Correct way to redeploy azureeyemodule?


Dear Percept team,

what is the best/easiest way to redeploy the Azure Eye module? For testing purpose and to see if I can build everything up manually again, I deleted azureeyemodule in my IoT Hub. I haven't seen this module in the marketplace and if I try to add the module using the image "" I'd also have to add the container create options. The bindings, port forwarding etc. may be inferred by looking e.g. at this sample but I was wondering if there is a deployment manifest JSON published somewhere or what is in general the recommended way to redeploy the "standard" modules on the Percept device?

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Hi @christian-vorhemus,
The easiest way to get the default modules re-added is to go through OOBE again, and set it up as an new device on your IoT Hub.
when i do this it says the old user still exists. how do i use my username again? or can it be completely reset?
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Thanks @MikeMcCoy-AED, I went through the onboarding again and saved the out-of-the-box deployment config JSON, just in case for future reference or if someone wants to compare their configs: