MS Ignite Tips: Getting Connecting to IoT

Published Sep 19 2018 10:00 PM 941 Views

Data is the new bacon.  Truer words could not have been spoken in the age of Internet of Things and yet how do we as IT Professionals prepare? Or worse.... Are we even involved in the discussion? I have seen first hand how things can go awry when IT Professionals are left out of the conversation with Business Decision Makers and Developers. Its not pretty and IT always gets blamed even when they are not involved.


Enter Microsoft Ignite, a yearly conference that provides technical resources and networking opportunities in support of upskilling, which this year has a whopping 52 sessions covering IoT.  While not all sessions specifically target IT Operations, here are a couple you should attend:


As mentioned, there are 52 sessions covering IoT at MS Ignite.  Be sure to fill your schedule with these and other sessions you feel will help you further your IoT upskilling journey.






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