Calling all SharePoint Developers - The SharePoint Dev Ecosystem – SharePoint PnP

Eric Overfield

Are you in the Office 365 / SharePoint developer space and do you want to go a step further and really ‘develop’ everything from your network of confidants to your inner nerd? Then I highly recommend joining the SharePoint Dev Ecosystem. In fact, consider this a public service announcement for all SharePoint developers, anyone that works with SharePoint developers, anyone that manages or leads projects that include SharePoint developers, as well any SharePoint architects, admins, and Power Users.

Join the SharePoint Dev Ecosystem


The SharePoint Dev Ecosystem, also known as the SharePoint Patterns and Practices initiative, should be your absolute first go-to service for how best to work with SharePoint.


Get started now at https://github.com/sharepoint/pnp


The SharePoint Dev Ecosystem is an open source, community driven project that leverages the power of the community to make working with and customizing SharePoint easier. The initiative itself was started a few years back by Microsoft consultants and has grown into a worldwide community where the best and brightest minds in SharePoint share, collaborate, and discuss SharePoint best practices. The initiative includes code, tools, how-to’s, documentation, videos, webinars, community calls, and more. If you're ready to stop reinventing the wheel, then this is the place for you!


Your important links include:


What are you waiting for?


The SharePoint Dev Ecosystem is gaining its footing and evolving rapidity. Don’t get left behind, get started today.


Have you already utilized or participated in the SharePoint PnP initiative and are you looking forward to the changes happening within the Dev Ecosystem? Let me know your thoughts or connect with me directly at @ericoverfield

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