Azure Percept Body joint detection applied to Golf swing

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I own a Percept DK. I want to do an experiment applying vision to golf.  Possibly ball to club contact for good contact vs bad, which would involve detection at 90 mph club head speed.  Or possibly something that tracks the body joints during a swing to predict if the swing is optimal or not by comparing the joints of pro golfers.  


I'm just curious if anyone in this Percept Community has any ideas or has applied their's to golf.  This is just a fun project I want to do with my 16 year old daughter who is a good golfer!  I have seen some examples of the body joints/keypoints that looks close and might work.  I'd prefer it be low code/no code to keep it simple. 

Any ideas? Tips?  

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Hi @donnie_kerr,


Great idea. I know there have been other POCs that track and detect body movements but I'm not sure how well they apply to your requirements. I'm looking into this and will let you know what I find out. -Thanks

@donnie_kerr sounds really cool. Part of getting started is knowing what to search for. It sounds like you are looking for Body Pose detection. You'll need to find a good model that does this, and make sure it's one of the deployment models supported by Azure Percept. Here's a general article on Body Pose detection that may be helpful, Human Pose Estimation Technology 2021 Guide (


Another place that's always good to investigate is the microsoft/azure-percept-advanced-development: Azure Percept DK advanced topics ( on GitHub. On that page you will see "Model URLs", these are models that are compatible with Azure Percept. In this case, take a look at the "Open Pose" model.

These two articles should be enough to get you started. Let us know how it goes!

Thank you Mike. Look forward to hearing what you find out!
Thank you! I will take a look at these. May be bit over my head but I'm wanting to learn in this experiment too.

 Mike McCoy, my company, Centric Consulting is a MSFT Partner. I'm looking for someone on the Percept team that would be willing to help me on this project. We will be using it to help sell Edge AI projects to our clients, in addition to being a cool experiment for my daughter's golf. My email is donnie.kerr at , if you or someone can contact me. Thanks!

@donnie_kerr, how about starting simple then. Think Big, Start Small (and put your daughter to work :) ). Before we get into Body Pose detection, how far a
long are the both of you on your journey with the Percept DK.
1. Have you connected it to an IoT Hub?
2. Have you viewed the web stream from the DK Camera?
3. Have you viewed the device in Azure Percept Studio?
If you haven't done those, I suggest you (or your daughter) start there.

If you have completed those, it's time to create your own custom vision model using Azure Percept Studio and Azure Computer Vision. Tell us where you are along the journey, and I can help out a bit.