Factory reset eInfochips Vision AI devkit

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Newly installed this devkit.

And while testing custom model, I need to restore factory reset image.

- 5 secs power button and 'factory reset', failed. 

- 12 secs power button someone said as a hint, failed


Any ideas about it?



After lots of try, I did FW updating!
However, during the job, by some failure devkit was stuck.
It does not boot anymore.


lsusb return "Bus 001 Device 071: ID 05c6:900e Qualcomm, Inc."
But adb cannot detect anything.


At windows, some device is detected as QUSB_BULK_SN:9Fxxxx .


Anyway to initialize this developer kit?



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I answer to myself about this situation.
1. during deployment a custom model, sth happens and could not restore the default model.
2. lots of trials like ssh, adb, unfortunately devkit was stuck as a brick.
3. tried to write the latest FW again through fastboot, but not helpful. fastboot fails very frequently. FastbootUpgrade_v6_5.sh does not helpful to me.
4. fastboot and reboot cycles, repeat so many times by manual
5. eventually fastboot done!
6. configuration from the bottom, WiFi, and make it as a default status