The MVP Stamp

John Naguib

Making impact in communities is a philosophy in life, not only in technical communities, but also in non-technical and charity organizations. The key here is to make a stamp.


I was searching for a way to start making impact when I found the TechNet and MSDN forums. I was aware of those forums before, but I was just asking questions.


But starting in August 2014, I thought “Let me try to start answering questions too,” as I now have deep experience with SharePoint.


So, I started answering questions and that was my start in communities. I would say that answering questions and helping people, especially when I see questions marked as answered, makes me feel happy and excited to have helped someone.


Since then I have found the TechNet Wikis so I have started writing Wikis on TechNet. I admire the team handling the TechNet Wikis, which is led by Ed Price Microsoft Senior Program Manager and Peter Geelen Microsoft MVP.


TechNet Wikis was my favorite channel until I became a Wiki Ninja and I was allowed to write directly on Microsoft TechNet Wiki Ninja blogs.


I’d like to highlight also that the TechNet Wiki Ninja opened a lot of gates to me for a wider communities and activities, since then I have been very active and organizing events like SharePoint Saturdays and also speaking. SharePoint Saturdays is one of my favorite communities, and I have written on one of my blogs about SharePoint Life, here you can read some of it:


"SharePoint gurus in the world have the same passion about this product, some call themselves SharePointers, they are bounded together with a unique bond which is SharePoint. One major gathering is called the SharePoint Saturdays Events which is a city event. Each city can create a group where there are some SharePointers responsible of organizing free 1-day event that happens in Saturdays and it is a must to be Saturday, so imagine in one Saturday several events can happen all over the world."


I would say that there are a lot of communities for IT Pros/Developers to share and help and even ask questions, the key factor here is to be able to make your stamp and I am currently collecting my ideas and several of those activates in a project!! And hope it can be available soon for public distribution.


Some of my sharing’s:


 TechNet ProfileMVP Profile


You can reach to me through Twitter


What about you?

If you haven’t started your path, now it’s time if you love helping community and increasing your knowledge. If you are already sharing, please respond back with your thoughts about the communities you help and how you make your stamp.

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Thanks John for sharing your experiences, it's inspiring!


It all about making a difference! Helping those that are looking for assistance, bringing together resources and guidance through articles, blogs or whatever medium works. It's a leap from just doing the usual grind but it's also very rewarding and great to feel more connected to the community. Getting involved with live events is another step up that must be equally satisfying.


Big fan of the TechNet Wiki, have dabbled there with writing articles as well as the gallery, it's a lot of fun and one I always want to come back to.


Thanks a lot Cian for your nice feedback


Thanks John! I appreciate it!


Most Welcome Ed thanks to you