Downloading videos from Microsoft Support pages?

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Does anyone know if it is possible to download the overview videos located at Microsoft support pages such as the one below? As we move closer to rolling out training, we would prefer to embed these videos within our own network so that folks can see a good example of O365 Videos/Stream in use.

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I don't think it is. I initially resorted to embedding the videos in pages on my customers site, but that was time consuming so in the end I simply linked directly to them - which is not something I wanted to do as users might go on their own adventure and get lost in the site.
It would be ideal if we could either download the content, or Microsoft packaged up the videos embedded into pages in a zip file already embedded into a SharePoint template that we can simply load into our own customer sites.
The problem is that the videos are in Azure Media Services so it's not going to be easy to download them. This article is nice to analyze the output when playing an online video:

hey @cconley ,

i think you can inspect page and download video using from video URL. so this is only one possible suggestion for downloading and uploading to stream. many times Microsoft save URL in content attribute and can be easily display, so you have to just copy that URL and open in new tab and right click on that video you have opened and save as by name as you want it.

Found it! 

  • Right-click on the page, select View page source
  • Ctrl + F, search for "mp4"
  • Copy-paste the source link into a new tab 
  • Select the three dots
  • Select Download
  • DONE!



Thanks Worked great!