Support needed - VisionAIDevKit device remains offline repeatedly after 1st successful connection

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I could configure Vision AI DevKit and could see Webstream successfully only ONCE. For past 3 days, I'm not able to connect to Wi-Fi again. The steps followed and results are as follows;
1. Plugged in the VisionAIDevKit in the USB port.
2. All LEDs turn stable RED.
3. After 5 minutes, all LEDs turn stable GREEN.
4. Status shown: This device is offline.
5. As the device is not flashing RED, tried pressing the power button for 5 seconds to turn on the VisionAISDevKit hardware access point, nothing changed. Then pressed for 10 seconds and LEDs turned all stable RED.
6. After 2-3 minutes, LEDs turn stable GREEN, no status change, shows Offline.
7. After safely removing from USB, LEDs remain GREEN.
8. After about 3 minutes the camera turns Power Off mode (LEDs Off).

I'm not able to proceed. Please can you help.
Thanking you in advance,
Prasad Jaywant

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