in Spanish.


MediaWiki: This offer provides MediaWiki on a Microsoft Azure virtual machine and is powered by Niles Partners. MediaWiki is a free and open-sources software designed to run on server farms and suited to power collaborative websites with various anti-spam and anti-vandalism extensions.

Migrate to Azure Virtual Desktop -2 week POC.png

Migrate to Azure Virtual Desktop: 2-Week Proof of Concept: Hexaware offers an implementation trial to experience Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop first-hand. It leverages Azure Virtual Desktop to build a turnkey, virtual workspace proposition that solves remote work issues and improves user experience.

Opigno LMS + Support.png

Opigno LMS + Support: This offer provides Opigno LMS with support from ATH Infosystems. Opigno is an open source, Drupal-based learning management system that offers engaging and fun lessons tailored to your specific environment, industry, and business objectives.

People Smoking Blur API.png

People Smoking Blur API: This solution detects, localizes, and blurs people smoking objects from an input photo using AI. The smoking objects must be focalized, unobstructed, with the details very clear. Pictures are not stored. Also, the photo quality and angles contribute to a higher reading accuracy.

People Smoking Detection API.png

People Smoking Detection API: This solution detects people smoking objects from an input photo using AI. The smoking objects must be focalized, unobstructed, with the details very clear. Pictures are not stored. Also, the photo quality and angles contribute to a higher reading accuracy.

Cross Platform CLI Framework pi-cli.png

pi-cli - Cross Platform CLI Framework: pi-cli is Perpetual Intelligence's cross-platform framework for building command-line systems or interface (CLI) in the .NET ecosystem. Create CLIs with a few flags or advanced CLIs with organization commands, command groups, and subcommands.

PostgreSQL 13.3 on CentOS Stream 8.0.png

PostgreSQL 13.3 on CentOS Stream 8.0: Optimized for production environments on Microsoft Azure, this EuroDB minimal image containing PostgreSQL 13.3 on CentOS Stream 8.0 from EuroLinux is designed to support the most demanding applications. 

PostgreSQL 13.3 with EuroDB modules on CentOS Stream 8.0.png

PostgreSQL 13.3 with EuroDB Modules on CentOS Stream 8.0: This image offered by EuroLinux provides PostgreSQL 13.3 with EuroDB modules on CentOS Stream 8.0. EuroDB modules significantly expand the capabilities of the engine beyond those available in standard PostgreSQL database.

Privacy Analytics Eclipse - Enterprise.png

Privacy Analytics Eclipse - Enterprise: Eclipse empowers healthcare organizations to automate de-identification of data at scale, significantly simplifying an expert determination approach (as defined under HIPAA guidance) to safely share and reuse data, while protecting individual privacy.

Python on Ubuntu 20.04.png

Python on Ubuntu 20.04: This offer from Apps4Rent provides Python on Ubuntu 20.04. Python is a widely used programming language with a wide array of applications ranging from building websites, software, and games to programming networks.

Sea Mine Detection API.png

Sea Mine Detection API: Intended for military and naval training, this cross-browser REST API uses artificial intelligence to detect and classify underwater or floating mines from an input photo using AI. An online app may be used to check the input and output JSONs of the API.

Secured DreamFactory on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.png

Secured DreamFactory on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: This is a REST API for SQL and NoSQL databases, file storage, cache, email, and push notifications. Using DreamFactory, developers can build mobile, web, and IoT applications without hand coding APIs. Deploy DreamFactory instead of a vanilla install.


SilverStripe: This offer from Niles Partners provides SilverStripe, an enhanced content management system that provides authors with an intuitive AJAX-based web interface, while developers can leverage modern programming techniques like OOP, MVC, and ORM with the robust PHP-based framework.

Supermetrics for Azure Synapse.png

Supermetrics for Azure Synapse: Supermetrics’ data integration solution makes it easy to move marketing data from different platforms to Azure Synapse or Azure Storage Container. Automated data pipelines enable you to trial and then purchase this SaaS offer at a fixed annual rate.


