Build 2019: Using Azure IoT Hub to prototype an internet connected device


In a time where everything is expected to be internet connected, it is imperative that hardware makers find simpler ways to prototype and validate new hardware designs quickly. Azure IoT Hub, with Azure device twin settings, provides a great way of doing this. 


At //Build 2019, Jim Bennett, Cloud Advocate at Microsoft, presented the session, Prototyping an internet connected smart home device with Azure IoT Hub.


In this session he looked at how to create a prototype interconnected fan unit using an IoT prototyping board. This board will connect to Azure to upload sensor data, and connect to a fan turning it on if the temperature is above a threshold. The threshold will then be made configurable using Azure device twin, allowing it to be easily controlled from a cloud-connected mobile app via Azure Functions. The principles shown can be applied to a production system running on appropriate custom hardware.


Watch the full video here - Build Session THR2020

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