azure percept point to new iothub

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If i create a brand new iothub with different name. how to i get azure percept to work again

i tried editing the device_connection_string in /etc/iotedge/config.yaml
it connects to the device in the new iothub but only has two modules.
edgeAgent and edgeHub

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I have not tested that but knowing how IoT Hub and IoT Edge work, I would assume you have to go through the Azure Percept device OOB setup to change the IoT Hub, so that Azure Percept sets up the new IoT Hub to have the right deployment configured for the device. Changing the device connection string in the config.yaml only points the IoT Edge runtime to connect to a different IoT Hub, but when connecting, the new IoT Hub will not have an IoT Edge deployment setup ready indicating which modules it needs to get and run.



makes sense.

since im fairly new at a number of things in the robotics stack, iotedge being one of them, it seems i need the deployment manifest that was used to define the modules and their publish subscribe relationships.


I know this from doing hello world from visual studio code.


My guess is that somehow i need to find from where the OOB experience runs.   whether thats a container or some systemctl/systemd service in the CBL-Mariner operating system.


my guess is that the website that runs the OOB experience has the Azure IotEdge project and manifest file at its disposal?   Or you call out to github, or maybe an azure devops pipeline?

Which gives you that default vision processing pipeline that then you instruct us to manipulate with the device twin properties to run a differently trained computer vision algorithm.


Its good value to have a ready to go thing like this.  But its also very important that newbie developers and vets alike can follow some multi part training where we can dig into the guts of this thing so that we can make it our own and learn the azure iotedge way.


This device is good for the decision makers/ POC demonstrations.

But if you also want grass roots adoption from the army of developers out there then we need that middle ground.

NVidia Jetson is the other end of the spectrum.
But somewhere in the middle is the sweet spot.   Maybe you can put me in touch with the team and i can work with them on developing these types of documentations, samples, tutorials, POCs internally as well as for clients?

Im working on combining computer vision on intelligent machines with hololens 2 for collaboration and training of robots.







This looks like some great projects you are onto :)
You are right regarding the need to be able to go beyond the OOB samples on the device and there is plenty documentation on Azure IoT Edge up on At the end of the day the Azure Percept DK is "just" an IoT Edge device, but the Percept Studio environment does take care of lots of things on your behalf, like pushing the deployment on the IoT Hub for the edge device at the moment you onboard the device in Percept Studio, which is done using the OOB experience on the device itself. You can at any point go through this OOB experience for updating only Wifi, only the IoT Hub it should connect to or everything.
The deployment manifest alone will not onboard the device on Azure Percept so even if you get the deployment manifest right, your Percept device will not show up in the Azure Percept Studio. You will be able to do all you can do on an IoT Edge device but won't benefit from the Azure Percept Studio ease of deploying models.