NXP i.MX 8 crossover processor integrates Microsoft Azure Sphere security


At NXP Connects 2019, NXP and Microsoft announced a collaboration that will result in a new Microsoft Azure Sphere certified crossover applications processor in the NXP i.MX 8 line for Q4 of 2020.


The result will be a secure, ultra-efficient, intelligent embedded processor for Intelligent Edge nodes that seamlessly runs Azure Sphere's security platform, while also providing multi-core heterogeneous computing, rich graphics experience, and low-power audio processing capabilities.


“At a time when the opportunity of innovation is limited only by imagination, security is a persistent challenge. Our collaboration with NXP enables our partners to fully realize the opportunity in front of them by delivering intelligent security that is responsive and always learning,” said Galen Hunt, Distinguished Engineer and Managing Director, Microsoft Azure Sphere. “Together with the performance and flexibility of NXP’s i.MX application processors, we will help our partners transform their products and the way they service and interact with their customers. This collaboration allows device manufacturers across various industries to achieve more.”  


Press Release - NXP and Microsoft Bring Microsoft Azure Sphere Security to the Intelligent Edge with a New Energy-Ef...


Video of the announcement at NXP Connects 2019 (skip to position 24:38, if the video starts at the beginning)


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