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can you explain what is difference between Manager and Leader minimum group size. 

As I understand

- Manager is a person who can see My Team tab in MS Teams. 

- Leader is a person who can see My organisation tab in MS Teams. 

So what is the reason to set minimum group size for Leader as he can see whole organisation insight. Also, what is the reason to set minimum group size for Manager as he can set his own group with less than 10 employees. 


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best response confirmed by Jake_Caddes (Microsoft)

Qualifying managers and leaders can be enabled with access to Group insights that show the anonymous and aggregated working patterns of teams. The minimum group size configuration sets the size of the smallest team for which Group insights can be provided. Only managers with spans of control larger than this minimum group size qualify for these insights.

This setting is less relevant to Leaders who are enabled to view insights at the company level, but it does prevent unintentional access to group insights for small teams in the event of potential license assignment and other configuration changes. 

Hello, Thank you for reply.

I would like to clarify one more issue related to the topic. On customer production environment we have two similar settings, one is in Privacy Tab and second is in Manager settings

Privacy Tabimage

Manager settings image

From my understanding, My Organisation tab should display information about the whole organisation without any connection to groups in the organisation. Does it mean that if Tenant minimum group size is set to 5 and the organisation has 10 departments with only 4 users the reports in My Organisation tab will not include these 10 departments?  

The second question is related to Minimum Team size. Does the setting concern Group insight or Team insight? 

best response confirmed by Jake_Caddes (Microsoft)

The minimum group size setting for leaders and managers impacts the "Groups most impacted" functionality (see an example here: Boost engagement in Viva Insights | Microsoft Docs). This feature identifies a set of opportunity groups with the most room for improvement within the organization (amongst groups larger than your minimum group size setting).

Note, this feature is available within both the My Organization page in the Teams app, as well as in the Advanced Insights experience for analysts. Each surface has its own configuration setting.

If the minimum group size is set to 10 and the organization has a department with less than 10 members, then that department will be excluded from any Groups Most Impacted results. Additionally, the people leader that heads that department will not be eligible for Group Insights. That said, the insights presented in the My Organization tab are computed for the company as a whole and will not fall below the minimum group size setting.