Update from Santacruz to Percept

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When I tried to update my Santacruz Devkit to the Percept Devkit following the instruction Azure-Percept-Private-Preview/private-preview-update-instructions.md at main · lxyea/Azure-Percept-P..., the uuu is always waiting for the known USB Device Appear, and it hangs there. PFA the SSH & CLI screenshot attached. Please let me know what is the solution. Thanks!



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Hi @lxye0018 - thanks for the screenshots. That helps.
Here are couple of things to check:
1. Make sure the device is connected to the host PC via the devices USB C port. I know it sounds obvious but I've forgotten that part a couple of times :).
2. Make sure you are doing the steps in this order:
1. run the UUU command in the command prompt - you will get the "waiting for device..." message
2. connect the device to the host computer via the USB C port on the device.
3. run the SSH commands in the SSH terminal
After the "reboot" command, the device should reboot and you'll hear your host computer recognize the device as a USB device an the update process should start.