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Recently, we gathered some members of our Content Services Partner Program in Redmond to converse about the state of content management – how our partnerships leverage unique solutions to address customer needs and how Project Cortex and artificial intelligence (AI) present an exciting opportunity in the near future.


Watch the interview series on the Microsoft Tech Community Resource Center.


Accenture & Avanade

Florin Rotar, leader of Avanade and Accenture’s global modern workplace practice in the Accenture/Microsoft Business Group

The Accenture/Microsoft Business Group (AMBG) is the next iteration of how Accenture, Avanade, and Microsoft are teaming up to bring enterprise services to their customers. Customers are changing the way they think about knowledge management and content from a technology driven approach to a focus on knowledge, extraction, and retention as top business priorities. The key shift in the next 5 to 10 years is putting people first, using technology to empower them while considering the importance of digital ethics.


Information Leadership

Mark Watson, Microsoft 365 Practice Lead, Information Leadership

Winner of the 2019 Microsoft New Zealand Partner of the Year: Empowering Employees Award, Information Leadership is New Zealand’s premier ACM deployment services vendor. They provide organizations with the tools, methodologies, and training to deliver proven records, content, and knowledge management solutions. They see that knowledge today is about getting away from traditionally curated knowledge management and dissolving the risks involved. What’s exciting to Information Leadership going forward is leveraging hooks for AI to automate content to deliver it to end users.



Antonio Maio, Associate Director and Senior Enterprise Architect, Protiviti

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, Protiviti focuses primarily on helping customers with digital transformation initiatives, defining their strategy, and creating roadmaps for their transition to Microsoft 365. Today they see 99% of their customers looking to transition to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint. Along that journey, customers shift their content management priorities to modern technology sites, libraries, and lists, which enable them to build automations and solutions that drive efficiency. Looking forward, the next opportunity comes when most businesses have transitioned to the cloud, unlocking the potential to leverage machine learning in new ways.



Balu Herbert, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Proventeq, and Rakesh Chenchery, Chief Technical Officer, Proventeq

Proventeq, a Microsoft Gold Partner, helps organizations transition to Intelligent Workplaces built upon Microsoft 365 and Azure. They specialize in intelligent migration or automation from non-Microsoft platforms to Microsoft 365. Helping their customers to consolidate and rationalize their data with the right set of classifications using AI and deep learning models is a hot topic today. An exciting opportunity going forward is an evolution from simple document management to gaining value from deeper knowledge and insights.


Circle T Industries

Hamish Toll, Founder and Director, Circle T Industries

Circle T Industries is a Microsoft Gold Partner focused on the Microsoft stack around collaboration on the Microsoft 365 platform. In the past 5 years, customer expectations have shifted from on-premise storage to cloud solutions. Circle T helps their customers transition to SharePoint, enabling people to work in more intelligent ways with their content to solve business problems. Looking forward, Circle T’s goal is moving clients beyond storage and search, to being able to anticipate, predict, and help people be more creative.


Crawford Technologies

Mike Zimmer, Partner Sales Manager, Crawford Technologies

Crawford Technologies is a Microsoft Partner that specializes in helping companies print and store documents in Microsoft 365. One of the unique benefits that Crawford Technologies offers is the ability to migrate large quantities of print information stored on mainframes, such as credit card statements from 10 or 20 years ago, to Microsoft 365 environments. Moving away from expensive and inflexible mainframes helps companies improve access to archived information while reducing costs.



Noorez Khamis, VP of Technology, Creospark

Creospark helps their customers embrace the technology with the way each employee connects, collaborates, and communicates. A content management trend seen by their customers is the opportunity to choose best-of-breed content services like Microsoft 365. A current challenge for many customers, like small municipalities, is that they aren’t on the cloud yet, limiting their ability to cut costs through new automation features they want to access. In the next 5 years, Creospark sees opportunity in leveraging the new Microsoft 365 Content Services offerings to streamline customer processes.


d.velop AG

Markus Butterhoff, Product Owner for Microsoft Solutions, d.velop AG, and Stefan Osterkamp, Business Development Manager for Microsoft Solutions, d.velop AG

d.velop AG believes in driving customer success by connecting people with systems to enable optimized business processes and optimizations. Advantages of adopting d.velop solutions are that they combine the great functionalities of Microsoft 365 like sharing and collaboration, with custom functionalities such as contract management. Looking forward to the future, they’re excited by the possibility of leveraging new functionalities like AI and blockchain to rethink processes altogether.


Watch the interview series on the Microsoft Tech Community Resource Center. To learn more about our partners and this partner program, visit the Microsoft Content Services Partner Program page.

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