Why is Governance completed at the end or as part of a project?

Steve Dalby

Why is Governance completed at the end or as part of a project and not at the beginning of a project?  Also, how many people should you talk with, to get a real feel from the business about the requirements of say an Office 365 roll out or SharePoint enablement project?


I believe that these are the key deliverables to adoption planning for any business moving to office 365 and yet the start is always about How much will it cost, will it deliver savings and the proverbial ‘is my data safe’.  Yet if they spoke to enough key business in the business such as

  • A lot of End users
  • Auditors (Financial and security)
  • Middle management
  • IT staff and technical support teams

They would have enough information to complete the governance documents, understand how easy it is to deliver the inevitable adoption and prepare the communications plan ensuring a higher success rate for the project.  It would also ease the minds of the security team as their input would be collected at the beginning.


But as I am talking fantasy let me ask you this question. 

In your Office 365 project when was the Governance document completed.  Beginning, middle or end of the project?



Steve Dalby

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