How I Got Started Building a Network & Community (You Can, Too!)


When starting your career, it’s important to build your network and seek opportunities to meet other people in your field. Knowing people in our industries, and creating a network, is a path to success.


I started building my network in 1990's when I was 14 years old and when Windows 3.0 was released. I created a local community in my small town where I was born. Some friends and I founded an association called AJIP (Associação Juvenil de Informática de Portalegre - Portuguese name). In English it’s called IT Youth Association of Portalegre (my home town). We created this association in a town that only had about 20,000 people. Our objective was to promote Information Technologies to teenagers, and to look at the IT world in a different way to help future generations become more productive using new technologies. Our association had a Radio program called Multimedia Space to share our ideas of IT and its future. We also created local events and a newspaper. To share information between members, we created a BBS (Bulletin Board System).


It was our version of “Teams” during that era. This was how we created an association with 300 members in a small town in the 90s before the World Wide Web arrived.


After that I came to Lisbon to earn my master’s degree, and through my university I continued to grow my network. Living in the capital of Portugal and working at an international IT company, I have expanded my network 20 years later - and growing.


I recommend to anyone starting their network to find a group of people that share your ideals and start sharing ideas, creating meetups, developing a blog or website, and connecting to social networks to spread your word to the world. Continue to learn and grow every day.


You can use these simple steps to create your network:

  • Have the mindset
  • Understand your objective
  • Map your path
  • Connect with others
  • Super connect your network to each other’s


After you have created your base you can continue to grow by going to conferences and connecting to other communities and speakers. These are some ideas to grow your network. Depending on your objectives you must focus, having perseverance, work hard, and have passion for what you do.


My advice to everyone who wants to create a network is networking, networking, and more networking. That’s the way to create your future network!


What are the tools that you’ve used to build your network? What’s most important to you when building community? A network and a community are never finished. Keep going!


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