MS-700 Study Guide


Do you want to get Microsoft Teams certified?  The MS-700 exam is now live, and I have built a nice study guide for it including a ton of  free information for each objective for those of you who want to get certified!


I hope it's useful, let me know what you think! 

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@Vlad Catrinescu Hi Vlad


This looks great - I've really enjoyed your other Pluralsight courses (just finished OneDrive a few days ago) so very much looking forward to getting on with Teams as I'm hoping to do MS-700 soon.


Any idea roughly when the new course(s) will be available?


Thanks and all the best!


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@jhobdell  So here is "Roughly" the plan (As far as I know it) regarding the Pluralsight courses for MS-700


1- Getting Started with Microsoft Teams + Office 365 Groups Administration (By me, Recording it atm , ~4-5h, ETA mid march)

2- Configuring Governance and Compliance for Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Groups (Next up on my todo ) ETA end April

3- A course on Upgrading from S4B to Teams (not done by myself -don't know ETA)
4- A course on Telephony in Microsoft Teams (not done by myself - don't know ETA)


The two courses I am working on will cover maybe about 50-60% of the MS-700 + all of the Teams/Groups objectives in the MS-300.

Hope this helps! 

@Vlad Catrinescu It certainly does!  Thanks so much and best wishes for recording!

@Vlad Catrinescu 

Hi Vlad,

I was looking to prepare for the MS700 examination and came across your post.

First of all thank you for your amazing breakout of the exam topics.this is really helpful to start the preparation.

I have one question please- You have mentioned on the bog about a  Video training to be available on Pluralsight Is that course available yet?

I found this course on Pluralsight-


Does it cover everything required for the MS700 exam and is prepared with the intention to help pass the certification? If not,is there any other video training available that specifically targets the examination. If not by when can we expect such course please.






@priyeshmehrotra  There are currently 3 courses for the MS-700 exam on Pluralsight, with a 4th one coming up by end of month!  The "path" is not yet ready, but I Have put together this channel where you can find all of them >  (You need to be signed in the platform) >   

Today , 11hours of content are already there with another ~4h coming up by end of month!  There was some delay in my Governance/Compliance one, but that's almost all recorded, just missing editing and it will be ready to go!

@Vlad Catrinescu  Sounds Perfect !! I have already enrolled in the training and attending the modules. Thanks for the amazing work as your teaching method is outstanding.

One more question please if I may-

I have started the training a lot of the modules are into Microsoft group administration and stuff.Just want to ensure if this course material is prepared for the MS 700 examination and if it will cover all the relevant information present on the Microsoft site for the examination preparation once all modules are available.





@priyeshmehrotra  Yes, the Path / Curriculum is based of the objectives of the MS-700 + whatever the author feels important for a learner as part of that course.  But the way Pluralsight does courses now , instead of having courses specific for the exam, they do more courses that are more specific, and then group them together towards a path.   Take for example the MS-300 here, where if someone only needs SharePoint Online, they don't need to listen to all 4  courses long, only one. 

Hi Vlad,
Microsoft just updated the MS-700 exam. Will there be new updated materials on Pluralsight to reflect the new test?

@Vlad CatrinescuThis is Great!!! you are awesome

I am scheduled to take the exam in Feb 2023 I will give this a go and get back to you
Thank You
Joe White

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