Cloud Career Profile: Juan Carlos González Martín

Community Manager

Juan Carlos González Martín at the Amsterdam Microsoft Tech SummitJuan Carlos González Martín at the Amsterdam Microsoft Tech Summit

@Juan Carlos González Martín

Productivity Team Lead

Zertia Telecommunicaciones




Tell us a little bit about your current role and organization.


I play the role of Productivity Team Leader at Zertia Telecomunicaciones, a Microsoft Managed Top partner in Spain


One of your specialties is SharePoint. When did you first start learning about SharePoint? What accelerated your passion for SharePoint?


I started to work with SharePoint 11 years ago when I put my hands on SharePoint 2007 Beta 2. My passion for SharePoint was accelerated by the wonderful extensibility story of the platform that allows not only to create content management solutions but almost any kind of business solution.


How do you stay up-to-date with SharePoint (or other product) updates?


I have a bunch of SharePoint RSS feeds from Microsoft SharePoint Team members and other very well-known SharePoint experts around the world that I regularly read so I can stay up to date with new stuff about the platform. Also Office 365 blogs and Microsoft Tech Community are great to have the latest information about SharePoint.


It seems like communities/online forums play a large role in IT Pro careers. You’re involved in several yourself—how do these communities help you professionally?


Communities are the natural place to share knowledge and learn about technology and real world experiences. One of the advantages to be involved on IT communities is that I can share my knowledge with community members and also learn from them.


What advice do you have for those new or just starting their careers in IT?


Try to be passionate about technology and keep always learning new stuff.


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LOL...^-^ I had promissed Anna to stop there and say hello...indeed I was at the booth more than twice :)