Azure IoT announcements at IoT Solutions World Congress


IoTBlogGraphicHorizontal.pngThis week at IoT Solutions World Congress, Microsoft announced a number of new Azure IoT capabilities, aimed to simplify the customer journey and deliver highly secured IoT solutions, of interest to hardware manufacturers and designers.


  • API support for extending IoT Central or integrating it with other solutions, including API support for device modeling, provisioning, lifecycle management, operations and data querying
  • IoT Edge support, including management for edge devices and IoT Edge module deployments
  • IoT plug-and-play support for rapid device development and connectivity
  • Azure RTOS support across many Renesas MCUs (MicroController Units) families

For more details, and the full list of exciting announcements, read Sam George's (Corporate VP of Azure IoT) full blog post -

Unlocking opportunities in the next frontier of IoT


If you are looking for more information on the many solutions Microsoft has for IoT and the Intelligent Edge, check out the Intelligent Edge Resource Center and the AI@Edge Community sites! 

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