IoT Device connectivity to Azure via FTP

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Hi All,

I'm working with 30+ waterflow meters and the connectivity option is limited to FTP (I'm hoping SFTP is supported but haven't found a definitive yes/no in the Doc). The data to be passed is simply csv files from several sensors.


The current method of retrieving data is via a Tech visiting once a month and downloading the data via USB-to-Serial. They visit to check status and clear debris as well, so data collection is not the only task. The meters all have Cellular Modems and can connect to the Internet. Limiting factor is FTP being the only data transfer method supported. What are options for getting Data into Azure via FTP (ideally into IoT Hub to match the workflows we use for other sensors)?

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@PBradz I'll work through some possible solutions and hopefully this may be beneficial to someone else.

I/we are looking at 4 options to resolve our connectivity issue. The workflow for other devices, that fortunately support more than just FTP, is as follows;

  • Connect to Azure IoT Hub (via one of the supported methods), connection(mostly JSON data) passed to Azure Logic App
  • Azure Logic App identifies connection/data and routes data to 2 locations; a 3rd party Platform(integrates to SalesForce, and external partner Orgs) and our internal db
  • Web Services use the internal db info to present data to internal and external users via webpages, visualizations, map overlays, etc.

The 4 options so far are as follows, in a successively more complex order (for us):

  1. Route data in via another path; possibilities include going to our 3rd Party Platform or the Web Services platform, and pulling the data into our db from there.
  2. Utilizing an App Services Web App for the FTP upload, have our Logic App monitor the folders for changes (uploads) and move that data per other workflows.
  3. Use an Azure ACI with Azure persistent Storage as the FTP target, have our Logic App monitor the folders for changes (uploads) and move that data per other workflows.
  4. Build a custom Azure IoT Protocol Gateway to act as a Bridge to Azure IoT Hub; accept FTP via the Gateway and pass to IoT Hub via AMQP. From there the workflow is the same as other devices.

Happy to hear any other suggestions or recommendations!