Petition to delay the retirement and or bring back MCSE/MCSA


The news announced today that all MCSA, MCSE and MCSD certifications will retire on 30th June, 2020. I, and many others, believe that this deadline is way too short to allow people to finish their current certification paths. The MCSA: Windows Server 2016 is 9 months on average, 3 months per exam.

I would like to push for this deadline to get moved to at least December 2020, to allow people to finish their current exam paths. The amount of time and money people have to spend to obtain these certs is extortionate, and to give people such a short time now and let it go to waste is a joke. I ask Microsoft to please push this deadline back like you did for the MCSA: Windows 10. 


Also, the current suggested replacement path only covers azure and does not cover any of the topics in the Windows Server 2016 MCSA and Core Infrastructure MCSE. If Microsoft is going to role based certifications. It needs to create a path for the Core Infrastructure. It is estimated that there will be 3x more servers on the edge than in the cloud by 2023. This does not include existing systems. 

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As someone who has just embarked on this course journey with a view to getting some accreditation behind me, I whole-heartedly support any push to get an extension on the deadline to at least December 2020

I support. Four months in advance is insane. Please give people who are mid-way into their certification path (like me) a chance to finish it all! M$, do you know how many people you are screwing?