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Hi everyone! We have started demoing Viva Insights in teams with a couple of HR managers before we roll out to the wider organization. So far I have received a few questions:

1) Is there any way to do a filter by dates? For example at the end of the month our payroll and accounting teams are always required to work overtime and it would be interesting for managers to know if their employees were being impacted in other periods as well.

2) Is there any plan to incorporate emails sent by a shared account into individual metrics? We use a lot of shared accounts in our organization and as such the metrics may be very understated for some teams.

3) We also have employees that respond to employees via Bot on Teams. Is there any way to capture these numbers?

4) Is there a way to see a team's evolution over time? For example can I see if my team's after hours collaboration is increasing or decreasing?

5) Did your managers have a lot of questions about the metrics? Did you roll out a one-pager explaining what a long/large/bloated meeting etc is?

Thank you!

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HI @VI_Migration , from my understanding none of the above is currently available within Viva Insights - Ways of Working Assessment and Tracker probably speak to points 1 and 4.

Point 2 - I'm thinking that as long as the user/mailbox has the sufficient license - it might be possible?

Point 3 might be something you should add to the Ideas board. 

With regards to point 5, yes, we send additional definitions with our completed decks. 

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Hi @VI_Migration, the capabilities you are looking for aren't available in the Manager Insights Teams app, but they are available using Custom Queries within Advanced Insights.

1. You can choose a custom date range on custom queries, the default options are a set time range (1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year) but to the left of that option is the option to change it to a custom date range.

2. This is on the product roadmap but the team does not have an ETA yet.

3. The bot is not a measured (licensed) collaborator so these messages received from this bot would be unclassified (internal) so they can't be captured, unfortunately.

4. Yes you can run a custom query and choose the after hours collaboration as the metric and then choose a specific organization or team in the filter options to narrow down the query to only look at that team or organization.

5. I can't speak to what other partners or customers have done in this scenario but I'd imagine a one-pager or a quick slide deck would be a great way to explain what these metrics are to upper management. You can reference the Metrics Definitions documentation here: Metric definitions | Microsoft Docs