Tanium: Tanium's enterprise platform helps organizations gain visibility and control in real time across all endpoints regardless of their number or location. Turbocharge your security team’s capabilities so they can proactively hunt for new vulnerabilities and threats operations.

Go further with workshops, proofs of concept, and implementations

Azure ARC Hybrid Cloud Management- 4-Week Pilot Implementation.png

Azure Arc Hybrid Cloud Management: 4-Week Pilot Implementation: Collect and aggregate your operational data across a hybrid datacenter environment while modernizing infrastructure and operations into a single pane of glass with Cyclotron's pilot implementation.

Azure Cloud Migration- 8-Week  Implementation.png

Azure Cloud Migration: 8-Week Implementation: Achieve better scalability, security, and versatility with this cost-effective and sustainable migration to Microsoft Azure. VENZO's certified professionals will guide you throughout your cloud journey.

Azure Data Warehouse- 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Azure Data Warehouse: 6-Week Proof of ConceptIn this engagement, Unify will work with your organization to align business, data, and analytics goals while developing a data warehouse strategy and proof of concept to support your self-service reporting needs.


Azure DevOps Services Offerings- 8-Week basic implementation.png

Azure DevOps Services Offerings: 8-Week Basic Implementation: Huco Fzco will help you optimize your development and delivery pipelines securely and enable you to bring your innovations to market faster using Microsoft Azure. Decrease time to market with seamless automated application delivery.

Azure Digital Business Transformation- 8-Week Implementation.png

Azure Digital Business Transformation: 8-Week Implementation: This offer from Publicis Sapient will include the foundational landing zone design and buildout on Microsoft Azure, including a defined business transformation strategy of leveraging Azure cloud services.

Azure Sentinel- 4-Week Workshop.png

Azure Sentinel: 4-Week Workshop: The experts from &Partners will provide an overview of Microsoft Azure Sentinel along with insights on active threats to your Microsoft 365 cloud and on-premises environments. You’ll gain end-to-end expertise, cost savings, audits, and more.

Microsoft Virtual Desktop- 10-Day Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop: 10-Day Implementation: CruicalLogics will bring the power of cloud-native resource management to your organization with the design, planning, introduction and management of Azure Virtual Desktop. This offer will devise a functioning platform and identify key deliverables.

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) for Healthcare and Life Sciences- 4-Week Implementation.png

Azure Virtual Desktop for Healthcare and Life Sciences: 4-Week Implementation: In this offer, boxxe provides a range of modern, cost-effective, and flexible Azure Virtual Desktop services designed for the healthcare industry, so your staff can connect securely and provide services from anywhere.

Azure Virtual Desktop Pilot- 12-Day Proof of Concept.png

Azure Virtual Desktop Pilot: 12-Day Proof of Concept: Allow Phoenix to architect, deploy, and manage performant End User Computing (EUC) solutions to cope with the high demands of the modern, mobile workforce. This pilot offer is for up to 40 users to test and begin their move to Azure Virtual Desktop.

BSG Power BI Administrator- 4-Hour Implementation Support.png

Power BI Administrator from BSG: 4-Hour Implementation: Administrate your Microsoft Power BI tenant and back up and restore your artifacts in Power BI by leveraging Azure Blob Storage and Azure Functions with this offering from BSgroup. Monitor your user activity and store it for later analysis.

Business Opportunities with Azure- Half-Day Workshop.png

Business Opportunities with Azure: Half-Day Workshop: This offering is only available in French. A Softcom Technologies Microsoft Azure cloud expert will help you identify opportunities to use Azure to help digitalize your business. Learn what it takes to set up Azure and more.

Citrix on Azure Deployment Services- 7-Day Implementation.png

Citrix on Azure Deployment Services: 7-Day Implementation: Wordtext Systems will help deploy Citrix virtualization on Microsoft Azure so your IT team can have the flexibility of delivering enterprise-class VDI infrastructure services for Windows apps and desktops with the benefits of cloud elasticity.

Cloud for Marketing by 55 -full day use case Workshop.png

Cloud for Marketing by 55: 1-Day Workshop: The objective of this workshop from 55 is to define the marketing data architecture and organization you need to implement the top priority use cases to meet your goals. Fully control the tools, data sources, and algorithms that inform your marketing decisions.

