Issue with Vision AI Developer Device Kit

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We are facing issue with Altek AI camera device.
Could you please help here.
Here is the status of device at our end.
1. It does get charged and powered on ( we could here click sound ) 
2. We are able to reset as well ( we could here click sound ) 
3. After pressing long says 5~6 second all three LED's goes off from Red and then come back. 
What is not happening?
1. Doesn't get detected as USB device ( $lsusb  does not show any device information )
2. Do not get detected as adb device 
3. No wifi signals  detected from given SSID "MSIoT664946" of AI device.
4. It is not in EDL mode as well ( do not get detected through QFIL ). 
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I hope you followed the Quickstart guide available at

Also, Kindly update the firmware to the latest one Instructions are available at

Hi Puneet,

Thanks for your response.


I have updated the firmware using QFIL was able to use it, But again due to some reason it is going back to same state( It is not responding to lsusb and adb, showing all LED's RED without blink).

@Priya_Gokani if all are red you are in initalizing mode. You need to run the url to configurate it to the wifi. You must be able to see it on the wifi however.