Vision AI Kit firmware update issues

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I am trying to update the firmware to v0.5280_Perf.

When I run the FastbootUpgrade_v6_5.bat file I get the following output:




The problem is the fastboot devices command is not returning anything after adb reboot bootloader is run. I have waited a few minutes before pressing the key to continue to give the bootloader some time but it did not help.


Is there any other way I can proceed?



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Hello @kurtng were you able to update the firmware? Just checking as I can see in another post from you that you were able to successfully deploy the Module.

I didn't try to update the firmware after updating the module. So probably still issues with firware.

@kurtng The device should show up under the command adb devices. And the LEDs should be a solid green before proceeding with the firmware update.

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hi @kurtng,

the vision ai camera producer altek forgot to change the path in the FastbootUpgrade_v6_5.bat
you need to change it by yourself


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Same problem with v0.5330_Perf, you need to change fast*.bat file as well. NOT_MATCH_VERSION "FAIL~~~ Please reflash again" Press any key to continue . . .



File is the same as yours but still got this error:





Any help?



One way to overcome this issue is to copy the upgrade scripts to the folder where the firmware is located and change this row in the Fastboot script:



In any case that row causes the problem and currently looks for firmware from incorrect path