Qualcomm AI Vision Devkit = IoT + AI + IoT Edge with hardware capabilities and stylish design

If when you see "IoT", "AI" and "Edge" you see a lot of possibilities and your mind is full of ideas.....and you need a device that combines hardware possibilities, packaging, and price, take a look at the Vision AI DevKit:
  • stylish design
  • hardware acceleration for AI
  • camera
  • mic
  • speakers
  • different connectors (HDMI, audio, etc)
  • wifi
  • memory card slot
  • battery
  • AND running IoT Edge !!! 
Get started with this great webcast:
The official documentation provides a lot of resources.
The DevKit includes two modules (besides those included by default with IoT Edge, $edge***):
The included modules are quite simple but they are a good start to make you interact with the device. The documentation provides links to community projects and complete tutorials of different kinds of projects.
Time to create your own module ;).
Note: if you are lucky enough to get a devkit, start updating the firmware :).
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