Customer Data Platform AI + ML Data Intelligence- 6-Week Proof of Concept.png

Customer Data Intelligence Platform: 6-Week Proof of Concept: This offer from Publicis Sapient provides a real-time, unified intelligent insights view into your customer data by leveraging Microsoft Azure data, machine learning, and analysis services. The solution is focused on the retail and media industries.

Cyber Resilience with SAP on Azure.png

Cyber Resilience with SAP on Azure: This service from Kyndryl’s integrates the cloud-native environment of Microsoft Azure with Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Defender and other custom services to ensure your business data from SAP is protected.

Data & AI Consulting Services- 3-Month Implementation.png

Data & AI Consulting Services: 3-Month Implementation: Inetum-Realdolmen will set up a modern data platform on Microsoft Azure so you can move past traditional reports and dashboards to building industry-level business analytics apps powered by AI and ML.

DevOps Modernization- 2-Day Workshop.png

DevOps Modernization: 2-Day Workshop: Active Solution will combine analytic design methods and qualitative assessments to identify your business objectives, user roles, and needs, resulting in a roadmap for a more comprehensive and efficient Azure DevOps process.

Digital Identity Framework- 5-Week Implementation.png

Digital Identity Framework: 5-Week Implementation: Gain a global view of your organization’s user identities and protect your applications with Neudesic's solution. Their experts will enable multifactor authentication through Microsoft Azure Active Directory and deploy an Azure landing zone.

Digital Twin- 10-Week Proof of Concept.png

Digital Twin: 10-Week Proof of Concept: OpenSistemas will demonstrate how to make your product lifecycles and factory processes predictive, prescriptive, and self-aware. Utilizing Microsoft Azure IoT services you will learn to visualize and contextualize data on a virtual asset for sophisticated analytics.

Disaster Recovery in Azure- 5-Week Implementation.png

Disaster Recovery in Azure: 5-Week Implementation: Get trained on how to deploy a disaster recovery solution to keep your workloads and data safe in this implementation from AMTRA. Remediation of workloads on Microsoft Azure and DR solution compatibility are part of this cost-effective offer.

GitHub Enablement- 1-Week Proof of Concept .png

GitHub Enablement: 1-Week Proof of Concept: Drive a cost-optimized, secure, and Microsoft Azure-ready GitHub migration journey with Insight’s offering. Insight will work with you to scope, plan, and execute a proof of concept of GitHub Enterprise and selected DevOps processes and apps on Azure.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) on Microsoft Azure- 3-Week Implementation.png

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) on Microsoft Azure: 3-Week Implementation: To address the issue of error-prone and time-consuming manual infrastructure setting, eliminating human error, VOLO offers Infrastructure as Code implementation along with configuration management for Azure.

Managed Sentinel XDR- 1-Week Implementation .png

Managed Azure Sentinel Extended Detection Response: 1-Week Implementation: HTG will utilize Microsoft Azure security tools to deliver managed detection and response services in real-time so you can respond effectively against cyber events, including phishing, malware and ransomware attacks.

Microsoft Azure + Nutanix Frame- 5-Day Workshop.png

Microsoft Azure + Nutanix Frame: 5-Day Workshop: Egroup will show you how to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to quickly and easily deploy hundreds or thousands of Nutanix Frame-based applications and desktops as needed without the burdens of infrastructure management.

Master Data Management- 4-Day Profisee Workshop.png

Profisee Master Data Management: 4-Day Workshop: QS2’s customized Master Data Management workshop can be used as quick start for your data governance journey. The workshop environment is built using Profisee MDM running in QS2’s Microsoft Azure training environment.

Rise Technology - App Modernization- 4-Week Implementation.png

Rise Technology - App Modernization: 4-Week Implementation: Rise Technology will partner with you in your modernization projects by systematically reviewing a variety of environments and infrastructure and mapping their features and functionality to Microsoft Azure workloads.

