Support Tip: Appx Changes in Intune on Azure

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First published on TechNet on Mar 30, 2017
Cory Ferro | Intune PM

We’re making a few changes in how appxs work in the new Intune on Azure experience. In this post, I’ll share more detail on what’s changing and then what you’ll want to do post-deployment to ensure your appxs are deployed on newly enrolled devices and new users as intended.

Currently, there is a single appx app type in the classic Intune console that can be deployed to both PCs managed through MDM as well as PCs managed through the Intune PC agent. As part of the migration to the Azure console, we are planning to make two changes in the classic Intune console.

    1. We are going to add a new appx app type in the classic Intune console that can only be deployed to MDM enrolled devices.


    1. The existing appx app type will be repurposed to only be targeted to PCs managed through the Intune PC agent.

Only MDM appxs will be migrated over to the new Azure console. Accordingly, we are planning to convert all of the existing appxs into MDM appxs.

We’re letting you know about this experience as it won’t impact any of your existing deployments to devices that are managed through the Intune PC agent. However, if you would like to deploy one of those migrated appxs to new users whose devices are managed through the Intune PC agent or if you want to deploy one of those appxs to a newly enrolled device that is managed through the Intune PC agent, you will need to reupload the appx again as a PC appx.

Just don’t do the upload until after you’re migrated. If you do it before migration, your appx for PC will be converted to an MDM appx and you’ll have to reload it again post-migration. Let us know what questions you may have on this experience. (NOTE - we plan to make this change early May. However, if you received a message from us on this topic in the Office Message Center and don't want the full 30 days plan for change timeline, let us know through the feedback channel in the Message Center post or comment on this blog post. We're holding your migration to Intune on Azure so you can plan for the change, but if you want us to not hold we'll start you sooner).

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