Leader Insights License Requirement

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Hello friends. Do Insights Business Leaders require a Viva Insights license in order to see the "My Org" tab in the Viva Insights Teams App? 

While our documentation implies that yes they do need a Viva Insights license in order to see the "My Org" tab, in practice, I'm finding that's not the case from testing in my environment. Based on my testing, as long as the leader has the "Insights Business Leader" role assigned, they can see the My Org tab. 


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You are correct, they do need the "Insights Business Leader" role assigned. I will check with our product team to see if they can clear up the confusion here.

Great, thank you Jake! 

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Hi @VI_Migration I heard back from the product team. A customer needs both things to be able to see My Org in the Teams app: Viva Insights license AND the Insights Business Leader Role.

Thanks Jake - is it more of an honor system? Presently, in our testing, a user without an Insights license but with the "Insights Business Leader" role is able to view My Org.