Sharing Insights with Managers of Less than 10 People

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Hi Everyone! 

Can anyone share what their organization has been doing to communicate insights to leaders? Particularly when the leader has a small team and cannot use the Viva Insights functionality that is built in? Do your HR Business Partners have access to dashboards and review metrics about the Org as a whole or business unit with managers?

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Hi @VI_Migration

I remember seeing a post that you have started using/playing with the Ways of Working Assessment. We've found this to be an effective in-road into insightful metrics for leaders across the company.

We approached relevant Business Unit leaders/HR BP's from specific clusters (or internal organizations/groups) - and presented the WoW Assessment to them, allowing time for Q&A etc. This whet the appetite and often resulted in follow up sessions and/or a request for more specific team/department reports. This method was so successful that it made it's way through word-of-mouth to the CEO. We were invited to a sit-down with the CEO to go through the entire company WoW Assessment, and has since resulted in a commitment from the EXCO to embarking on a "meeting-free" Wednesday afternoon for a trial period in 2022. 

Considering that we are approximately 8 fully active months into Viva Insights, this is a huge win for our small team, and has started unlocking more opportunities to uncover further bespoke analysis and insights.

With regards to team sizes - I believe that the upcoming updates of Manager and Leader Insights from Viva may start helping with some of these anomalies. Alternatively - look at completing custom analysis which maintains privacy - I've not yet looked into this, but it may be an option.