How to transfer learning achievements from one learn account to another?

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We are a Microsoft Partner and have a pair of users with accounts that cannot link to their Partner Center accounts (their learn accounts use the and domains.) They have been told to create new personal accounts on gmail or yahoo and link those to their Partner Center accounts, which worked. However, they cannot also link their other Learn account in their Learn profile because that would be a second personal account (not work or school.) Doing so, their achievements do not show up on our Partner Center reports.

Anyone ever have to transfer data from one  learn account to another?

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You can apparently merge your accounts.
At least that's what I have been doing today.
I always logged on with either my personal Microsoft Account and or my company E-Mail address, depending on what machine I was working on, or what I wanted to see or where I wanted to log in.
During the last couple of weeks I switched back and forth between those accounts on countless times until today when I suddely got a window popping up asking me if I want to merge the 2 accounts to which I answered "Yes".
I think that happened when I tried to register for the AZ-104 Exam.