dotnet/io Sampler app on Github


Just published a .Net Core app on GitHub that implements several of the dotnet/io functions in a menu driven manner. Has been developed for the RPi, Raspian and IoT-Core. 


The repository on GitHub is  DNETCoreGPIO.

Functionality includes 

- LED and Button


- DHT22 Temperature and Humidity <-- Does not work on IoT Core, does on Raspian.

- DC Motor Controller (H-Bridge)

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This motor functionality has been added to the Azure IOT Hub SDK Quickstarts using both the Telemetry and Device Streaming protocols. See djaus2/ az-iothub-ps So using IoT Hub you could remotely control a motor: Enable, Fwd, Back and Brake.

@David Jones  BMP150 Temperature and Pressure added. Works on both IoT Core and Raspian.

@David Jones  djaus2/az-iothub-ps Repository on GitHub also now has this functionality for Telemetry and Device Streaming! Control via IoT Hub.