How I've Successfully Networked in the IT Industry

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I started working with SharePoint in 2001. As a VBA developer, I used SharePoint for its functionalities to deliver corporate identity projects when companies took the first steps to check documents. During 2004 and 2007 I invested a lot of time in learning C#. In 2007 I returned to SharePoint doing some migrations from 2003 to 2007. 2007 was also the year I started my own company which specialized in SharePoint.


Having my own company, it was important to create a network of people around me. This is when I started blogging and reading a lot of content. In 2009 I went to my first SharePoint Conference. This is where I met the big shots for me at the time - people I look up to like Joel Oleson, Christian Buckley, Spence Harbar, and more.


I travelled to this conference with Waldek Mastykarz who introduced me to a lot of people. This is where I started to do a lot of networking. In 2009, a lot of people attending the SharePoint Conference were on Twitter which made it easy to talk to them or ask them questions about topics or issues. One of those people was Jeremy Thake who owned a site called www.NothingButSharePoint.com.


This conference was the best way to build a network around myself. As years pass by, at each conference I meet new people who then introduce me to other people. It makes it easier to ask questions of someone you’ve already spoken with.  


In 2015 I joined a company called Wortell and stopped working on my own company (KbWorks). However, I still use the name in social media as a lot of people only know this name.


At this point my focus is no longer only SharePoint. It’s extended through the Office 365 suite, but I focus heavily on teamwork & collaboration.


My advice to people who would like to get involved is to collaborate in Tech Community. Blog about topics and push them to Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Follow people who you look up to in this industry. Visit events and ask questions to speakers. You can also join people who already have a big network.


I hope these tips help you become a community master as well.


I am interested in how you started and grew your network. If you see me at an event, just walk up to me for a chat.