Rise Technology - Cloud Native App Redesign- 28-Week Implementation.png

Rise Technology - Cloud Native App Redesign: 28-Week Implementation: Accelerate business outcomes with Rise Technology's app redesign services. Utilizing Azure Kubernetes Service and microservices architecture you will learn how to create end-to-end CI/CD pipelines and automate processes.

The Data Value Capture- 1-Day Workshop.png

The Data Value Capture: 1-Day Workshop: By combining design thinking, industry and domain-specific expertise, and a set of accelerators that reside on the Microsoft Azure platform, Wavicle Data Solutions will identify opportunities and develop a value-based roadmap for modernizing your data platform.

Thinkubator- 8-Week Implementation.png

Thinkubator: 8-Week Implementation: Sogeti’s Intelligent Experience Thinkubator will implement a chatbot using Azure Cognitive Services to accelerate your business outcomes and AI digital transformation initiatives. Key focus areas include vision, speech, language, knowledge, and search.

WatServ IoT Blueprint- 4-Week Discovery Workshop.png

WatServ IoT Blueprint: 4-Week Discovery Workshop: Data engineers from WatServ will help you get clarity on your next IoT project using the power of the Microsoft Azure IoT platform. Unlock the full value of your data to meet your current and future business objectives.

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Azure Application Migration: 2-Day Assessment

Azure Discovery Service: 6-Week Assessment

Azure Governance: 4-Week Assessment

Azure Migration Readiness: 1-Week Assessment

Azure Platform Foundation and Landing Zone: 2-Hour Briefing

Azure Sentinel: Managed Services

Azure Virtual Desktop: 3-Day Assessment

Birlasoft iSight Platform

Calastone Funds Network

Calastone Money Market Services

Clea AI & IoT Solution

Client Lifecycle Management: Automated AML and KYC Compliance

Cloud Wallet: Take Control of Your Cloud Spend

Cyber Resilience Maturity: 2- to 3-Week Assessment

Cytomate Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

Data & AI Discovery: 10-Day Assessment

Data Estate: 5-Week Assessment

Data Management & Governance: 12-Week Assessment

Data Strategy: 10-Day Assessment

Datacenter Transformation: 3-Week Assessment

Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure (DCMA) for MSPs

Datto SaaS Defense for Microsoft 365 for MSPs

Demand Forecasting SaaS Offering

DevSecOps: 4-Week Assessment

Distributed Market Infrastructure (DMI) Fund Services

DWH/BI Architecture: 4-Week Assessment

eMeetings Platform

Enterprise Microsoft Adoption: 1-Day Assessment

EY Data Fabric

EY Lifecycle Navigation (EY Lion)

F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense Service Node

FHIR Jumpstart

Hackrate Pentest-as-a-Service

Harbor Exporter Packaged by Bitnami

HCL Accelerate on Azure: 1-Hour Briefing

Hybrid Cloud Transformation Using Stack HCI & Azure Arc: 3-Week Assessment

IBM Consulting Global Azure App Modernization OpenShift Services

IBM Consulting Global Azure Cloud Native Services


KUDO for Microsoft Teams

Lead with Data: 10-Day Assessment

Link Retail Video Analytics

Managed Detection & Response

Managed SOC with CARE

Microsoft Azure Sentinel SOC Services: 8-Week Assessment

Modern Tech Ops Maturity: 2-Hour Assessment

NVISO Managed Security for SME

NXLog AIX Audit for Azure Sentinel

OpenText RightFax

Project Management Automation Tools

Retail Forecasting

Rise App Modernization: 1-Week Assessment

SecureKi Privileged Access Management Solution

SMB Microsoft Adoption: 1-Day Assessment

StormForge Optimize

Streamwise D.I. Solution

Sybase to Azure SQL Database: 5-Week Assessment

Synergy Indicata: Grant Management Software

Synergy Indicata: Portfolio Management, Monitoring & Evaluation Software

Synergy PFM: Integrated Public Financial Management


TradLinx ShipGo

VenueArc - Automated Contract Generator

VenueArc - Clientele Management

VenueArc - Venue Booking Calendar

Verified Biometric Authentication

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