A Smart Camera for the Intelligent Edge / IP RTSP Camera Recommendations for IoT Edge/Hub

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I would like to attach an IP camera to the Hi-Los here (we work at a manufacturing plant) that would use computer vision to look at the package labels and ensure that the pack is part of the pick list they are working on loading into a truck.


I found this link to a device that inferences and runs azure services locally on the device which I think is interesting, but is that necessary? A Smart Camera for the Intelligent Edge - Vision AI DevKit (azure.github.io) I take it you can choose a device like this with the AI services already embedded or you can use any old IP camera to upload to azure IoT hub in real time, is that right?


Would you be able to suggest a couple cameras that would be able to do this task that integrate with Azure IoT hub? Additionally, do you have any training resources on setting that up?







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In short, I am looking for any RTSP camera that can produce a live stream that I can send to an RTSP node in IoT hub. 


The cheaper the better as I am just starting to learn and develop. Thanks.