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Hello Folks,


Looking at the current rate at which technology is evolving, I think it is very difficult to stay updated and have a deep knowledge of everything.

Infact I think it is a huge challenge even just to stay informed of the changes that are announced day in and day out.

Added to the effort required to stay updated, I like most other people also have a day job that needs attention and a family life outside work as well.

This being the case, what are best habbits / routine one can follow to cope up while a balance is maintained to the best possible extent?


What do the others in the community do to handle this? Surely I cannot be the only onw facing this challenge.




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Totally agree!! For sure you have to focus on a Platform and even for the choosen platform you might pay more attention to once elements than others...that's what happens with Office 365 that is a huge platform. What I do to stay up to date is try to reed my RSSs on a daily basics and I also highly engaged here at the Tech Community where you can learn a lot of stuff from community members not only from their knowledge but also from the experiences and real problems they have