Build 2019: IoT Plug and Play


Among the many announcements occurring at //Build 2019 this month, one stands out for IoT device makers: IoT Plug and Play


IoT Plug and Play offers a new, open modeling language for connecting IoT devices seamlessly to the cloud, without having to write a single line of embedded code. 


At the center of IoT Plug and Play is a schema describing device capabilities, the “Device Capability Model” JSON-LD document. This document is structured as a set of interfaces comprised of: properties (attributes like firmware version, or settings like fan speed), telemetry (sensor readings such as temperature, or events such as alerts), and commands the device can receive (such as reboot). Interfaces can be reused across Device Capability Models to enhance collaboration and speed development.


The IoT Plug and Play schema is unified with the upcoming Digital Twin Definition Language (DTDL). Both are based on open W3C standards such as JSON-LD and RDF, allowing for easier adoption across services and tooling. IoT Plug and Play and the DTDL are open to the community and Microsoft welcomes collaboration with customers, partners, and the industry. 


Learn More - 

Azure IoT Plug and Play GitHub repository

IoT Plug and Play announcement blog post, from Julia White, CVP of Microsoft Azure


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