Tuesdays with Corey: Preview Portal Update to Windows Virtual Desktop offering in Azure
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Corey Sanders, Corporate VP of Microsoft Solutions sat down with Scott Manchester, Principal Group PM on the Silicon, Graphics and Media team to talk about what new things are available in the current preview of Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) being offered in Azure. Windows Virtual Desktop was released in preview on March 21st, 2019 and had a bare bones method of PowerShell and direct API calls being made to manage and configure it. A lot has evolved since the preview kicked off! In this episode - Scott is here to show Corey the progress the team has made to create a much easier Azure portal experience to setup and manage your WVD HostPools. 



At the time of recording there were over 4800 tenants participating in this preview - running their workloads in Azure. Prior to WVD being announced - if you wanted some type of desktop experience in Azure - you had the choice of running a shared Server VM in the cloud, with desktop experience installed or you stood up and ran a full VDI infrastructure. Now with Windows Virtual Desktop - you enable a Windows 10 multi-user scenario based on a solid PaaS offering where Azure handles all the infrastructure required.


Scott walks though this new preview portal experience to easily provision a new host pool along with all sorts of easily selected parameters. Because this is now integrated into the Azure experience - it also exposes all sorts of platform parameters like subnets, IP address ranges and more robust VM size options. Speaking of sizing the pool - a sizing calculator allows you to define your workload and define sizing density and performance levels to optimally recommend your host pool size. 


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