One Year Update: Only constant is change...
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You know – it’s been almost a YEAR since I first wrote a post to talk about an awesome team I had the honour of creating. Since then – we’ve created a lot of in-person and online content (including this little property called ITOpsTalk) as well as having the opportunity to travel the world to meet folks during the Microsoft Ignite Tour. We’ve grown online and in person engagement and by and large – most folks are happy to connect, knowing they have a team of technical people at Microsoft who share their passion for working in IT.


Fast forward to the other day - my new boss Donovan Brown tweeted to announce the details of his new organization called Methods and Practices within Microsoft’s Developer Relations.

Donovan's TweetDonovan's Tweet


This team was specifically pulled together to span the operations spectrum of folks who specialize in all types of infrastructure architecture, DevOps practices, DevSecOps specialties, virtualization platforms, Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) principles and more. Regardless if you are on-prem only, hybrid or a cloud native team or organization, if you work in some form of IT operations space supporting your technical infrastructure used by internal end users, external customers or development teams - there are resources here for you to connect with.


I’ve known of Donovan at MSFT for a while, but prior to being brought into the new team – we’ve never actually worked together – only in parallel efforts in the operations space.   I managed to catch Donovan when he was on campus a while back and I asked him if we could sit and have a quick chat about DevOps, the Operations space and why we didn’t collaborate sooner.



I’m not much for sharing internal structures and reorganizations – it’s internal and doesn’t really impact what we do or how we do it. I mean really... do you need to know who approves my expense reports? Some people keep track of these things (I’m looking at you Mary Jo) and for others, they might have concerns this new structure will change the culture or direction of a team when reporting structures change.


I'm here to let you know it doesn't.


Our team is focused on the success of IT Pros and other folks who work in the Operations space. Business as usual, but now we have a combined superpower of broader Ops focused folks in the same reporting structure. Expect more topics like you have seen here over the last year with a sprinkle of cross collaboration topics to broaden the audience. 


What do you think? We're always open to ideas on topics to cover and tech to explore. Drop us a comment below or hit us up on twitter with the #azOps hashtag... we're here to help.

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