Hello .NET 5.0 & What’s New in .NET 5.0

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All the .NET developers are so excited to use .NET 5.0 from today, released couple of minutes before in .Net Conf 2020 (10th November 2020).

They have skipped the name “Core” and “Framework” to avoid the confusion, this version supports both Core and Entity Framework

Simply download the SDK from here and install - https://dotnet.microsoft.com/download/dotnet/5.0

Once installed verify the version by - dotnet --version


.NET 5.0 development is supported in Visual Studio 2019, 16.8 update.

What’s new in .NET 5.0?

support for building high-performance cloud applications.

  • High performance.
  • Side-by-side installation.
  • Small project files (SDK-style).
  • Java interoperability will be available on all platforms.

Roadmap of upcoming .NET Releases

.NET 5.0 2020 NOVEMBER

.NET 6.0 2021 NOVEMBER

.NET 7.0 2022 NOVEMBER

.NET 8.0 2023 NOVEMBER

Benefits of Windows Desktop application with .NET 5.0

Benefits of Xamarin Forms application with .NET 5.0


Compatibility matrix of .NET 5.0

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