IoT & AI Insider Labs - Kickstart your Intelligent Edge device project with help from Microsoft


If your organization is developing an IoT and/or AI solution, you may be able to use Microsoft’s IoT & AI Insider Labs to help accelerate bringing your product to market.


Whether you are a start-up or established enterprise, the Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs offers the opportunity to work with dedicated developers experts in our lab to help solve your IoT and AI challenges. The Lab can assist in clean up of your hardware design, help to manufacture small scale hardware runs, debug your drivers, aid with developing supporting applications, and show you how to connect your devices at scale to the cloud. We will even assist you make sense of machine learning to develop insights from your data and help with anomaly detection. Ultimately, the goal of the IoT & AI Insider Lab is to help you digitally transform your product and your business.


For more information, go to: To apply, click the below graphic and complete the short questionnaire to see if the IoT & AI Insider lab is the right fit for your project.


Microsoft IoT & AI Insider Labs.jpg

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